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Item Gold Amount Tier
Shadow Twinblades.png Shadow Twinblades196075Tier 3
Genius Wand.png Genius Wand200075Tier 3
Lightning Truncheon.png Lightning Truncheon225075Tier 3
Fleeting Time.png Fleeting Time205070Tier 3
Blood Wings.png Blood Wings3000150Tier 3
Clock of Destiny.png Clock of Destiny195060Tier 3
Calamity Reaper.png Calamity Reaper195070Tier 3
Glowing Wand.png Glowing Wand220075Tier 3
Ice Queen Wand.png Ice Queen Wand224075Tier 3
Concentrated Energy.png Concentrated Energy202070Tier 3
Holy Crystal.png Holy Crystal2180100Tier 3
Divine Glaive.png Divine Glaive197065Tier 3
Necklace of Durance.png Necklace of Durance201060Tier 3
Feather of Heaven.png Feather of Heaven203065Tier 3
Winter Truncheon.png Winter Truncheon191060Tier 3
Enchanted Talisman.png Enchanted Talisman187050Tier 3
Exotic Veil.png Exotic Veil60030Tier 2
Tome of Evil.png Tome of Evil95035Tier 2
Magic Wand.png Magic Wand82045Tier 2
Mystic Container.png Mystic Container50015Tier 2
Book of Sages.png Book of Sages4508Tier 1
Mystery Codex.png Mystery Codex30015Tier 1