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Marksmen are ranged heroes whose power is almost entirely based on their basic attacks: by using their reach to land massive continuous damage from a distance, marksmens are capable of taking down even the most difficult opponents when positioned behind the safety of their team, and perform better at securing objectives such as the Lord and turrets.

Marksmens are classified into three types: pure, primary, and secondary.

Pure marksmens

Because they have no other role, these heroes are full marksmens.

Primary marksmens

These heroes are mainly marksmens who can also be used for a different purpose.

Secondary marksmens

Because they are used in a different way than a marksmen's main purpose, these heroes are half-marksmens.



  • Irithel Irithel is the first Marksman hero who can move and use the basic attack at the same time.
    • Kimmy Kimmy is the only other Marksman who can move and attack at the same time.
  • Kimmy Kimmy and Beatrix Beatrix (using Mechanical Genius (Renner).png Renner or Mechanical Genius (Bennett).png Bennett) are the only heroes whose Basic Attack.png Basic Attack necessitate manual aiming.
  • Yi Sun-shin Yi Sun-shin is the only hero that can change the base's model.
  • Miya Miya is the only Marksman who can go Invisible, by using her Hidden Moonlight.png Hidden Moonlight.
    • Lesley Lesley can also go to half-invisible via Master of Camouflage.png Master of Camouflage, but she can be detected by distortions in the field such as AoE skills, revaling skills, etc.
  • Moskov Moskov and Clint Clint are the only Marksmen whose passive lets their Basic Attack.png Basic Attack penetrate through targets in a straight line.
  • Layla Layla has the lowest durability of any hero but has the longest basic attack range in the game, enough to destroy a defensive tower outside its range.
  • Roger Roger and Kimmy Kimmy are the only Marksmen who are unplayable in Mayhem Mode.
  • Bruno Bruno is the only hero who never uses hands in any attack.
    • He is also the only hero with the sport-related mode of attacking.
    • He is the only mechanical marksman in the game, having mechanical legs, although his other skins are human.
  • Marksman is the only category of heroes that exclusively features Human or Humanoid heroes (such as Elves), with the only possible exceptions being Karrie Karrie, having non-human legs for being a Yasson, and Roger Roger in his wolf form.
  • Granger Granger is the only marksman which doesn't affect his Attack Speed that he only relies on File:Critical Icon.png [[Critical Damage and Chance|Critical Damage and Chance]].
  • Wanwan Wanwan is considered to be the most difficult marksman because of her Tiger Pace.png Tiger Pace affecting her Crossbow of Tang.png Crossbow of Tang can't be activated unless she hits all the vital points on the target in 4 directions which will benefit her with her passive.
  • Popol and Kupa Popol and Kupa is the only hero who has 5 abilities. He is the only hero which always accompanied by his pet resulting in a 2v1 situation.
  • Brody Brody is the only marksman hero in the game who can charge his Basic Attack.png basic attack and he is also the slowest marksman.
  • Beatrix Beatrix is the only marksman hero who carries 4 weapons at once, including Mechanical Genius (Renner).png Renner, Mechanical Genius (Bennett).png Bennett, Mechanical Genius (Wesker).png Wesker and Mechanical Genius (Nibiru).png Nibiru.
  • Kimmy Kimmy and Natan Natan are the only marksmens that have Magical Damage specialty.