Latest Hero in Advance Server
Black Tortoise

Exclusive Season Skin Reward
Jungle Watcher

Rank New Season Rank Inheritance
Warrior III Warrior III
Warrior II Warrior II
Warrior I Warrior I
Elite III Elite III
Elite II-Elite I Elite II
Master IV-Master III Elite I-1
Master II Master IV-1
Grandmaster V Master II-1
Grandmaster IV Master I-1
Grandmaster III Grandmaster V-1
Grandmaster II Grandmaster IV-1
Grandmaster I Grandmaster III-1
Epic V Grandmaster II-1
Epic IV Grandmaster I-1
Epic III-Epic II Epic V-1
Epic I-Legend V Epic IV-1
Legend IV-Legend I Epic III-1
Mythic 0-99 Stars Epic II-1
Mythic 100-499 Stars Epic I-1
Mythic 500 Stars and above Legend V-1

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Weekly Hero Rotation Edit

August 16, 2019 - August 22, 2019

Latest SkinsEdit


Kula Diamond

Kula Diamond

Crimson Moon

Crimson Moon

Lucky Spin RewardEdit
69570512 1255810774596749 93765565637722112 n

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