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Moniyan Empire

The place where most of the Heroes live. This is where the Lightborn Heroes live. The Moniyan Empire is ruled by Princess Silvanna.png Silvanna and her family and is also, her brother, Dyrroth.png Prince Dyrroth's original birthplace before he was kidnapped by the forces of the Abyss. The Lightborn Heroes protect and serve this Empire.


  • Lumina City: Capital of the Moniyan Empire. This is the most prosperous place in the Land of Dawn, and also the political and the trade center of the whole continent.
  • Imperial Sanctuary: It is located at the heart of the Moniyan Empire. The Imperial Sanctuary acts as the empire's main defense body. Home to Tigreal.png Tigreal and the Imperial Knight's Order, this has been a grooming place for many warriors.
  • Lightborn Capital: The central part of the Moniyan Empire. Kimmy.png Kimmy lives here along with her father, who is a General, serving the Empire. Terizla.png Terizla used to live here as the Leader of the Smiths, but when he was forced to surrender to the Empire, he disagreed and was captured and imprisoned in the Monastery of Light for 10 years, where he suffered from experimentation.
  • Monastery of Light: The part of the Moniyan Empire where the Demon Hunters like Alucard.png Alucard, and Granger.png Granger live. Granger was adopted here. Natalia.png Natalia used to live here as well but she left out of shame after her failure in a mission where her teammates were all killed, except her.
  • Moniyan Plains: The region which surrounds the Moniyan Empire. This path is usually used by travelers, who intend to cross to other regions.
  • Braidwood: An isolated town, which had been abandoned by the people there, due to a famine. It is now used as a hideout for getaway burglars and criminals.
  • Avalor: The part of the Moniyan Empire where Cecilion.png Cecilion, the only traitorous Blood Demon left, lived after escaping from the Abyss. Carmilla.png Carmilla also lived here as the Princess of Castle Aberleen with her father, King Earl Ansaac. This place is the main setting of Carmilla.png Carmilla and Cecilion.png Cecilion's tragic love story. Tobias, Aurora.png Aurora's lover, returned here from Northern Vale in order to receive his final rites.
  • Gorge: Home to Lancelot.png Lancelot and his little sister Guinevere.png Guinevere, who live in Baroque Castle.
  • Grandrock: Also known as the Magical city, this is where the Vance Family, Lesley.png Lesley and Harley.png Harley live.
    • Lion Academy of Magic: Located at the Magical City, this is where Harley.png Harley studied and became a Mage genius. The Lion Academy of Magic, despite not having a reputation, equal to the Ursula Magic Academy, is said to be more proficient in illusionary and trickery based magic.
  • The Lost Jungle: An unusually silent and unexplored jungle, found near the boundaries of the Moniyan Empire, this is where Harley.png Harley and the other heroes from the Eruditio, defeated the gang of Dark Wizards, who were known for plotting evil plans.
  • Azure Lake: Also known as Swan Lake. Located south of the Moniyan Empire, this is where the breathtaking Swan Castle stands. Thamuz.png Thamuz was secretly lurking behind to seek the truth about the Twilight Orb. He met Lunox.png Lunox with Belerick.png Belerick and confronted Tigreal.png Tigreal during the Determination Event.
  • Swan Castle: As one of the purest and most beautiful Castle to have ever been built, it is home of the Regina family. This is where Odette.png Odette lives and where Lancelot recovered from his battle wounds.
  • Black Forest: It is located to the East of Megalith Wasteland, Roger.png Roger lived outside the Black Forest, away from humans and in a cave. Ruby.png Ruby lived in a village near this area with her family until wolves attacked them.
  • Alaghat: A mysterious high-tech empire, where the strange race of Yasson lives. With human looks but deformed feet, they are agile and born to fight. Karrie.png Karrie used to live here.

Heroes in Moniyan Empire

Central of Moniyan Empire
Independent Empire
Outside of Empire

Related Heroes in Moniyan Empire

  • Terizla.png Terizla is a former smith leader of the Moniyan Empire.
  • Dyrroth.png Dyrroth was born here in the Moniyan Empire (brother of Silvanna.png Silvanna) and then kidnapped by the will of the Abyss. He also returned to invade the empire and to remold the world into the name of darkness.
  • Aurora.png Aurora's lover had returned from Northern Vale in order to receive his final rites.
  • Benedetta.png Benedetta was rejected when she signed up for the trials of the Empire Army.
  • Beatrix.png Beatrix was born in Castle Gorge within the Moniyan Empire, but currently resides in Eruditio.
  • Miya.png Miya is looking for a new king, see Trivia here.
  • Nana.png Nana is also searching for a new king. (Said in her story)
  • Paquito.png Paquito, see Story here




  • The region is based on the Europe Continent.
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