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Movement Speed is an attribute which able to enhances hero ability to either chase or escape from enemies, rotate around the map and objectives, and dodge enemies' skills.


Preface: Notable Inconsistency with Movement Speed Items and Physical Penetration Items

Boots.png Boots and its Tier II items share the same Unique that does not stack with other Boots.png Boots and its Tier II items. This is inconsistent with the behavior with Fury Hammer.png Fury Hammer, whose Physical Penetration stacks with Hunter Strike.png Hunter Strike and Blade of the Heptaseas.png Blade of the Heptaseas although in both family of items their attributes are labeled as Unique.

Increasing Movement Speed


The base offers a 60% movement speed boost which decays after 1.5 seconds.


Emblem Talents


Item Gold Amount Tier
Windtalker.png Windtalker1820 Coin 182020Tier 3
Endless Battle.png Endless Battle2470 Coin 24705%Tier 3
Demon Shoes.png Demon ShoesCoin.png 72040 (UNIQUE)Tier 2
Rapid Boots.png Rapid BootsCoin.png 85080 (UNIQUE)Tier 2
Swift Boots.png Swift BootsCoin.png 71040 (UNIQUE)Tier 2
Arcane Boots.png Arcane BootsCoin.png 69040 (UNIQUE)Tier 2
Magic Shoes.png Magic ShoesCoin.png 71040 (UNIQUE)Tier 2
Tough Boots.png Tough BootsCoin.png 70040 (UNIQUE)Tier 2
Warrior Boots.png Warrior BootsCoin.png 72040 (UNIQUE)Tier 2
Boots.png BootsCoin.png 25020 (UNIQUE)Tier 1





To decrease Movement Speed, buy Corrosion Scythe.png Corrosion Scythe (for Fighter/Marksman)/Ice Queen Wand.png Ice Queen Wand (for Mage), or use heroes skill that can slow down the enemies movement for a while, such as Aurora.png Aurora's Bitter Frost.png Bitter Frost (2nd skill), Estes.png Estes' Domain of Moon Goddess.png Domain of Moon Goddess (2nd skill), Franco.png Franco's Fury Shock.png Fury Shock (2nd skill) and Yve.png Yve's Real World Manipulation.png Real World Manipulation (ultimate).