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A feline wizard from the magic forest.

Nana, Sweet Leonin is a hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


Base statistics [edit]
Attribute Base Growth
Level 1 Level 15
HP 2501 4321 130
Mana 510 2050 110
HP Regen 6.8 11.0 0.3
Mana Regen 3.6 6.4 0.2
Physical Attack 115 217 7.2857
Magic Power 0 0 0
Physical Defense 17 59 3
Magic Defense 15 38 1.6429
Physical Penetration 0 -
Magic Penetration 0 -
Damage Reduction 0 -
Attack Speed 1.08 1.43 0.025
Attack Speed Ratio 100% -
Movement Speed 250 -
Percentage statistics
Attribute Percentage
Physical Penetration 0%
Magic Penetration 0%
Damage Reduction 0%
Physical Lifesteal 0%
Magic Lifesteal 0%
Spell Vamp 0%
Cooldown Reduction 0%
Resilience 0%
Critical Chance 0%
Critical Damage 200%
Critical Damage Reduction 0%
Healing Effect 0%
Healing Received 100%


Little Leonin with no worries

In order to have the means of controlling the magic in her body and stop causing trouble, Nana went to the Shadow Swamp in search of a magical fruit with her good friend Molina. But when danger came, Molina died protecting Nana. Although Nana got what she wanted, she also lost her friend. With the strength that Molina left her, Nana embarked on a new journey.


After the Endless War, the Land of Dawn was covered scars, but the Moonlit Forest of Azrya was still bathed in the light of the Moon Goddess. I addition to the elves, there were various other strange creatures living in this dense forest with a most unrestrained bearing. There were very few disputes.

Leonins were the most peculiar race in this forest. They were few in number, but they were born with a cute appearance, agile demeanor, and some talent for using spiritual power. They used their spiritual power to bake apple pies, catch fish, and jump around in the woods… So long as the Leonins were awake, the Moonlit Forest was especially lively.

Nana was the [naughtiest] Leonin among them. She was born on a moonlit night with great spiritual powers. Nana was naturally enthusiastic and energetic, and liked to use her own power to help her friends in the jungle. It is just a pity that she, being rash and reckless, either baked other people’s apple pies to ashes or uprooted the berry bushes. Gradually, everyone began to distance themselves from Nana.

Fortunately, there was a little leopard cat called Molina who was always by Nana’s side. Molina was a small leopard cat living on the edge of the Moonlit Forest. She had no father, no mother, and no friends. She lived alone ever since she could remember. Owing to an accident, Molina broke into the gathering place of the Leonins, got stuck in a dangerous cave and it was Nana who saved her. Since then, Molina always liked to pester Nana. But Nana didn’t like being with Molina all day long. She felt that Molina, who only had ability to change, was too weak and given that Nana always like to make trouble, felt like Molina shouldn’t always be by her side.

Nana preferred to play with her fellow Leonins.

Although she felt disappointed because of everyone’s rejection, Nana, who was naturally optimistic, would soon try to help everyone. One time, the indolent Leonins had a rare get-together and held a discussion about building a playground that would belong to the Leonin race. For the Leonins, this was a rare, serious event, and Nana also enthusiastically participated in it.

After months of hard work, with the efforts of all the Leonins, they used moonlight stones gifted by the elves, long logs gifted by the forest, colorful stucco paint mixed evenly with berry juice, and other treasures gifted by the spirits of nature to build the exquisite Meow Playground. It had a cat climbing frame, fish catching pond, dessert room, big trampoline…everything. On the day it was built, to celebrate, the Leonins took out some old and dusty fruit wine, baked hundreds of apple pies and grilled sea bass, and drank in the garden of Meow Playground.

Nana liked this kind of event the most. She jumped around happily, picking up the fruit wine and slurping it. She drank so happily. When the moonlight came, the drunken Nana jumped on to the stage. She wanted to use her spiritual power to bake more apple pie for everyone to celebrate. But when she started to cast her spell, the power in her hands began to lose control, and a hurricane set off, blowing the Meow Playground into such disarray that it completely lost its original appearance.

Seeing that the whole race’s efforts were ruined by her own mistake, Nana felt guilty and frightened. Before everyone woke up, she quietly left her fellow Leonins without taking anything with her, wanting to find a way to control her power so that she could come back and help everyone build a more fun paradise.

Nana walked all the way to the west, her path filled with strange creatures. She tried to talk to some little creatures, but everyone ignored her, causing Nana to feel extremely depressed. Nana, who had never walked out of the Moonlit Forest, felt an unprecedented sense of loss and loneliness, until she found out that Molina had been following her secretly from the beginning.

Molina understood Nana’s guilt and how she mut be feeling. She told Nana: In the southern part of Azrya – the Shadow Swamp near the Land of Despair, there is a kind of mystical fruit that grows in dangerous places that can help the user to control their own energy.

Nana was a little surprised that the little leopard cat was still following her, and she was a little moved. But Nana still refused Molina’s request to go with her to the Shadow Swamp. She was worried that there would be some dangers on the way that would hurt her little friend. Nana pretended to frighten Molina harshly: “You’re so weak and small. Don’t follow me.”

But shortly after she left, Molina caught up and stubbornly refused to leave.

Nana discovered for the first time that the weak and small leopard cat was also persistent. She was happy inside, but on the surface[,] she accepted Molina’s company with reluctance.

The two passed through numerous obstacles and finally reached the Shadow Swamp. In the depths of the cave, they found the magical fruit they’d been looking for. Nana happily went to get the fruit, but did not notice the gradually approaching danger. Near the Land of Despair, there lived many monsters corroded by the Abyss, the pure nature of Nana made this pitch black and ugly creature lick its chops and open its fiercely-looking mouth.

Molina by her side noticed the danger. Seeing her good friend Nana was about to pick the fruit, she yelled and put to use the power of transformation that would only work from time to time – Molina became Nana’s likeness and stood in front of the defenseless Nana.

“As weak as I am, I can still protect my friend.”

Nana, who had gotten the fruit, was stunned by everything that had happened in front of her. With the help of the fruit, Nana sent a powerful force to repel the monster, but Molina was also dying. Nana cried and shared her spiritual power with Molina, but it was no use. Finally, Molina grabbed Nana’s hand and shared her transformation power with Nana, hoping that she would be with her only friend forever.

“Stay happy, stay happy forever.”

In turned out that learning control was only the beginning of her growth. Nana continued on the road with Molina’s blessing and entrustment.

Those who have never forgotten will always survive in another way; those who have never forgotten their hometown will always return to their hometown.




Molina's Gift.png
Molina's Gift
Death Immune

Blessed by Molina, Nanacan transform upon taking fatal damage, removing all control effects on her, becoming immune to all damage, and gaining 70% extra Movement Speed for 2 seconds. She also recovers 10% Max HP over the duration
Nana can only transform once every 120 seconds and cannot cast skills in transformed form.
Level Scaling

Skill 1

Magic Boomerang.png
Magic Boomerang
AoE Slow

Nana hurls her Magical Boomerang in the target direction, dealing 220–345 (+110% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies hit ion its way and back and slowing them by 40% for 1 second. The damage of this skill is reduced by 20% for each extra enemy hit, (up to 60%).
Skill terms
Magic SkillDeal Magic DMG to enemies. Doesn't trigger Physical Lifesteal, but triggers Magic Lifesteal and Spell Vamp (combined).
Level Scaling
Cooldown5.5 / 5.2 / 4.9 / 4.6 / 4.3 / 4.0
Mana Cost50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 / 75
Base Damage 220 / 245 / 270 / 295 / 320 / 345
Stack Scaling
Decay Ration {0%, 20%, 40%, 60%}

Skill 2

Molina Smooch.png
Molina Smooch
CC Debuff

Nana sends Molina to the target location, who will seek the chase the nearest enemy hero in the area and transform the first enemy hero it collides with for 1.5 seconds. The transformed enemy will also take 250–375 (+50% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and have their Movement Speed reduced by 50% and Magic Defense reduced by 25% for the duration.
Molina will remain stationary for up to 12 seconds if there are no enemy heroes in the area and can chase an enemy hero for up to 2.5 seconds before it disappears.
Skill terms
TransformedA state that prevents a target from attacking or using skills. The target will be transformed into other creatures.
Magic SkillDeal Magic DMG to enemies. Doesn't trigger Physical Lifesteal, but triggers Magic Lifesteal and Spell Vamp (combined).
Magic DefenseReduces Magic Damage taken.
Actual Magic Damage taken = Magic Damage dealt by enemy 120/(120 + Magic Defense).
Magic Defense will be affected by the enemy's Magic PEN, but will not be lower than -60.
Level Scaling
Cooldown14.5 / 14.0 / 13.5 / 13.0 / 12.5 / 12.0
Mana Cost120
Morph Damage 250 / 275 / 300 / 325 / 350 / 375
Slowing Effect 50% / 54% / 58% / 62% / 66% / 70%


  • Molina will chase the enemy hero at an exponential rate[how much?] before it disappears.


Molina Blitz.png
Molina Blitz
Burst CC

Nana summons Molina to attack the designated area 3 times. Each attack deals 400–680 (+180% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies in the area and slows them by 50% for 1 second.
If Molina Blitz hits a single enemy continuously, that enemy will be stunned for 1 second.
Skill terms
StunnedA state that prevents a target from moving, attacking, or using skills.
Magic SkillDeal Magic DMG to enemies. Doesn't trigger Physical Lifesteal, but triggers Magic Lifesteal and Spell Vamp (combined).
Movement SpeedMovement Speed on the battlefield. Usually Calculated and Actual Movement Speed is equal. But when Movement Speed is below 230 or over 420 both Slowdown and Speedup Effect will decay.
Calculated Movement Speed = Basic Movement Speed × (100% + All Speedup Effect% - All Slowdown Effect%).
Level Scaling
Cooldown36.0 / 32.0 / 28.0
Mana Cost135 / 150 / 165
Base Damage 400 / 540 / 680



Battle Emotes


  • Her name (なな na na) means seven in Japanese and it is a common feminine Japanese name.
  • MLBB Quiz (now Trial of Knowledge) states that she is a "raccoon spirit", but in her background lore she is a rare cat elf and her title is "Feline Wizard" (now "Sweet Leonin"). But in her new lore, her new race is now a Leonin.
  • Nana is the only hero in the game capable of transforming enemies.
  • Nana has illeism, the act of referring to oneself in the third person instead of first person.
  • Her old voice lines is mostly based from the character Ruby from Magic Rush (not to be confused with Ruby Ruby in MLBB), another cat-like hero.
  • Nana's old passive allowed her to give gold to nearby allies every 10 seconds (see Nana/History)
  1. In-game credit