The New Arrival Shop is the lucky draw means you have a chance of winning permanent skins or heroes. There are only 2 available options to get through: The Latest Skin, and Latest Hero. If you already own the skin or hero, you will receive Rare Skin Fragments Rare Skin Fragment.png or Battlepoints BP Battlepoints

(respectively) instead.

You do not need to purchase by Crystals of Aurora Crystal of Aurora.png or New Arrival Token New Arrival Token.png (substitution for 1x). If you have an insufficient amount of Crystals of Aurora Crystal of Aurora.png, Diamonds DM Diamonds will be partaken. For 1x, you need 10 Crystal of Aurora.png, while for 10x, you need 90 Crystal of Aurora.png.

Available Rewards

NOTE: If you already own the following rewards, they will instead be replaced by another set of rewards.

Odds of Winning Rewards

  • Permanent Heroes or Skins: 0.5%
  • Trial Card: 59.5%
  • Hero Fragments Hero Fragment.png or Rare Skin Fragments Rare Skin Fragment.png: 40%

Total Purchase Rewards

Total Purchase Rewards can be obtained when you've purchased for certain times. It will be cleared every week, and uncollected rewards will be sent to the mailbox.

  • 5: 3 Hero Fragment.png
  • 10: Zilong.png Zilong's Trial Skin Card (1-day), Glorious General
  • 20: 25 Magic Dust.png
  • 30: 6 Rare Skin Fragment.png
  • 50: 1 Magic Wheel Potion S.png
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