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Chapter 1 : Swan Princess

Task Target: Obtain 4 likes on post-game screen.

The beautiful Swan Lake lies in the Southern Hills of the Moniyan Empire. From above, the crystal blue waters of the lake appear to be a sapphire tucked away in the mountains. Many years ago, the Regina family moved near a beautiful lake in order to avoid involvement in a power struggle and built Swan Castle there. All who see Odette are infected with her pure and innocent smile, calling her the pearl left over by the gods of the mortal realm.

Chapter 2: Fall in Love

Task Target: Complete 2 matches alongside Lancelot.

Odette is the thirteenth-generation heir of Swan Castle, capable of mastering even the most obscure of noble magics. Although she is adored by thousands, Odette felt unbearably lonely until she met the injured Lancelot on the lakeshore. While he was healing, the blessed pair developed a deep affection for each other.

Chapter 3: Guard Castle

Task Target: Use Blue Nova and control atleast 2 enemy Heroes. Complete it 25 times.

Odette comes out to the balcony of the castle every day, and the swans on the lake gather around the castle as if welcoming the appearance of this noble princess. Yet this beautiful place cannot escape from evil completely, and it is Odette's responsibility as the heir to defend it. When intruders appear, she will use her signature move: The Blue Nova. She doesn't hope to kill her opponents, just to stop and expel them. She is kind at heart, and her kindness compels her to let invaders leave freely.

Chapter 4: Princess's Rage

Task Target: Use Swan Song and accumulate 1 Triple Kills.

But even the kind Princess of Swan Castle will get angry at times, and when invaders injure the pure white swans, it really pushes her buttons. She does not let those who injure the swans get away. Odette will merge with Swan Lake and the swans, using the power of Swan Song to defeat all nearby invaders.

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