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  • Odette is inspired by a character with the same name in Swan Lake. It can explain the music in her entry animation, as well as the swan she summons for her first skill.
    • Her skin "Black Swan" is also a reference to another character from the same opera.
    • Along with Lancelot, Leomord and Gatotkaca, they are the only heroes based on literature.
  • She was purchasable with BP at first. Now she is only an obtainable hero for new players through quests, be bought in the Fragment Shop using Hero Fragments, or in the Lucky Shop using Lucky Gems.
  • She is also one of the few heroes with confirmed romantic relationships (Lancelot), along with Gusion/GuinevereKhufra/Esmeralda (Former) and Hayabusa/Kagura.


  • Being part of the Regina family, her full name is Princess Odette Regina.  
  • The sword Odette carries is used as a focus for her spells (Lakeshore Ambiance and Avian Authority). She doesn't use the sword by conventional means.
    • It is hinted in one of her quotes that the sword is a gift, most likely from Lancelot . This would explain why she carries it.



  • She is one of the few heroes to actually talk to the player in one of her quotes. "Remember to buy me more gears."
  • She shares the same line with Hanabi's death line, "Where is he?", yet hers is to Lancelot, whilst Hanabi is referring to her enemy, Hanzo.
  • Lancelot is assumed to have gifted her a sword, which is referenced in two of her hero lines.
    • "Don't ask me why a mage is carrying a sword!"
    • "This sword is a gift."
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