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Official Server, also known as the Original Server, is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's main server.

Current update

Main article: Patch Notes 1.6.66
  1. New Hero Xavier Xavier - Defier of Light (See main article in upper link to view skill name & desctiption at "I. New Hero")
  2. Adjustments Heroes:
    "Optimized some of the Tank Icon.png tank and Fighter Icon.png fighter heroes to bring them back to the limelight."
    Contexts by Admin (based calculation from History Heroes page): From Tank Icon.png 21 Tank heroes within Tank Icon.png 8 tank heroes haven't gotten adjustments since last between 2020-2021, now Tank Icon.png 8 tanks got adjustments in this patch!;From Fighter Icon.png 35 Fighter heroes within Fighter Icon.png 8 fighter heroes haven't gotten adjustments since last between 2019-2021, now Fighter Icon.png 6 fighter(s) got adjustments in this patch!
    a. BUFF ↑: Melissa Melissa, Masha Masha, Hilda Hilda, Grock Grock, Belerick Belerick, Atlas Atlas, Gatotkaca Gatotkaca, Minotaur Minotaur, Guinevere Guinevere, Wanwan Wanwan, Ling Ling, Zhask Zhask, Martis Martis, Floryn Floryn, Miya Miya & Alpha Alpha
    b. NERF ↓: Hylos Hylos, Valentina Valentina, Aulus Aulus & Lancelot Lancelot
  3. Skins
    1. Revamped Epic Skin Tag.png Epic skin: Alpha Alpha - Onimusha Commander
    2. New V.E.N.O.M. skin: Dyrroth Dyrroth - Cobra
    3. New Season 23 Skin Tag.png Seasonal skin S23: Masha Masha - Spirited Gauntlet for players was reached at Master or higher Rank tier
    4. Adjustments Premium Skin Fragment.png Premium Skin, Rare Skin Fragment.png Rare Skin & Hero HF Hero Fragment Shop (See main article in upper link to view hero/skin at "III. Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins" in "Fragment Shop Adjustments")
  4. Battlefield
    1. Adjustments Spell: Retribution.png Retribution, Bloody Retribution.png Bloody Retribution, Petrify.png Petrify, Sprint.png Sprint & Inspire.png Inspire
    2. Equipments:
      a. New: Steel Legplates.png Steel Legplates
      b. BUFF ↑: Blade Armor.png Blade Armor, Guardian Helmet.png Guardian Helmet, Cursed Helmet.png Cursed Helmet/Molten Essence.png Molten Essence, Queen's Wings.png Queen's Wings, Haas's Claws.png Haas's Claws, Rose Gold Meteor.png Rose Gold Meteor/Magic Blade.png Magic Blade & Active - Conceal.png Passive - Encourage.png Passive - Favor.png Passive - Dire Hit.png Roaming Equiment
      c. NERF ↓: Immortality.png Immortality

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Patch Notes list

Patch Note What's New Release Date
Patch Notes 1.6.34 # New Hero: Prophetess of the Night - Valentina, the unpredictable shadow predator.
  1. New Event: M3 Pass, complete tasks to receive multiple event rewards.
  2. New Event: M3 Pass, complete tasks to receive multiple event rewards.
  3. New Mode: New gameplay, 2-Player Survival, is now available in Boommander Mode.
  4. New Skin: Starlight Fest Skin - Kagura "Water Lily".
24 November 2021, 00:00 (Android)

25 November 2021, 19:00 (iOS/iPadOS)

Patch Notes 1.6.42 # New Hero: Forsaken Warden - Edith, the primal warden that watched over the sealed Evil Gods on Sanctum Island.
  1. New Map: Sanctum Island will be available soon.
  2. S22 will end on 12/24/2021 at 23:59:59 (Server Time). Players who've reached the Master or higher rank can claim Terizla ""Rustwreck"" as the Season Finale reward.
  3. Battlefield Adjustments: Lord can now evolve in the late game, along with lots of adjustments to Creeps, Minions, and Turrets.
23 December 2021 19:00
Patch Notes 1.6.50 # New Hero: Martial Genius - Yin, a gifted Kungfu boy possessed by an Evil God.
  1. New Event: Aspirants Unite is now available! Join the event for a chance to get exclusive skins.
  2. Magic Chess S7 will end on 01/30/2022 at 00:00:00, while Magic Chess S8 - Evolution will begin shortly after.
17 January 2022, 19:00

27 January 2022 04:00 (Additional Balance Adjustment)

Patch Notes 1.6.58 # New Hero: Cursed Needle - Melissa, A rebellious girl that runs a tailor shop and solves problems for people.
  1. New Feature: Graffiti and Skin Paint will be available soon.
  2. New Mode: Overdrive will be available soon.
21 February 2022, 19:00
Patch Notes 1.6.66 # New Hero: Defier of Light - Xavier, a glass cannon mage that boasts insane sustained damage.
  1. Optimized some of the tank and fighter heroes to bring them back to the limelight.
  2. S23 will end at 23:59:59 on 03/25/2022 (Server Time). Players who've reached the Master or higher rank can claim Masha "Spirited Gauntlet" as the Season Finale reward.
*21 March 2022 19:00
  • 28 March 2022 22:00 (Additional Balance Adjustments)
Patch Notes 1.6.72 # Revamped Hero: Akai, the almighty Panda Warrior, is ready to cause more chaos with his updated kit!
  1. New Event: The 515 Party is about to begin!
  2. New UI: The Profile screen has received a full revamp.
  3. New System: Creation Camp, a new Custom system, is available soon.
  4. Magic Chess S8 will end on 04/30/2022 at 00:00:00 (server time), while the new season, Magic Chess: To Be Hero, will begin shortly afterward.
12 April 2022 19:00