Patch Notes

Battlefield Optimizations

Optimized the calculation of Movement Speed. Added vibration effect for some heroes.

Hero Changes


Balmond's skills no longer cost Mana now. Changed Balmond's illustration.


Karina's ultimate will be refreshed if she kills an enemy hero with items or battle abilities now.

Reduced Karina's basic HP by 105.

Adjusted the basic damage of Shadow Rush from 750/900/1050 to 550/800/1050.


Holy Healing: Increased the basic damage from 410/440/470/500/530/570 to 410/450/490/530/570/610. Incresed the scaling rate from 0.3 to 0.6. Every time the skill levels up, its mana cost will be reduced by 5.

Basic damage will have an adjustment to 220/270/320/370/420/470 220/280/340/400/460/520.

Light of Retribution: Increased the basic damage from 220/270/320/370/420/470 to 220/280/340/400/460/520.


Increased Akai's basic armor by 8 and armor growth of each level by 0.7.


Changed the look of Franco.

New Feature: Custom Gear

Now you can view attributes of all gear in Preparations and make your own gear selections to replace the recommended gear for each hero.

Other Changes

#Clint's first Skin Sun n' Sand has arrived in Shop! Let's try it immediately! Added battle log. Now you can check the statistics of your last 20 matches. Players can chat with other during hero selection now. You can view your in-game friend's match statisics now. Removed Hero Value Pack from Shop. Fixed the bug where battle abilities didn't display correctly during loading. Fixed the bug where the notice of kill would appear the moment you entered a match.

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