Revamped Heroes: Alucard - Demon Hunter

Improved Alucard's default  model & display special effects.Also improved the attack and  skills effects for skins Demon Hunter , Lone Hero & Fiery Inferno.

Free Hero Rotation

Server time 21/07/17 05:00:00 to 28/07/17 05:00:00

Starlight Members

Server time 28/07/17 05:00:00 to 04/08/17 05:00:00

Starlight Members

New & Discounted Skins

Franco - Apocalypse

August Starlight Member Skin.Become a Starlight Member in August and get this  skin permanently for free.

Freya - Beach Sweetheart

749 D , first week 30% off.

Freya - Beach Sweetheart & Clint - Sun 'N Sand

Bundled as Summer Skins Pack, first week 30% off.

Alucard & Alucard - Lone Hero

Skin bundle pack, first week 30% off.


30% off Diamond price, 1 week limited time offer.

Hero Adjustments

Basic attack AP buff against  turrets for all heroes increased from 0.4 to 0.6.

Adjusted the splash attack  radius of melee heroes' basic attack, to make it more consistent with its  special effect.


Triple  Sweep - When target escapes after using Purify, Saber will also be  released and able to move.


Brutal  Massacre - When target escapes after using Purify, Franco will also be  released and able to move.


Frost Shock - Optimized the explosion effect under low resolution setting.


Firing range progression  increased from 4.1/4.6/5.1/5.6 to 4.1/4.6/5.2/5.8.


Rotary Impact - Increased the impact half radius from 0.6 to 0.7.


Turbo - Added BUFF icon display.


Mecha Legs - Added BUFF icon display.


Improved the hero card and avatar.


Adjusted the recommended gear for this hero.

New Events & Features

1. World  Quest: Users collect points to unlock limited time perks for all users server  wide, either by teaming up for battle or by purchasing the Summer Pack/Summer  Freya! Points can also be used to unlock rich rewards for yourself, so get a  move on and join in asap!

2. New hero skills assessment system - Hero Power.

We continue to see users "boost" MMR in the game, which sadly we've not been able to stop. This type of boosting heavily impacts our normal users and gives them a poor in-game experience.As a result, we have re-designed a new hero assessment system --- Hero  Power.Once the new algorithm takes effect, users will no longer be able to gain MMR by losing battles on purpose, or by using specific heroes to win battles.

Hero Power give a better and more reasonable reflection of a hero's ability.Each time a battle ends, Hero Power will be increased or decreased taking  into account the opponent's actual abilities and battle performance.After the rewards are settled at the end of the season, Hero Power will be  reset and part of the points from previous season will be carried over.

After the system goes live, the Hero Leaderboard will be cleared  temporarily, and the existing MMR for each user will be converted into Hero Power points using a 10:1 ratio.Users will then need to play the Ranked Mode at least once, to take part in  the new Hero Power Leaderboard.

Battle Gear & Battlefield Adjustment

Battle Gear

1. After upgrading jungle gear, battle skills 1 "Retribution" will also change to corresponding icon.

2. Necklace of Durance: Magic Power provided adjusted from 75 to 65.


1. Optimized the color and design of the turrets on mini map, showing clearer indications of HP levels.

2. When Squad Group Buy starts, a Group Buy mark will be displayed for participating users on the Squad Lineup page. 

System Adjustment

1. To ensure better experience for newbies and fairness in ranking, avatars and country flags will not be shown for Draft Pick in Ranked Mode.

2. Optimized the order for  ban/pick function for Draft Pick in Custom Mode: the left team will always get first pick in heroes to ban.

3. Enhance some of the account character avatars.

4. When chests are ready to be opened, added little red dot as reminder.

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed the bug in little red dot showing incorrectly in Events Hall.

2. Fixed the bug where Skin Trial Card cannot be used when Hero Trial Card is activated.

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