I. New Skins

New Skins: [Saber] Skin [S.A.B.E.R Regulator], 899 Diamonds. Launch Week Discount: 30% off!

II. Hero Adjustments


Symbiosis: Abyssal Mark stack limit increased from 1 stack to 2 stacks (however, dealing damage in Abyssal Form will only consume 1 Abyssal Mark stack).

Abyssal Trap: When hitting an enemy with this skill. it will immediately add an Abyssal Mark. Reduced the casting range of this skill.


HP Growth adjusted from 139.5 to 125.5.


HP Growth adjusted from 210 to 180.


Cursed Oath: Cooldown time adjusted from 60/55/50 to 60 seconds at max level.


Optimized Mortal Coil's description.


Optimized the description of several skills to make them match the actual skill effects.


Jeet Kune Do: Optimized this skill's lock-on range. when using this skill to chase the target, it will no longer be affected by nearby targets.


Magic Boomerang: Base damage adjusted from 180/220/260/300/340/380 to 180/210/240/270/300/330.

Molina Smooch: This ability no longer reduces the enemy hero's Armor. Fixed a problem where this skill occasionally caused the HP bar to become misaligned. Fixed a problem where this skill‘s base damage did not grow. Current Base Damage: 180/210/240/270/300/330.


Optimized skill effects so that allies can easily distinguish when skills are cast by enemy heroes


Wings by wings: You can now use basic attacks and Battle Spells while using ‘Wings by Wings". Doing so will immediately cancel 'Wings by Wings‘.

III. Battlefield Adjustments

Battle Spells:

1.Added a Battle Skill to Brawl Mode: You can now choose [Aegis].


1.Oracle: Unique Passive: Scream's cooldown has been adjusted from 6 seconds to 8 seconds.

IV. System Adjustments

Optimized the skill tags of some heroes. Skill descriptions are now more accurate.

V. Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where. after dying, [Cyclops] model would clip under the terrain.

Optimized the [Nightarrow] skin's battle model in light of a problem where the tail would jitter when moving.

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