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Nether Bersi
Nether Bersi.jpg

Skill Description

Skill 1: Passive: Revive the first Hero to fall in each round.

Skill 2: Spends 10 Gold to grant all surviving allied Heroes on the chessboard a chance to resurrect when they die. This skill can be used in battle.

Skill 3: Passive: The first time Bersi dies, he revives the next round, recovers 1 HP, and gains 20 Gold.

From the Designers:

Christmas 2020 is coming soon! We have prepared a special new map "Christmas Land" for you!

For the map, we have used the same dark night background design as the Halloween map, with decorations such as gloves, gift boxes, candy, snowmen, and more to make it more Christmassy! Besides, we have also decorated the Turrets and Bases on this map to create a Christmas atmosphere. This new map will be available from Dec. 15th to 31st!

In this patch, we've made adjustments to some heroes with high ban and pick rates in Ranked Mode and tournaments recently. We'll be rolling out adjustments to a few heroes, including Brody, in the next patch, based on further discussion and analysis. Besides, we've made optimization to many heroes that have rarely been picked in Ranked Mode, in hopes of bringing more available lineups to players. Furthermore, we have also adjusted Turrets, buffs, and Turtle, for a better early and mid game experience when jungling or in lanes. Enjoy the new patch!

Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

1. Benedetta's skin "Street Blow" will be available as the January Starlight Skin on January 1st. Valir's Epic Skin "Demonlord" will be available in Epic Showcase on January 5th.

2. Magic Chess New Little Commander and Skin on December 15th, Commander Bersi will be available on December 15th (Server Time). Diamond 499. Battle Point 24,000. Launch week 30% OFF. Bersi's skin "Nether Bersi" will be available on December 15th (Server Time). Diamond 269. Launch week 30% OFF. Commander Bersi and skin "Nether Bersi" will be in a bundle and available on December 15th (Server Time). Launch week 30% OFF.

3. Fragment Shop Adjustments on December 16th (Server Time)

a. Rare Skin Fragment Shop Will be available: "The Insentient" - Aldous, "Rock and Roll" - Clint, "Black Pearl" - Karina, "Dragon Hunter" - Freya, "Bunny Babe" - Layla, "Dark Draconic" - Argus Will be unavailable: "Iceland Golem" - Grock, "Kaminari" - Kaja, "Bio Frontier"- Kimmy, "Deep Sea Rescuer" - Cyclops, "Viscount" - Alucard, "Pale Flame" - Valir

b. Hero Fragment Shop Will be available: Chou, Fanny, Guinevere, Benedetta, Valir, Vale Will be unavailable: Rafaela, Franco, Yi Sun-shin, X.Borg, Claude, Esmeralda

4. 8 Free Heroes: Server Time 12/18/2020 05:01:00 to 12/25/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.) Wanwan; Aldous; Chou; Angela; Estes; Terizla; Clint; Ling

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Martis; Harith; Leomord; Vale; Lunox; Khufra

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 12/25/2020 05:01:00 to 1/1/2021 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.) Cecilion; Yi Sun-shin; Fanny; Lapu-Lapu; Guinevere; Ruby; Vale; Bruno

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Karrie; Luo Yi; Zhask; Atlas; Gusion; Hylos

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 1/1/2021 05:01:00 to 1/8/2021 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.) Gatotkaca; Cyclops; Lunox; Lesley; Harley; Moskov; Badang; Alice

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Baxia, Terizla; Benedetta; Valir; Hayabusa; Wanwan

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 1/8/2021 05:01:00 to 1/15/2021 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.) Bane; Atlas; Akai; Harley; Kimmy; Martis; Kadita; Khufra

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Alucard; Pharsa; Vexana; Vale; Esmeralda; Ling


Context for Hero Adjustments

In this patch, we have made significant adjustments to the following heroes: Alpha, Harley, Carmilla, Belerick, Clint, Benedetta, Barats, Lunox.

Alpha Alpha

  • Context
  • Alpha's performance in battle is still undesirable after the previous adjustments. According to our observation, we've decided to dramatically reduce cooldowns of all his skills, both to increase his playability and to make his Passive triggered more often. Of course, to maintain a balance, we've also slightly weakened the effects of his skills for single uses.
  • Beta, Advance!.png Beta, Advance!
    • ADDED + New Effect: Continuous attacks slow the target by 90% each time, for 0.2s.
  • Rotary Impact.png Rotary Impact
    • BUFF ↑ Cooldown: 7-4s → 4s
    • BUFF ↑ Mana Cost: 60 → 50
    • ADJUST ~ Base Damage of Beta's Strafe: 90-165 → 100-150
    • NERF ↓ Slow Effect: 70% for 2s → 40% for 1s
    • NERF ↓ Base Damage of Slashes: 210-310 → 200-300
  • Force Swing.png Force Swing
    • BUFF ↑ Cooldown: 6s → 6-4s
    • ADJUST ~ Base Damage of Strikes: 160-460 → 250-400
    • ADJUST ~ HP Regen Bonus: 40% of Magic Power → 30% of Physical Attack Bonus
    • NERF ↓ Total Physical Attack Bonus of Strikes: 170% → 100%
    • NERF ↓ Base Damage of Beta's Strafe: 90-165 → 75-120
    • NERF ↓ Base HP Regen: 150-300 → 125-200
  • Spear of Alpha.png Spear of Alpha
    • BUFF ↑ Cooldown: 24-20s → 20-12s
    • NERF ↓ Stun Duration: 1.3s → 1s

Harley Harley

  • Context
  • He is rarely picked at present. Thus, we've reduced Skill is cooldown and added a new effect to his Passive, in order to increase his damage when Ultimate is not available. Besides, we've slightly increased his Ultimate's cooldown, so as to restrain his attacks on enemies when damage is enhanced.
  • Magic Master.png Magic Master
    • ADDED + New Effect: Reduces 2 Magic Defense of every target hit for 3s, which is capped at 15 stacks.
  • Poker Trick.png Poker Trick
    • BUFF ↑ Cooldown: 7s → 6s
  • Deadly Magic.png Deadly Magic
    • NERF ↓ Cooldown: 30-24s → 36-30s

Carmilla Carmilla

  • Context
The casting of Carmilla's Ultimate makes it difficult for her to hit an enemy quicker than the opponent, and its transmittable damage cannot be maximized after Skill 2 is used. Therefore, we've adjusted the casting of her Ultimate based on player feedback. In addition. we've also adjusted her skill cast ranges to strengthen her power in melee combat.
  • Bloodbath.png Bloodbath
    • NERF ↓ Cast Range reduced by 50%.
  • Curse of Blood.png Curse of Blood
    • ADDED + Direction: Manual → Auto-aim
    • NERF ↓ Cast Range reduced by 10%.

Carmilla Carmilla & Cecilion Cecilion

  • Context
We expect more interactions within this couple.
  • Moonlit Waltz.png Moonlit Waltz
    • BUFF ↑ Cooldown: 45s → 20s
    • NERF ↓ Damage and Shield: 400 + 40*LV → 200 + 20*LV
    • NERF ↓ Slow Effect: 60% → 30%

Belerick Belerick

  • Context
  • Currently, most Tank Heroes can only roam to support their teams, but they should have been more flexibly played, even in Exp Lane and Jungle, to diversity available lineups. This time, we followed the adjustments we did to Tank Heroes in the middle of the year and tried to make Belerick gain more benefits from equipment. We will continue to observe subsequent influences of these adjustments and change some of the other Tank Heroes accordingly.
  • Attribute
    • NERF ↓ Base HP: 2919 → 2769
    • NERF ↓ HP Growth: 245 → 205
  • Deadly Thorns.png Deadly Thorns
    • BUFF ↑ HP Increase obtained from equipment items: 15% → 40%
  • Ancient Seed.png Ancient Seed
    • BUFF ↑ Damage Bonus to Minions: 50% → 80%
    • ADJUST ~ Damage Reflection: 120-260 + 0.8% of Max HP → 100-170 + 2% of Max HP

Clint Clint

  • Context
  • Clint's performance didn't meet our expectations, because it took too long for him to exert his strength and his probability of death was relatively higher than those of similar Marksmen. Therefore, we've made adjustments to his survivability and combat ability in the early and mid game.
  • Quick Draw.png Quick Draw
    • BUFF ↑ Base Damage: 200-400 → 250-450
    • BUFF ↑ Mana Cost: 80-105 → 60-85
  • Trapping Recoil.png Trapping Recoil
    • BUFF ↑ Cooldown: 12-9.5s → 10-8s
    • NERF ↓ Cooldown Reduction for hitting enemies: 50% → 40%

Benedetta Benedetta

  • Context
  • We observed that Benedetta's performance varied a lot from player to player and that her power was unexpectedly strong in the early and mid game. Thus, we've made optimization to her.
  • Elapsed Daytime.png Elapsed Daytime
    • BUFF ↑ Damage to Creeps and Minions: 30% → 40%
    • NERF ↓ Damage of Enhanced Basic Attack: 100 + Total Physical Attack*220% → 50 + Total Physical Attack*200%
  • Phantom Slash.png Phantom Slash
    • BUFF ↑ Cast Time reduced.
    • NERF ↓ Base Damage of Shadow: 300-500 → 200-400
    • NERF ↓ Base Damage of Slashes: 180-300 → 100-220
  • An Eye for An Eye.png An Eye for An Eye
    • ADDED + Benedetta will gain Sword Intent once she blocks damage successfully.

Barats Barats

  • Context
  • We want to give enemies more time to dodge the control effect of his Ultimate. Besides, we've optimized the stacks of Big Guy to make it easier to keep being stacked. Accordingly, we've adjusted his Attributes to maintain a balance.
  • Attributes
    • NERF ↓ Base HP: 2709 → 2559
    • NERF ↓ HP Growth: 249 → 229
  • Big Guy.png Big Guy
    • ADJUST ~ The stacks of Big Guy reduce gradually instead of being reset at once, with the Defense provided by each stack decreased.
  • Detona's Welcome.png Detona's Welcome
    • NERF ↓ Cast time increased by 60%.
    • NERF ↓ Cooldown: 42-30s → 50-40s

Lunox Lunox

  • Context
  • Recently, Lunox's performance has exceeded our expectations in Ranked Mode and tournaments, with high damage output even as a Roamer. We've made adjustments to further connect her damage output with farming and enable her to jungle more efficiently.
  • Chaos Assault.png Chaos Assault
    • BUFF ↑ Magic Power Bonus: 120% → 130%
    • NERF ↓ Base Damage: 240-340 → 200-300
    • NERF ↓ Damage Bonus: 2-4.5% → 1.5-3.5% of the enemy's HP, which now also takes effect when hitting creeps.
  • Power of Chaos Darkening.png Power of Chaos: Darkening
    • NERF ↓ Cooldown: 18-14s → 25-15s

Bruno Bruno

  • Context
  • Through the previous patches, the strength of most Marksmen in the early game has already been well-adjusted. However, because of their nerfed mid and late game capabilities, their performance has still been undesirable, including Bruno. Thus, we reverted the change we made to him.
  • Mecha Legs.png Mecha Legs
    • BUFF ↑ Extra Attack Speed Ratio: 50% → 80%

Jawhead Jawhead

  • Context
  • Jawhead has high burst damage and a strong ability to take damage in the early game. Hence, we've adjusted the ratio of his Shield to weaken his ability to take damage.
  • Ejector.png Ejector
    • BUFF ↑ Total Physical Attack Bonus: 100% → 140%
    • NERF ↓ Base Shield: 600-1000 → 350-800

Alice Alice

  • Context
  • Alice appeared to become overpowering as players master the mechanics of this hero, so we've made some adjustments to the base values of her Ultimate.
  • Blood Ode.png Blood Ode
    • BUFF ↑ Mana Cost: 50-100 → 50-90
    • NERF ↓ Base Damage: 140-180 → 120-160
    • NERF ↓ HP Regen: 70-80 → 60-80

Ling Ling

  • Context
  • Ling had an unparalleled ability to kill in the mid and late game, so we've increased his Energy Cost to make him more prudent in using skills.
  • Finch Poise.png Finch Poise
    • NERF ↓ Energy Cost: 35-25 → 35
  • Defiant Sword.png Defiant Sword
    • NERF ↓ Energy Cost: 40-30 → 40

Estes Estes

  • Moonlight Immersion.png Moonlight Immersion
    • ADDED + New Effect: Movement Speed increases by 15% when linking with an ally.
    • FIX Fixed the issue of the Skill Indicator of enhanced Skill.

Rafaela Rafaela

  • Holy Healing.png Holy Healing
    • BUFF ↑ Movement Speed Increase: 1s → 1.5s

Hilda Hilda

  • Blessing of Wilderness.png Blessing of Wilderness
    • NERF ↓ Shield gained when entering the bush: 20% → 15% of Max HP

Lancelot Lancelot

  • Soul Cutter.png Soul Cutter
    • NERF ↓ Damage increased by each charge: 10% → 7.5%, with the limit unchanged.

Harith Harith

  • Chrono Dash.png Chrono Dash
    • NERF ↓ Base Shield: 150-350 → 150-300
    • NERF ↓ Total Magic Power Bonus: 150% → 120%

Selena Selena

  • Soul Eater.png Soul Eater
    • BUFF ↑ Total Magic Power Bonus: 110% → 130%
    • NERF ↓ Base Damage of the next Basic Attack's Extra Damage: 300-400 → 200-350

Pharsa Pharsa

  • Feathered Air Strike.png Feathered Air Strike
    • NERF ↓ Cooldown: 28-22s →36-28s


  • We've optimized the item icons of "Divine Glaive.png Divine Glaive", "Arcane Boots.png Arcane Boots", and "Rose Gold Meteor.png Rose Gold Meteor", according to player feedback. More item icons will be optimized in the future.
  • We have always received player feedback on the insufficient defense of Turrets. Many said that they were easily killed even within the range of Allied Turrets. Based on a large amount of data and suggestions, we decided to offer better defense to heroes by the energy shield. This can both protect heroes without advantages in the early game and give room for enemies to do turret dives. We will pay close attention to the effect of these adjustments and consider possible updates accordingly.
    • Outer Turret
      • New Effect: When the energy shield is active, damage taken by nearby allied heroes decreases by 10%.
  • Minions
    • Initial Movement Speed of Middle Lane Minions decreased by 6%.
  • We observed that, due to the duration and spawn intervals of buffs, Junglers always found themselves idle when jungling. Besides, if the side at a disadvantage loses buffs, their situation will worsen for a long time. Therefore, we're trying to make proper adjustments to the duration and spawn intervals of buffs. We will pay close attention to the effect of these adjustments and consider possible updates accordingly.
    • Fiend Fiend
      • NERF ↓ Spawn Interval: 120s → 90s
      • BUFF ↑ Spawn Time: 30s → 25s
      • NERF ↓ Physical and Magic Defense Growth per minute: 5 → 2
      • NERF ↓ Exp Growth: 5 → 2.5
      • NERF ↓ Base Gold: 43 → 32
      • NERF ↓ Gold Growth: 1.43 → 1.07
    • Serpent Serpent
      • NERF ↓ Spawn Interval: 120s → 90s
      • BUFF ↑ Spawn Time: 30s → 25s
      • NERF ↓ Physical and Magic Defense Growth per minute: 5- 2
      • NERF ↓ Exp Growth: 5 → 2.5
      • NERF ↓ Base Gold: 38 → 28
      • NERF ↓ Gold Growth: 1.43 → 1.07
    • Little Serpent.png Little Serpent
      • BUFF ↑ Spawn Interval: 120s → 90s
      • BUFF ↑ Spawn Time: 30s → 25s
      • NERF ↓ Base Exp: 86 → 78
      • NERF ↓ Exp Growth: 2 → 0.8
      • NERF ↓ Base Gold: 8 → 6
      • NERF ↓ Gold Growth: 0.21 → 0.15
    • BUFF ↑ Duration of Soul of Wind buff and Soul of Lava buff: 120s → 75s
  • We have adjusted the spawn time of Turtle, so as to give more advantages to Junglers and heroes in the Exp Lane and Middle Lane when taking on the Turtle. In addition, the max number of Turtles was increased. We've enhanced the defense of Turtles, in order to limit the neutral resources gained by the team with an advantage and their ability to kill the Turtle.
    • Cryoturtle Cryoturtle
      • BUFF ↑ Spawn Time: 180s → 120s
      • BUFF ↑ Maximum Turtles in each game: 3 → 4
      • NERF ↓ Physical and Magic Defense: 37 → 80
  • If a Turret is destroyed in the first 8 minutes, the next Turret of the same lane increases Defense → If a Turret is destroyed in the first 9 minutes, the next Turret of the same lane increases Defense
  • Increased the team gold bonus from killing enemies with high net worth by 33%.
  • Optimized the display of HP Bar sections, for easier damage calculations. Each section of the HP Bars represents 1,000 HP for heroes and creeps and 2,000 for Cryoturtle CryoturtleTurtle Icon.png Turtle and Sanctuary Lord Sanctuary LordLord (Alt).png Lord.
  • Optimized the Battle Spell effects of Jawhead Jawhead "Samurai Mech".


  • Ranked Mode
    • S18 will end at 23:59:59 on December 18th, 2020 (Server Time).
    • Players that reach Master or above will be awarded Rafaela "Star Chaser".
  • Tournament
    • Added a link to the local MPL page.


  • Optimized the timeout mechanics for "Play Again".
  • Added a guide to closing five stream in a lobby at Smooth graphics.
  • Added a Season Recap feature when the season ends.
    • Performance in Ranked Mode
    • Performance of Favorite Heroes
    • Match Statistics
  • Added an entrance to Season Recap in Ranked Mode lobbies, which displays player performance in Ranked Mode from S18.
  • Players who have been muted out of the battlefield cannot send messages in Public Chat or to strangers.
  • Added a notification of switching voiceovers for Arab players who have not switched on Arabic voiceovers.
  • Ranked Mode
    • Added a new matchmaking mode in the early stage of the season which depends on the highest rank a player has ever achieved.
    • This can be used together with the current matchmaking mode.
    • The host of a lobby can decide to use it or not. This mode is available only when all players in the lobby had once reached Mythic and are currently at Epic or above.
    • This mode will be gradually available after the update.
  • Classic Mode
    • Optimized the matchmaking algorithm to increase the accuracy of matchmaking in Classic Mode.
  • Changed the tag on Epic Showcase exclusive skins to "COLLECTOR'.