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New Hero
Warrior of Ferocity
Warrior of Ferocity wall.jpg

Fighter Icon.png Fighter Icon Skill Description

Hero Feature: A ferocious warrior who gets stronger as he fights. With powers that unlock with level, Aulus has the ability to dominate the battlefield in the late game.

  • Fighting Spirit.png Fighting Spirit
    • Aulus's Basic Attack adds a stack of Fighting Spirit for the axe, increasing his Physical Attack and Physical Penetration, up to 4 stacks. Aulus also gains extra Movement Speed and Basic Attack Damage at full stacks.
  • Aulus, Charge!.png Aulus, Charge!
    • When [Aulus, Charge!] is held down, Aulus gains extra Movement Speed and Damage Reduction against attacks from the front. If [Aulus, Charge!] is released before the duration ends, Aulus will unleash his fury and smash the ground, dealing damage to nearby enemies and slowing them.
  • The Power of Axe.png The Power of Axe
    • Aulus brandishes his axe, dealing damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area. Each non-minion enemy hit allows him to perform a certain number of enhanced Basic Attack (at least 1 when no non-minion enemy is hit). Aulus gains extra Attack Speed when performing the enhanced Basic Attack and restores HP.
  • Undying Fury.png Undying Fury
    • [Passive:] Every time Undying Fury is upgraded, Aulus crafts a part for his axe in order.
      • [Blade Craft:] Permanently increases Aulus' Basic Attacks' Physical Damage.
      • [Hammer Craft:] Permanently increases Aulus' Physical Lifesteal.
      • [Handle Craft:] Permanently increases Aulus' Attack Range and the range of [The Power of Axe].
    • [Active:] Aulus raises his axe and smashes it to the ground, dealing damage to enemies in a line and leaving a burning path on the ground. Enemies who walk on it will take damage and be slowed.
  • Aulus will be available for purchase on August 31st. Launch week 30% OFF.
Revamped Hero
Jetpack Rebel
Jetpack Rebel wall.jpg

Marksman Icon.png Marksman Icon Skill Description

Revamped Hero - [Jetpack Rebel] Kimmy

  • Context
  • We optimized the experience of Kimmy's exclusive Basic Attack gameplay, granting her more stable damage output and battle performance.
  • Passive - Chemist's Instinct.png Chemist's Instinct
    • ADDED + When the Basic Attack button is held down, a permanent indicator will appear to help you aim.
    • ADJUST ~ Optimized the display of the Basic Attack button so it block less of the Skill determiner.
    • BUFF ↑ Adjusted the two types of Basic Attack's Lifesteal gains and equipment bonuses.
  • Skill 1 - Energy Transformation.png Energy Transformation
    • Fix Fixed an issue where the enhanced Basic Attack's damage radius is smaller than normal Basic Attack's.
    • ADJUST ~ Adjusted the enhanced Basic Attack's special effect so it is more in line with the actual hit determiner.
    • BUFF ↑ Reduced the energy cost.
    • BUFF ↑ Increase the attack frequency.

Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

  • Aulus "Berserker" will be available on August 31st for 269 Diamonds. Launch week 30% OFF.
  • Pharsa's skin "Peony Bloom" will be available as the September Starlight Skin on September 1st.
  • Moskov 'Twilight Dragon" has been completely revamped and is coming online soon.
  • Little Commander Tharz will be available on September 17th for 499 Diamonds, 24,000 Battle Points. Launch week 30% OFF.
    Tharz "Poltergeist" will be available on September 17th for 269 Diamonds. Launch week 30% OFF.
    Little Commander Tharz and skin "Poltergeist" will be in a bundle and available on September 17th. Launch week 30% OFF.
  • Fragment Shop Adjustments on August 24th (Server Time):
    • Premium Skin Fragment Shop:
      • Will be available: Lolita "Soldier in Training", Cyclops "Zombie Bambino"
      • Will be unavailable: Lapu-Lapu "Ancestral Blade", Eudora "Countess Scarlet"
    • Rare Skin Fragment Shop:
      • Will be available: Karrie "Dragon Queen", Angela "Shanghai Maiden", Gusion "Cyber Ops", Lancelot "Masked Knight", Thamuz "Liquid Fire"
      • Will be unavailable: Alice "Steam Glider", Clint "Rock and Roll", Argus "Dark Draconic", Gatotkaca "Mighty Guardian", Akai "Monk"
    • Hero Fragment Shop
      • Will be available: X.Borg, Pharsa, Aldous, Granger, Uranus, Beatrix
      • Will be unavailable: Lunox, Luo Yi, Argus, Benedetta, Zhask, Guinevere
  • 8 Free Heroes: Server Time 08/27/2021 05:01:00 to 9/03/2021 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.) Luo Yi, Argus, Thamuz, Khaleed, Wanwan, Dyrroth, Minotaur, Silvanna
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Yi Sun-shin, Hylos, Natalia, Alucard, Jawhead, Claude
  • 8 Free Heroes: Server Time 09/03/2021 05:01:00 to 9/10/2021 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.) Gatotkaca, Valir, Pharsa, Diggie, Guinevere, Chang'e, Popol and Kupa, Atlas
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Brody, Faramis, Harley, Lapu-Lapu, Aurora, Rafaela
  • 8 Free Heroes: Server Time 09/10/2021 05:01:00 to 9/17/2021 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.) Carmilla, Leomord, Irithel, Martis, Gatotkaca, Dyrroth, Minotaur, Baxia
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Chang'e, Pharsa, Belerick, Minsitthar, Kimmy, Esmeralda
  • 8 Free Heroes: Server Time 09/17/2021 05:01:00 to 9/24/2021 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.) Baxia, Cyclops, Alpha, Helcurt, Terizla, Johnson, Thamuz, Fanny
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Selena, Barats, Lesley, Benedetta, Uranus, Franco


Aldous Aldous

  • Context
  • There was a huge gap between Aldous's damage capabilities in the early and late games, and he could be difficult to counter at full build. In this adjustment, we optimized his Skill 1 so he could gain stacks and hit the target more easily, and the calculation formula of the shield from his Passive to make it less dependent on his enhanced Basic Attacks. On the other hand, we slightly nerfed his Skill 2 and Ultimate so opposing players could counter him more easily.
  • Contract Transform.png Contract: Transform
    • ADJUST ~ Shield Value: Damage of the triggering Basic Attack 500 → 3 * Soul Steal stack count
  • Contract Soul Steal.png Contract: Soul Steal
    • BUFF ↑ Optimized the Attack Speed so it can now hit fast-moving enemies more easily.
    • BUFF ↑ Extra Soul Steal stack gained upon non-hero enemies' deaths: 1 → 2
  • Contract Explosion.png Contract: Explosion
    • NERF ↓/REMOVED - Removed the Basic Attack Immunity effect.
    • NERF ↓ Damage Reduction: 50% → 30%
  • Contract Chase Fate.png Contract: Chase Fate
    • NERF ↓ Slightly reduced the stun duration on hit.

Karina Karina

  • Context
  • We want to slightly increase Karina's appearance rate in higher-ranked matches while maintaining her current skill mechanics.
  • Shadow Combo.png Shadow Combo
    • BUFF ↑ Cooldown Reduction for Skill Dance of Blades.png 1 & Dance of Death.png 2: 1s → 1.5s
  • Dance of Blades.png Dance of Blades
    • ADJUST ~ Base Damage: 160-260 → 180-255
  • Shadow Assault.png Shadow Assault
    • BUFF ↑ Cooldown: 42-34s → 34-26s

Kaja Kaja

  • Context
  • We want Kaja to be more like a Fighter in terms of skill mechanics, so we strengthened his continuous battle abilities but reduced his burst damage.
  • Attribute
    • BUFF ↑ Base Physical Defense: 16 → 21
  • Wrath Sanction.png Wrath Sanction
    • BUFF ↑/ADDED + New Effect: Enhanced Basic Attack restores HP.
  • Ring of Order.png Ring of Order
    • ADDED + New Effect: Damaging Minions also reduces the Passive's cooldown by 0.3s.
  • Lightning Bomb.png Lightning Bomb
    • BUFF ↑ Cooldown: 13-11s → 13-10s
    • NERF ↓ Magic Power Bonus: 120% → 80%
  • Divine Judgment.png Divine Judgment
    • NERF ↓ Magic Power Bonus: 150% → 100%
    • NERF ↓ Magic Defense Reduction: 10-30 → 10-20
    • NERF ↓/REMOVED - Removed the Magic Defense boost.

Pharsa Pharsa

  • Context
  • The Passive's base damage cannot increase with hero level, so we made some adjustments. We also want her Skill 2 to be cast more frequently.
  • Spiritual Unity.png Spiritual Unity
    • BUFF ↑ Magic Power Bonus: 80% → 100%
  • Energy Impact.png Energy Impact
    • BUFF ↑ Cooldown: 6.5s → 5s

Valir Valir

  • Context
  • As a Mage, Valir should be able to clear lanes faster.
  • Burst Fireball.png Burst Fireball
    • ADDED +/BUFF ↑ New Effect: Killing Minions and Creeps with Skill 1 also grants a charge.

Alpha Alpha

  • Attribute
    • BUFF ↑ Base Physical Defense: 20 → 25
  • Force Swing.png Force Swing
    • BUFF ↑ Cooldown: 7-4s → 6-4s

Saber Saber

  • Enemy's Bane.png Enemy's Bane
    • ADJUST ~ Physical Defense Reduction: 7 → 5-8 (scales with level)

Harley Harley

  • Poker Trick.png Poker Trick
    • NERF ↓ Base Damage: 150-230 → 130-210

Natan Natan

  • Context
  • Natan could have double the amount of Penetration. Although the gains were not obvious or even negative most of the time, it could be too strong in certain cases. We also want to slightly improve the casting experience of his current Ultimate.
  • Theory of Everything.png Theory of Everything
    • NERF ↓ Natan can convert his Physical Penetration to Magic Penetration at a rate of 75%.
  • Entropy?.png Entropy?
    • BUFF ↑ Slightly increased the cast range.
    • ADJUST ~ Slightly reduced the cancellation distance.
    • ADDED + New Effect: Refunds cooldown according to the remaining skill duration.

X.Borg X.Borg

  • Firaga Armor.png Firaga Armor
    • NERF ↓ Energy restored upon picking up a Firaga Supply when Armorless: 15 → 10

Balmond Balmond

  • Context
  • New Balmond's laning performance has slightly exceeded our expectations, so we reduced his HP restoration.
  • Bloodthirst.png Bloodthirst
    • NERF ↓ Max HP Restoration after Minion or Creep Kills: 8% → 5%

Fanny Fanny

  • Tornado Strike.png Tornado Strike
    • BUFF ↑ Base Damage: 280-480 → 320-520
    • NERF ↓ Total Physical Attack Bonus: 90% → 80%

Sun Sun

  • Context
  • Sun can constantly harass his enemies with his Doppelgangers, so naturally the enemies should be able to gain rewards for killing the Doppelgangers. But the current rewards may be a bit too high, so we made some adjustments.
  • Attribute
    • ADJUST ~ Experience rewards for killing Sun's Doppelgangers are reduced, while the Gold rewards in mid and late games are slightly increased.

Granger Granger

  • Context
  • We want the casting of Granger's Ultimate to be more flexible to adapt to different situations.
  • Death Sonata.png Death Sonata
    • ADJUST ~ Granger's Ultimate can now be canceled actively, and the corresponding cooldown will be refunded.
    • ADJUST ~ Similarly, when Granger is affected by advanced controls or killed, the Ultimate will also be interrupted and refund the corresponding cooldown.

Belerick Belerick

  • Ancient Seed.png Ancient Seed
    • FIX Fixed an issue where the effective area of the second taunt attack was smaller than the indicator.


  • There's a significant disparity in abilities between players of different ranks and their Emblem levels. As such, using the same set of values has become less suited for such a complex battlefield environment.
  • In light of this, we've decided to consider the rules of traditional sports tournaments (where changes are made to the rules of different tournaments in the same sport), in order to provide a better experience for players of every rank. The battlefield values will hence be individualized according to players' different ranks.
  • First, we'll be setting the Tournament Mode and Mythic Ranked Mode apart from other 5v5 modes. When taking part in Tournaments and Mythic Ranked matches, you'll enter an all new "Mythic Battlefield", in which Turrets, Creeps and Minions and other elements will be somewhat different from those of other modes. We'll continue to consider further individualized changes to even more ranks in future. We hope that doing so will not affect the core gameplay, and that these changes will instead reach the target groups effectively without impacting other players. In Ranked Mode, whether a team is assigned to "Mythic Battlefield" is determined by the highest-ranked player in the team.
  • We also added a button to the lobby of Custom Mode for easy access. Meanwhile, you can see the detailed adjustments to Mythic Battlefield via Battlefield
  • Overview - Mythic Battlefield.
    • The following two adjustments are only applied to "Mythic Battlefield":
      • Damage Reduction for nearby allied heroes when Gold Lane Outer Turret's Energy Shield is active: 15% → 25%
      • Inner Turrets' HP: 5500 → 6000


  • Passive - Favor.png Passive - Favor:
  • Context
  • We notice Favor's effect has slightly exceeded our expectations while against burst damage, though the overall strength is still reasonable.
    • BUFF ↑ Cooldown: 15s → 10s
    • NERF ↓ Healing Effect: 480-1200 → 360-900
  • Passive - Encourage.png Passive - Encourage
  • Context
  • Encourage still has an obvious advantage in matches.
    • NERF ↓ Attribute Boost: 13-33 → 12-30
  • Hunter Strike.png Hunter Strike
    • BUFF ↑ Cooldown: 10s → 8s
    • NERF ↓ Max Movement Speed Boost: 60% → 50%
  • War Axe.png War Axe
    • NERF ↓ Movement Speed Boost at Max Stacks: 20% → 15%


  • Fixed an issue where the killers of the Lord.png Lord were calculated incorrectly in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where enhanced Lord.png Lord would occasionally charge at Turrets on other lanes. Now enhanced Lord.png Lord will only charge at the Turret on the current lane.
  • Adjusted the damage type of Beatrix Beatrix's Basic Attacks with Mechanical Genius (Wesker).png Wesker. The damage is now melee (that is, Beatrix Beatrix can trigger a higher slow effect when equipped with Corrosion Scythe.png Corrosion Scythe but cannot trigger the Marksman Emblem's "Weakness Finder" effect).
  • Fixed an issue where the damage radii of the two attacks of Belerick Belerick's Ancient Seed.png Ancient Seed were inconsistent (slightly reduced the first attack's damage radius and slightly increased the second attack's).
  • Fixed an issue where Paquito Paquito might not gain a Champ Stance.png Champ Stance's stack if he was interrupted the moment he cast the Knockout Strike.png Knockout Strike.
  • Fixed an issue where Johnson Johnson could still use [Nitrous] when not in the car form.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies' skills couldn't correctly lock on to heroes exposed during the Invisible state.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies who attacked Hanzo Hanzo's Demon Pneuma wouldn't attract Turrets' aggro.
  • Fixed an issue where after hit by Silvanna Silvanna's Imperial Justice.png Imperial Justice, Lesley Lesley could still be attacked with Master of Camouflage.png Master of Camouflage activated.
  • Optimized the mechanics of the Add Gold from Roaming button in Training Camp: Now only adds 300 progress, and the progress will not exceed 1500.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mana of Sun Sun's Doppelgangers were displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where Diggie Diggie's Reverse Time.png Reverse Time couldn't trigger Support Footwear's Passive - Dire Hit.png Passive - Dire Hit.
  • Fixed an issue where the cooldown of Granger Granger's Death Sonata.png Death Sonata wasn't refunded based on the remaining Super Bullets when he died during the Ultimate.
  • Fixed an issue where Yi Sun-shin Yi Sun-shin's model would go down when he recalled on his Turtle Ship.
  • Fixed an issue where the interruption effect of Alpha Alpha's Alpha, Charge!.png Alpha, Charge!'s airborne was different from that of other airborne.
  • Fixed an issue where Alpha Alpha's Mystery Code couldn't be completed in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where Johnson Johnson's Rapid Touchdown.png Rapid Touchdown Ready prompt didn't match the actual cooldown situation.
  • Fixed an issue where certain slow effects couldn't trigger Fighter Emblem's Disabling Strike.
  • Optimized the prompts in the following situations: Aldous Aldous's Contract Chase Fate.png Contract: Chase Fate/Angela Angela's Heartguard.png Heartguard cast fails when against an untargetable target.
  • Optimized Lolita Lolita's gameplay experience. Lolita Lolita can now cast and trigger Template:Flicker while charging for her Noumenon Blast.png Noumenon Blast.



[MLBB X Transformers Begins]
1. Transformers: Battle Paint Event:

  • MLBB X Transformers Skins, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Megatron available for a limited time!
  • Participate in the event to draw Transformers resources and lots of other rewards.
  • The event is divided into four stages. You can claim free Energon Spray at each stage! The 50% discount for 1X and 10+1X draws will be refreshed at each stage.
    • Stage One (August 24–30): Transformers Skin Debut - AIl Transformers Spray can be drawn from the prize pool with the same drop rate. Only for 7 days!
    • Stage Two (August 31 - September 27): Bumblebee's Home Court - At Bumblebee's home court, the drop rate of Bumblebee Spray is increased.
    • Stage Three (September 28 - October 25): Megatron's Home Court - At Megatron's home court, the drop rate of Megatron Spray is increased.
    • Stage Four (October 26 - November 22): Optimus Prime's Home Court - At Optimus Prime's home court, the drop rate of Optimus Prime Spray is increased.
  • Each Transformers skin corresponds to six different Transformers Spray.
  • Collect all six to get the corresponding Transformers skin. Transformers Spray can be obtained via draws and Exchange.
  • You can convert Transformers Spray into Energon Spray via Workshop - Convert, which can be exchanged for various rewards in Exchange.
  • You can claim a large number of Energon Spray once your total draws reach certain numbers.

2. Autobots vs Decepticons Begins!

  • During the event, you can sign in or complete tasks to accumulate Energon Cubes and add points for Autobots or Decepticons to win lots of contribution rewards and faction-exclusive emote and avatar border!
  • You will also get a settlement reward at the end of the event regardless of your faction, while a bonus reward will be granted to those from the faction with higher points!


  • Added effect icon tips for some equipment.
  • Optimized the display effect of Kimmy's Basic Attack button.
  • Added Classic + Ranked filters in Battlefield Statistics.