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For the Advanced Server update with the same name, see Patch Notes 1.6.58 (Advanced Server).

An update for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has been released on the Original Server for the month of February, year 2022. This includes the new hero Melissa Melissa, MLBB × Sanrio characters collaboration and new arcade mode Overdrive, along with adjustments and in-game events.

The update was released on 22 February 2022, 19:00 server time.

From The Designers

Overdrive, a brand new 5v5 mode, is coming on February 26! In this mode, heroes will have drastically reduced cooldowns, bringing you a more thrilling gaming experience. (Over 60 heroes will be free to play for a limited time in this mode!) Boommander is returning on March 12. The battle continues on the new snow-themed maps!

New gameplay, Battle Royale, will also be available. In Battle Royale, your individual performance is the only thing that matters. Defeat all the opponents and become the king of Battle Royale!

I. New Hero

New Hero: Cursed Needle - Melissa

Melissa, a rebellious girl that runs a tailor shop and solves problems for people., will be available soon.

Passive - Doll Buster.png Doll Buster
  • Melissa deals 150% damage to Minions and Summoned Units.
Skill 1 - Falling!.png Falling!
  • Melissa slides forward and gains extra Attack Speed for 3s.
  • She also commands [Muddles] to move a distance in the same direction and [Cuddles] to move the field to her destination when the two are on the field.
Skill 2 - Eyes on You!.png Eyes on You!
  • Melissa throws out [Muddles], inflicting damage and slow while linking nearby enemy heroes up to 6s.
  • When there are linked enemies, Melissa will command [Giggles] to attack [Muddles] on her each Basic Attack, dealing the same amount of damage to the linked enemies. Linked enemies can break the link by moving out of the range.
Ultimate - Go Away!.png Go Away!
  • Melissa commands (Cuddles) to release the field of Protection, dealing damage while blocking enemies from entering the field for 4s.
  • The field will also interrupt the enemy's movement skills. The field will disappear early if Melissa leaves the field.

II. Hero Adjustments

The following uses BUFF ↑ NERF ↓ ADJUST ~ to indicate Buff, Nerf, and Adjustment.

Heroes with major adjustments in this patch include: Diggie Diggie, Silvanna Silvanna, Karrie Karrie, Gloo Gloo, Yin Yin, and Valentina Valentina.

Diggie Diggie BUFF ↑ We're buffing Diggie's sustainability and giving him a new way to enhance his owl alarm bombs.
 Attribute BUFF ↑
  • Base HP: 2351 → 2468
  • Base Physical Defense: 16 → 20
Auto Alarm Bomb.png Skill 1 BUFF ↑
  • Base Damage: 500-800 → 500-600
  • Magic Power Bonus: 120% → 100%
  • No longer runs on charges, with reduced cooldown.
  • Activation delay slightly reduced.
  • New Effect: Diggie gains 2 stacks of [Dangerous Sparks] each time his owl alarm hits an enemy hero, each stack increasing the skill's damage by 1% (up to 60 stacks). Diggie loses half the stacks upon death, but will gain 1 stack of [Dangerous Sparks] each time his skills hit an enemy hero when in the egg form.
Time Journey.png Ultimate BUFF ↑
  • Shield: 400-700 → 600-900
Silvanna Silvanna BUFF ↑ We're further nerfing Silvanna's Skill 2 but boosting her Basic Attack as compensation.
 Attribute BUFF ↑
  • Attack Speed Ratio: 80% → 100%
Knightess' Resolve.png Passive BUFF ↑
  • Basic Attack's Magic Power Bonus: 60% → 75%
Spiral Strangling.png Skill 2 NERF ↓
  • Pulling force slightly reduced.
Karrie Karrie BUFF ↑ We're improving Karrie's strength in the early laning phase.
 Skill 1 BUFF ↑
  • Base Damage Bonus: 90% Extra Physical Attack → 90% Total Physical Attack
  • Continuous Damage Bonus: 20% Extra Physical Attack → 20% Total Physical Attack
Gloo Gloo NERF ↓ Gloo has remained a powerhouse. We're tuning down its damage this time to give its foes a fairer chance against it.
Slam, Slam.png Passive NERF ↓
  • Damage Reduction Per Stack: 10% → 8%
Slam, Slam.png Skill 1 NERF ↓
  • Base Damage: 300-450 → 260-360
  • Explosion Damage: 270-420 → 220-320
Pass, Pass.png Skill 2 NERF ↓
  • Base Damage: 325-400 → 250-300
Yin Yin BUFF ↑ Yin's damage was slightly lower than we'd expected, so we're slightly buffing his damage in the transformed state in the early to mid game.
Charged Punch.png Skill 1 BUFF ↑
  • Base Damage: 320-520 → 360-560
Frenzy Strike.png Skill 1 (Lieh) BUFF ↑
  • Base Damage: 115-165 → 130-180
Instant Blast.png Skill 2 (Lieh) BUFF ↑
  • Knockback duration slightly increased.
Valentina Valentina NERF ↓ We're slightly lowering the uptime of Valentina's Ultimate while smoothing out her damage scaling throughout the game.
Shadow Strike.png Skill 1 ADJUST ~
  • Base Damage: 320-620 → 290-665
I Am You.png Ultimate NERF ↓
  • Cooldown: 35s → 42s
Edith Edith NERF ↓ We're slightly nerfing Edith's combat capability when her Wrath is low.
Primal Wrath.png Ultimate NERF ↓
  • Wrath-Based Attack Speed Boost: 50-150% → 25-150%
  • Wrath-Based Lifesteal Boost: 10-30% → 5-30%
Harith Harith BUFF ↑ Early to mid game damage slightly increased.
Synchro Fission.png Skill 1 BUFF ↑
  • Subsequent Damage: 510-810 → 540-940 (Initial Damage adjusted accordingly).
Nana Nana ADJUST ~ Molina's Gift.png Passive ADJUST ~
  • Enemies can now see a visual indicator when Nana's Passive is ready.

III. Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

New Skins

  1. Selena Selena "Virus" will be available soon with optimized in-match effects.
  2. Melissa Melissa and Melissa "Twinge Weaver" will be in a bundle and available on February 22. First week 30% OFF.
  3. Mathilda Mathilda "Dream Groove" will be available on February 24 for 749 Diamonds. First week 30% OFF. March
  4. Starlight Skin - Beatrix "Space Agent" will be available on March 1.
  5. Angela Angela "Heartstring", Chang'e Chang'e "Moon Artist", Claude Claude "Bad Bro", and Floryn Floryn "Fluffy Dream" will be available on March 5 in the MLBB X Sanrio Characters gacha event.

Magic Chess

  1. Bersi Bersi "Bad Bersi" will be available on March 5 for 749 Diamonds. First week 30% OFF.
  2. Rya Rya "Gamer Rya" and Chessboard "Jolly Plaza" will be available on March 5 in the MLBB X Sanrio Characters event.

Fragment Shop Adjustments

Fragment Shop Adjustments on February 23 (Server Time)

a. Rare Skin Fragment Shop
Will be Available: Lunox Lunox "Ash Blossom", Claude Claude "Plunderous Pirate", Akai Akai "Akazonae Samurai", Gatotkaca Gatotkaca "Mighty Guardian", Minotaur Minotaur "Sacred Hammer"
Will be Unavailable: Miya Miya "Captain Thorns", Moskov Moskov "Snake Eye Commander", Alucard Alucard "Viscount", Hanzo Hanzo "The Pale Phantom", Minsitthar Minsitthar "Gilded King"
b. Hero Fragment Shop
Will be Available: Beatrix Beatrix, Wanwan Wanwan, Chang'e Chang'e, Angela Angela, Claude Claude, Silvanna Silvanna
Will be Unavailable: Freya Freya, Fanny Fanny, Sun Sun, Irithel Irithel, Cecilion Cecilion, Selena Selena

Free Heroes

8 Free Heroes: 02/25/2022 05:01:00 to 03/04/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time) Khaleed Khaleed, Diggie Diggie, Minsitthar Minsitthar, Beatrix Beatrix, Cecilion Cecilion, Natan Natan, Hayabusa Hayabusa, Carmilla Carmilla

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Karrie Karrie, Helcurt Helcurt, Chou Chou, Akai Akai, Gusion Gusion, Leomord Leomord

8 Free Heroes: 03/04/2022 05:01:00 to 03/11/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time) Hylos Hylos, Kimmy Kimmy, Gusion Gusion, Aurora Aurora, Terizla Terizla, Selena Selena, Luo Yi Luo Yi, Silvanna Silvanna

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Mathilda Mathilda, Khufra Khufra, Pharsa Pharsa, Karrie Karrie, Vexana Vexana, Lunox Lunox

8 Free Heroes: 03/11/2022 05:01:00 to 03/18/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time) Popol and Kupa Popol and Kupa, Roger Roger, Argus Argus, Claude Claude, Irithel Irithel, Baxia Baxia, Hayabusa Hayabusa, Floryn Floryn

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Chang'e Chang'e, Jawhead Jawhead, Angela Angela, Faramis Faramis, Harith Harith, Guinevere Guinevere

8 Free Heroes: 03/18/2022 05:01:00 to 03/25/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time) Wanwan Wanwan, Hilda Hilda, Alpha Alpha, Lesley Lesley, Ling Ling, Estes Estes, Minsitthar Minsitthar, Thamuz Thamuz

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Aldous Aldous, Yve Yve, Uranus Uranus, Barats Barats, Chang'e Chang'e, Karina Karina

8 Free Heroes: 03/25/2022 05:01:00 to 04/01/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time) Yu Zhong Yu Zhong, Hanzo Hanzo, Dyrroth Dyrroth, Akai Akai, Gatotkaca Gatotkaca, Brody Brody, Lolita Lolita, Wanwan Wanwan

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Gloo Gloo, Khufra Khufra, Thamuz Thamuz, Kimmy Kimmy, Harith Harith, Bane Bane

IV. Battlefield Adjustments

Purple Buff NERF ↓ We're making it slightly harder for heroes to score consecutive kills.
  • HP Regen On Hero Kill: 8% → 5%
Base Turret BUFF ↑ We want to see more matches over 12 minutes to ensure a better combat experience.
  • Base Turret now deals damage equal to 80% Max HP (instead of 50%) to the first wave of approaching enemy minions before the 12 min mark.

V. New Event

Aspirants Unite

  1. Graffiti, a new feature that allows you to doodle on the battlefield ground, will be available on March 4.
  2. Skin Paint, a new feature that allows you to paint different patterns on your current hero skins, will be available soon.
  3. Daily Supply, Weekend Revelry, and Weekend Benefits will no longer be available from March 7, while the rewards will be moved to the new 7-Day Login event.
  4. Rewards for the 7-Day Login event will be revamped on March 7.

VI. System Adjustments

  1. Players can check the usage records of Diamonds and other items in Settings.
  2. Added an indicator to the home screen when Protection Points or Protection Cards are in effect.

VII. Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where Aegis could take effect on dead Diggie Diggie.
  2. Fixed an issue where dead Diggie Diggie could still trigger the damage of Cursed Helmet
  3. Fixed an issue about the values in the description of Eudora Eudora's Ultimate.
  4. Fixed an issue where Alpha Alpha's ultimate could still be interrupted even after Beta had hit the target.
  5. Fixed an issue where Roger Roger's damage against turrets was higher than stated.
  6. Fixed an issue where Granger Granger's Attack Speed Ratio was slightly lower than stated.
  7. Fixed an issue where Vengeance would lose effect in certain cases.
―Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Undocumented changes

  • Updated Sun Sun's SFX.
  • Added new voice lines for Floryn Floryn.
  • Added an indicator for when Retribution.png Retribution can be used to execute buff creeps, Turtle and Lord (for heroes equipped with Retribution).
  • Added new recall animation for Silvanna Silvanna.
  • Fixed an issue on Miya Miya's Skill 1 where the damage didn't scale in skill level. (see Patch Notes 1.6.64 (Advanced Server))


  • [Fixed] Molten Essence.png Molten Essence and Cursed Helmet.png Cursed Helmet's Unique Passive Burning Soul does not work to all heroes.
    • By selling and repurchasing Molten Esscence, the Unique Passive may deal twice or thrice a second.