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An update for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has been released on the Advanced Server.

I. New/Revamped Hero

New Hero

Julian Julian, Scarlet Raven

Fighter/mage with a variety of skill combinations but no Ultimate.

Passive - Smith's Legacy.png Smith's Legacy
  • After casting two different skills, Julian enhances his third skill. He can upgrade each of his skills to Lv.5.
Skill 1 - Scythe.png Scythe
  • Julian hurls a flying scythe in the target direction, dealing damage to enemies along the way and slowing them.
Skill 1 - Enhanced Scythe.png Enhanced Scythe
  • Julian hurls enhanced scythes in the target direction, dealing damage to enemies along the way and slowing them. Upon hitting a non-minion enemy, the scythes will continue to fly at a lower speed, dealing continuous damage to nearby enemies.
Skill 2 - Sword.png Sword
  • Julian summons a flying sword and dashes in the target direction, dealing damage to enemies along the way.
Skill 2 - Enhanced Sword.png Enhanced Sword
  • Julian summons a large number of flying swords and dashes in the target direction, dealing damage to enemies along the way. Julian will briefly disappear and become invincible. After a short delay, he'll reappear at the farthest end.
Ultimate - Chain.png Chain
  • Julian casts chains at the target location, dealing damage to enemies hit after a short delay and immobilizing them.
Ultimate - Enhanced Chain.png Enhanced Chain
  • Julian casts chains at the target location, dealing continuous damage to enemies in the area and slowing them. Enemies that are stil in the area at the end of the skill duration will take extra damage and be knocked airborne.

Revamp Hero

Faramis Faramis, The Alchemist

"We're making a few adjustments to Faramis' skill set."
Passive - Vicious Retrieval.png Vicious Retrieval
  • Now only skill hits on enemy heroes will produce soul fragments. Faramis now also has increased absorption range, HP regen, and shortened respawn time.
Skill 1 - Shadow Stampede.png Shadow Stampede
  • Faramis can now move through obstacles in the Shadow state. He may also choose to actively leave the state to pull marked enemies toward him early.
Ultimate - Cult Altar.png Cult Altar
  • Faramis enters the Specter state and turns his surroundings into the Nether Realm for a while. Allied heroes who enter the Realm will also enter the Specter state. Heroes in the Specter state will gain extra HP and a burst of extra Movement Speed.

II. Hero Adjustments

The following uses BUFF ↑ NERF ↓ ADJUST ~ to indicate Buff, Nerf, and Adjustment.

New/Revamp Heroes

Faramis Faramis NERF ↓ We're reducing Faramis's sustainability to make him less of an undying terror to his foes.
Shadow Stampede.png Skill 1 NERF ↓
  • NERF ↓ Extra Physical and Magic Defense: 50-100 >> 30-80
  • NERF ↓ Faramis no longer recovers HP when pulling enemies toward him.
  • NERF ↓ Cooldown: 10s >> 15s
  • ADDED + Hitting an enemy hero reduces part of the skill's cooldown.
Cult Altar.png Ultimate ADJUST ~
  • BUFF ↑ Extra HP: (40 + 6% Magic Power)%6 HP >> 300-900 + (25 + 6% Magic Power)% HP
  • NERF ↓ Duration: 8s >> 6s
Akai Akai BUFF ↑ We're making Revamped Akai's Ultimate more riveting and opening up the possibility for him to take the EXP Lane and Jungle.
Body Slam.png Skill 2 ADJUST ~
  • ADJUST ~ Damage: 350-500 + 80% Physical Attack >> 270-420 + 7% Max HP
Heavy Spin.png Ultimate BUFF ↑
  • BUFF ↑ Duration: 3.5s >> 4s
  • ADDED + Akai gradually increases his Movement Speed over the Ultimates duration and can change his position with his Skill 1.
  • New Recommended Lane: EXP Lane
  • Recommended builds optimized.

Other Heroes

No adjustments for other heroes in this patch

III. New Features & Events

  1. Added a new feature that allows you to send gifts in batches.
  2. You can now display a hero or skin of your choice on the Profile screen. Your favorite heroes and lanes are also displayed.
  3. You can now send Emotes after death in matches.

Creation Camp

From The Designers

We noticed some players' custom gameplay was seriously imbalanced. To address this and improve your overall experience, we're adding a new Rating system and optimizing the display of lobbies with unequal team settings on the lobby list.

New Feature

Rating System

While we encourage you to design your own gameplay, please try not to use extreme configurations that will greatly affect the balance of the game, such as 100% cooldown reduction or 1000% damage. That isn't the fun gameplay we'd like to see.

  1. You can like or dislike the gameplay at the end of each match.
  2. Excellent gameplay and hosts that have received a certain number of likes will be highlighted on the lobby list.
  3. At 00:00:00 (server time) every day, the most liked gameplay (top 100 or so) will be added to the Popular tab. The creators' names will also be displayed.


  1. Added Voice Chat support to the lobby.
  2. You can now invite players to your lobby via WhatsApp or Line.
  3. Gameplay configuration and attribute adjustments are now displayed in matches.
  4. You can now modify the lobby password and name with ease during lobby creation.
  5. Optimized the logic of the Default button on the configuration screen. Now it only affects the current screen.


  1. Max Cooldown Reduction: (New) Allows you to adjust heroes' max Cooldown Reduction.
  2. Max Attack Speed: (New) Allows you to adjust heroes' max Attack Speed.
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