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An update for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has been released on the Advanced Server.

From The Designers

In this patch, we're attempting some “riskier” balance adjustments. The goal is to give the heroes a fair chance on the battlefield as others do, instead of being perma-banned or left forgotten in the corner. We'll strictly control the magnitude of these changes and fine tune them in the later patches. As always, you're welcome to send us your comments and suggestions! Happy gaming!

New/Revamped Hero

New Hero

Julian Julian, Scarlet Raven

Fighter/mage with a variety of skill combinations but no Ultimate.

Passive - Smith's Legacy.png Smith's Legacy
  • After casting two different skills, Julian enhances his third skill. He can upgrade each of his skills to Lv.5.
Skill 1 - Scythe.png Scythe
  • Julian hurls a flying scythe in the target direction, dealing damage to enemies along the way and slowing them.
Skill 1 - Enhanced Scythe.png Enhanced Scythe
  • Julian hurls enhanced scythes in the target direction, dealing damage to enemies along the way and slowing them. Upon hitting a non-minion enemy, the scythes will continue to fly at a lower speed, dealing continuous damage to nearby enemies.
Skill 2 - Sword.png Sword
  • Julian summons a flying sword and dashes in the target direction, dealing damage to enemies along the way.
Skill 2 - Enhanced Sword.png Enhanced Sword
  • Julian summons a large number of flying swords and dashes in the target direction, dealing damage to enemies along the way. Julian will briefly disappear and become invincible. After a short delay, he'll reappear at the farthest end.
Ultimate - Chain.png Chain
  • Julian casts chains at the target location, dealing damage to enemies hit after a short delay and immobilizing them.
Ultimate - Enhanced Chain.png Enhanced Chain
  • Julian casts chains at the target location, dealing continuous damage to enemies in the area and slowing them. Enemies that are stil in the area at the end of the skill duration will take extra damage and be knocked airborne.

Revamp Hero

Faramis Faramis, The Alchemist

"We're making a few adjustments to Faramis' skill set."
Passive - Vicious Retrieval.png Vicious Retrieval
  • Now only skill hits on enemy heroes will produce soul fragments. Faramis now also has increased absorption range, HP regen, and shortened respawn time.
Skill 1 - Shadow Stampede.png Shadow Stampede
  • Faramis can now move through obstacles in the Shadow state. He may also choose to actively leave the state to pull marked enemies toward him early.
Ultimate - Cult Altar.png Cult Altar
  • Faramis enters the Specter state and turns his surroundings into the Nether Realm for a while. Allied heroes who enter the Realm will also enter the Specter state. Heroes in the Specter state will gain extra HP and a burst of extra Movement Speed.

I. Hero Adjustments

The following uses BUFF ↑ NERF ↓ ADJUST ~ to indicate Buff, Nerf, and Adjustment.

New/Revamp Heroes

Julian Julian NERF ↓ We're improving Julian's overall gameplay experience while nerfing his damage abilities.
Attribute NERF ↓
  • NERF ↓ Base Attack Speed: 109.5% >> 99.5%
Smith's Legacy.png Passive NERF ↓
  • NERF ↓ Cooldown: 5s >> 8s (skill lock time is till 5s unchanged)
  • FIX Issue Fix: The Passive can now correctly benefit from Julian's Cooldown Reduction.
  • ADDED + Julian gains extra Spell Vamp for 5s each time he hits a non-minion enemy with his skill, up to 3 stacks.
  • REMOVED - Enhanced Basic Attacks no longer restore HP on hit.
Scythe.png Skill 1 NERF ↓
  • NERF ↓ Damage: 500-700 + 80% Magic Power >> 420-700 + 100% Magic Power
Enhanced Scythe.png Skill 1 (Enhanced) NERF ↓
  • NERF ↓ Sustained Damage: 250-350 + 40% Magic Power >> 120-240 + 30% Magic Power
Enhanced Sword.png Skill 2 (Enhanced) NERF ↓
  • NERF ↓ Sustained Damage: 150-210 + 24% Magic Power >> 100-140 + 16% Magic Power
Akai Akai BUFF ↑ We're making Revamped Akai's Ultimate more riveting and opening up the possibility for him to take the EXP Lane and Jungle.
Tai Chi.png Passive BUFF ↑
  • BUFF ↑ Damage: 5% Max HP >> 100 + 5% Max HP
  • BUFF ↑ Shield: 6% Max HP >> 70 + 5% Max HP

Other Heroes

Natan Natan BUFF ↑ Damage slightly increased.
Attribute BUFF ↑
  • BUFF ↑ Base Physical Attack: 110 >> 115
  • BUFF ↑ Physical Attack Growth: 11 >> 13
Aamon Aamon BUFF ↑ Early game damage and jungle clearing speed increased.
Invisible Armor.png Skill 1 BUFF ↑
  • BUFF ↑ Base Damage: 150-300 >> 175-300
  • BUFF ↑ Shard's Base Damage: 40-100 >> 50-100
Fanny Fanny NERF ↓ Sustained damage slightly reduced.
Air Superiority.png Passive NERF ↓
  • NERF ↓ Energy Regen Per Stack: 10 >> 9
  • NERF ↓ Energy regen when hitting muttiple enemies reduced accordingly.
Benedetta Benedetta BUFF ↑ Passive's damage slightly increased.
Elapsed Daytime.png Passive BUFF ↑
  • BUFF ↑ Damage: 200% Physical Attack >> + 210% Physical Attack

II. Battlefield Adjustments


War Axe.png War Axe ADJUST ~ Physical Attack slightly increased; Physical Penetration reduced.
Unique Passive - Fighting Spirit ADJUST ~
  • BUFF ↑ Extra Physical Attack Per Stack: 9 >> 10
  • NERF ↓ Extra Physical Attack Penetration Per Stack: 3 >> 2


Inspire.png Inspire NERF ↓ Inspire has been crowding out other spelis with its versatile damage and sustain, so we're reducing its uptime to bring back some balance.
  • NERF ↓ Cooldown: 60s >> 75s
  • NERF ↓ Base HP Regen: 70 >> 60

III. Arcade Mode Updates

Creation Camp


  1. Added a Battle Spells option that allows you to choose the number of Battie Spells you can bring to the battlefield, either 0, 1 or, 2.
  2. Added Creep Damage and Creep HP options for you to adjust the creeps' attributes.
  3. Added a Purchase Equipment Anywhere option to Necrokeep. Enabling the option allows you to purchase equipment anywhere on the map.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the flickering/stuttering issue when switching to other tabs on the Lobby List Screen
  2. Fixed an issue where the Edit Both Teams option was reset when editing gameplay.
  3. Fixed an issue where the Max Attack Speed and Max Cooldown Reduction were different than stated.
  4. Fixed an issue where Enchanted Talisman would cause the Skill Cooldown configuration to become invalid.
  5. Disabled a small number of heroes under certain gameplay settings to ensure the overall gaming experience.
  6. Fixed an issue where some players would leave the lobby when the host started the match.

Experience Optimization

  1. You can now change the gameplay's image when renaming the gameplay.
  2. You can now directly create the lobby when you purchase the Creation Camp Ticket during lobby creation.
  3. Optimized the experience of Quick Join. Now you'll no longer join lobbies that require a password or are full.
  4. Adjusted the sorting order of Creation Camp Ticket in the inventory.
―Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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