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For the Advanced Server update with the same name, see Patch Notes 1.6.72 (Advanced Server).

An update for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has been released on the Official Server on 12 March 2022 19:00 server time on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This includes the revamped hero Akai Akai, new game mode Creation Camp, 515 M-World, along with adjustments and in-game events.

From The Designers

The annual 515 Party is returning with loads of bonuses including new skins, new exclusive rewards, free diamonds, and another new hero in the Land of Dawn! Creation Camp, a new Custom system, will be officially released along with this patch. Magic Chess S9 is also beginning on 04/30.

Meanwhile, we're optimizing the heroes' performance when the graphics settings are set to Smooth or Medium and attempting some "riskier" balance adjustments. The goal of the adjustments is to give the adjusted heroes a fair chance on the battlefield as others do, instead of being perma-banned or left forgotten in the corner.

I. Revamped Hero

Revamped Hero: Akai

Akai, the almighty Panda Warrior, is ready to cause more chaos with his updated kit!

We're making Akai's Ultimate more riveting while allowing more room for counterplay. We're also boosting his early game power and opening up the possibility for him to take the EXP Lane or Jungle.

Passive - Tai Chi.png Tai Chi
  • New Effect: Akai's skills apply marks on hit, and his Basic Attacks deal extra damage to marked enemies.
  • Shield: 6% Max HP → 50 + 5% Max HP
  • Damage: 5% Max HP → 50 + 5% Max HP
Skill 1 - Headbutt.png Headbutt Akai charges in the target direction (instead of toward the target location) and knocks the first enemy hit airborne.
  • New Effect: After successfully hitting an enemy hero, Akai can roll in the same direction once.
  • Damage: 300-550 + 50% Total Physical Attack → 300-400 + 50% Total Physical Attack
Skill 2 - Body Slam.png Body Slam Akai smashes the ground with his body instead of firing a frog-shaped wave in the target direction), dealing damage to enemies in the area and slowing them. The skill no longer applies marks on hit.
  • Damage: 350-500 + 120% Extra Physical Attack → 270-420 + 7% Max HP
Ultimate - Heavy Spin.png Heavy Spin Akai spins, continuously dealing damage to nearby enemies and knocking them back. Enemy heroes knocked back will also knock back other heroes they collide with during the process.
  • New Effect: Akai gradually increases his Movement Speed over the duration. He can also cast Skill 1 to quickly adjust his position.
  • Duration: 3.5s → 4s

II. Hero Adjustments

The following uses (↑) (↓) (~) to indicate Buff, Nerf, and Adjustment and → to separate the effects before and after the change.

Masha Masha NERF ↓ Masha's remained a powerhouse with her three HP bars, so we're toning down her innate power to make it more difficult for her to brute force her way through the early game.
Attribute NERF ↓
  • Base Physical Attack: 101 → 91
Wild Power.png Skill 1 NERF ↓
  • HP Cost: 3% at All Levels → 4%-3%
Thunderclap.png Ultimate NERF ↓
  • Base Damage: 400-600 → 300-600
  • Cooldown: 20-16s → 36-20s
Natan Natan BUFF ↑ We're giving Natan a simple buff to his raw power to boost his presence in the current meta.
Attribute BUFF ↑
  • Base Physical Attack: 110 → 115
  • Physical Attack Growth: 11 → 11.8
Aamon Aamon BUFF ↑ We're infusing more power into Amon's mana shards to help the duke stand out a bit more in the early game.
Soul Shards.png Skill 1 NERF ↓
  • Base Damage: 150-300 → 175-300
  • Shard's Base Damage: 40-100 → 50-100
Fanny Fanny NERF ↓ Fanny's been flying too freely across the battlefield, so we're putting a 'brake' on her swings.
Air Superiority.png Passive NERF ↓
  • Energy Regen Per Stack: 10 → 8
  • Energy regen when hitting multiple enemies reduced accordingly.
Benedetta Benedetta BUFF ↑ Benedetta's blade may have seemed blunt in the new meta, so we're sharpening it up a bit.
Elapsed Daytime.png Passive BUFF ↑
  • Damage: 200% Physical Attack → 210% Physical Attack
Badang Badang BUFF ↑ We're fixing an issue with Badang's Passive while slightly boosting his damage in the laning phase.
Chivalry Fist.png Passive NERF ↓
  • Fixed an issue where the extra damage could also trigger attack effects.
Fist Wind.png Skill 1 BUFF ↑
  • Base Damage: 220-395 → 250-400

III. Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

New Skins

515 M-World skins are hitting the Shop soon:

Wanwan "M-World Wanwan" will be available between 04/16 - 06/05 for 899 Diamonds. First three weeks 30% OFF.

Ling "M-World Ling" will be available between 04/23 - 06/05 for 899 Diamonds. First three weeks 30% OFF.

Yin "M-World Yin" will be available between 04/30 - 06/05 for 899 Diamonds. First three weeks 30% OFF.

Guinevere "Psion of Tomorrow" will be available in the 515 Psionic Oracle event starting on 04/25.

Benedetta "Moonblade" will be available in the featured event starting on 05/04. The event lasts 1 month.

Vale "Supernal Tempest" will be available on 05/07 in the Grand Collection event.

Aulus "Barren Pioneer" will be available on 05/12. First week 30% OFF.

Harley "Great Inventor" will be available soon with optimized in-match effects.

Revamped Starlight spawn and recall effects will be available soon.

Magic Chess

Little Commander Asta will be available on 05/05 for 499 Diamonds or 24,000 Battle Points. First week 30% OFF.

Asta "Clover Charm" will be available on 05/05 for 269 Diamonds. First week 30% OFF.

Little Commander Asta and Asta "Clover Charm" will be in a bundle and available on 05/05. First week 30% OFF.

Fragment Shop Adjustments

Fragment Shop Adjustments on 04/13 (Server Time)

a. Hero Fragment Shop

Will be Available: Paquito, Vale, Guinevere, Benedetta, Aulus, Bruno

Will be Unavailable: Dyrroth, Diggie, Beatrix, Alpha, Brody, Aurora

b. Rare Skin Fragment Shop

Will be Available: Harley "Royal Magister", Franco "Apocalypse", Roger "Anubis" Hanzo "The Pale Phantom", Minotaur "Sacred Hammer"

Will be Unavailable: Natalia "Phantom Dancer", Miya "Captain Thorns", Freya "Dragon Hunter", Aldous "Red Mantle", Minsitthar "Gilded King"

Free Heroes

8 Free Heroes: 04/15/2022 05:01:00 to 04/22/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time): Lolita, Khaleed, Khufra, Lapu-Lapu, Faramis, Sun, Bane, Gloo

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Carmilla, Uranus, Minotaur, Kimmy, Karina, Wanwan

8 Free Heroes: 04/22/2022 05:01:00 to 04/29/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time) Lancelot, Clint, Alpha, Guinevere, Ling, X.Borg, Lesley, Angela

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Jawhead, Aurora, Hayabusa, Johnson, Hanzo, Gusion

8 Free Heroes: 04/29/2022 05:01:00 to 05/06/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time) Terizla, Aamon, Khufra, Karrie, Yin, Hylos, Wanwan, Badang

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Paquito, Selena, Faramis, Estes, Lolita, Bane

8 Free Heroes: 05/06/2022 05:01:00 to 05/13/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time) Yi Sun-shin, Alpha, Lancelot, Martis, Vexana, Argus, Fanny, Atlas

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Cyclops, Benedetta, Harley, Kagura, Vale, Claude

8 Free Heroes: 05/13/2022 05:01:00 to 05/20/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time) Rafaela, Barats, Bruno, Chang'e, Natalia, Carmilla, Dyrroth, X.Borg

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Chou, Leomord, Irithel, Lunox, Johnson, Estes

8 Free Heroes: 05/20/2022 05:01:00 to 05/27/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time) Moskov, Uranus, Cyclops, Harley, Hanabi, Helcurt, Belerick, Cecilion

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Irithel, Natan, Fanny, Terizla, Karina, Selena

IV. Battlefield Adjustments


War Axe.png War Axe ADJUST ~ Physical Attack slightly increased; Physical Penetration reduced.
[Unique Passive - Fighting Spirit] ADJUST ~
  • Extra Physical Attack Per Stack: 9 → 10
  • Extra Physical Penetration Per Stack: 3 → 2
Blade of the Heptaseas.png Blade of the Heptaseas & Shadow Twinblades.png Shadow Twinblades BUFF ↑ [Ambush] & [Assassin] BUFF ↑
  • Fighting with minions or creeps no longer resets the timer.


Inspire.png Inspire NERF ↓ Inspire has been crowding out other spells with its versatile damage and sustain, so we're reducing its uptime to bring back some balance.
  • Cooldown: 60s → 75s
  • Base HP Regen: 70 → 60


  1. Unified the casting requirements of Battle Spells and active equipment skills. Now they can all be cast during fast movement.
  2. Certain Battle Spells (Vengeance, Aegis, Revitalize, Inspire, and Sprint) can now be cast when affected by control effects (excluding suppression).

V. New Features & Events

515 Party

Main article: 515 M-World

The annual 515 Party is returning on 04/12! Join the 515 M-World events for rewards like never before! New skins, new exclusive rewards, free diamonds, and another new hero in the Land of Dawns... all for you to take!

04/12 - 04/27, join the 515 Carnival Party for free Promo Diamonds!

Starting 04/16, new 515 M-World skins, Wanwan "M-World Wanwan", Ling "M-World Ling", and Yin "M-World Yin" will gradually be added to the Shop!

04/25 - 05/16, Guinevere's new Legend skin will be available in the skin gacha event!

04/28 - 05/03, get up to 55% OFF items in the Shop during the 515 Flash Sale and save more with Promo Diamonds!

04/30 - 05/15, log in on the specified dates to get Gacha Tokens for Guinevere's Legend skin, the Exchange Token for new hero Julian, and 515 Exclusive Reward Choice Chest for free from the 515 Login Bonus event!

04/30 - 05/23, join the 515 Trophy Battle for the new 515 Avatar Border, Spawn Effect, Recall Effect, and other rewards for free!

More exciting rewards await you to explore in the 515 M-World! Don't miss them!

515 Mega Draw Bundle

515 Mega Draw will be available between 04/25 - 04/29:

  1. Mega Draw Bundles with Psionic Oracle gacha tokens at discounted prices will be available during the event. Each bundle purchase grants a lucky number.
  2. All the lucky numbers will be placed in the lottery and the winners will be announced at 23:59 every day to receive up to 50,000 Diamonds!
  3. The event page will be displayed in Events for an extra 3 days after the event ends. Unclaimed prizes will be issued via mail afterward. [Psionic Oracle] Legend Skin - Guinevere "Psion of Tomorrow" will be available between 04/25 - 05/16 in the Psionic Oracle event. Prizes in the prize pool also include the S.T.U.N. skins, other Exclusive Epic skins, and more!

New Arcade UI

After months of testing on the Advanced Server, the new Arcade Ul is finally reaching the Official Server!

New UI

The new Ul is more convenient and more lively in style.

New Interaction

The mode intro is now displayed on the main interface. Some info such as details, updates, and popularity, however, is moved to the Details page.

New Features

You can now view how many friends have played each mode.

Added a Quick Start button that allows you to directly join the queue for the selected mode.

Added a Little Commanders button that allows you to change Little Commanders on the Arcade screen.

Creation Camp

Creation Camp, a new Custom system, will be available on 04/12/2022 at 00:00:00 with exclusive achievements, an exclusive avatar border, and free Creation Camp Tickets from the featured event. This new system allows you to design your own games and play limited Arcade modes and popular gameplay created by others anytime with your friends.

If you have any questions and suggestions, please contact us via the Customer Service button on the home screen or the Points button on the Creation Camp screen. We need your help to reach our goal of creating the Super Fun Gameplay!

System Intro

Entrance: Lv.9 and above players can enter the Creation Camp via the CUSTOM button on the home screen (requires downloading around 15% of the additional resources).

Creation Camp offers tailored experiences for different players.

Other Modes

The following Arcade modes will the available during the specified time periods.

Mirror Mode-04/22 00:00:00 - 04/28 23:59:59

Overdrive Mode-05/06 00:00:00 - 05/12 23:59:59

Mayhem Mode-05/13 00:00:00 - 05/19 23:59:59

VI. System Adjustments

  1. Added a new feature that allows you to send gifts in batches.
  2. You can now display a hero or skin of your choice on the Profile screen. Your favorite heroes and lanes are also displayed.
  3. You can now send Emotes after death in matches.
  4. Optimized the visuals of the Profile screen and the Mythic Medal.
  5. The skin voiceover display feature is temporarily disabled.

VII. Bug Fixes


  1. Optimized the skill descriptions of Pharsa, Miya, Change, and other 26 heroes to match the actual skill effects. The actual effects are unchanged.
  2. Fixed an issue where the viewers' view was reversed when watching live streams.
  3. Fixed an issue where heroes in the last row couldn't be selected in Practice Mode.


  1. Fixed an issue where the special effect of Valentina's Skill 1 didn't match the actual skill range in certain cases.
  2. Fixed an issue where Fanny's Skill 2 couldn't trigger her Skill 1 in certain cases.
  3. Fixed an issue where Yin couldn't pull the enemy into his domain in certain extreme cases.
  4. Fixed an issue where Vale could cast his Ultimate twice in certain cases.
  5. Fixed an issue where the damage of Feather of Heaven could critically strike.
  6. Fixed an issue where Battle Spells could also trigger Twilight Armor's effect.
  7. Removed the text prompt about Jungler's reward gain at the beginning of the match.
  8. Fixed an issue where heroes' Physical Attack and Magic Power could be reduced to negative values in certain extreme cases.
  9. Fixed an issue where Eudora's Ultimate couldn't be cast on Hanzo's body when Demon Pneuma was present.
  10. Optimized the sound effects of Yu Zhong's skills.
  11. Fixed an issue where Hilda could cast her Ultimate twice in certain cases.

For detailed Arcade mode updates, please refer to the Arcade home screen. (see MC Patch Notes)

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Undocumented changes

  • Added 515 M-World map for a limited time.
  • Adjusted the airborne animation to complement to its actual duration.[1]
  • Added sword marks that was previously missing on Ling's "M-World" skin.[2]
  • Added recall animation for Brody.
  • Added Valentine skin tag for Gusion Gusion - Dangerous Laison, Lesley Lesley - Dangerous Love, Khufra Khufra - Gentleman Thief, Esmeralda Esmeralda - Lady Thief, Cecilion Cecilion - Phantom Count, Carmilla Carmilla - Phantom Countess


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