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An update for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has been released on the Advanced Server.

New/Revamped Hero

I. New Hero

Julian Julian, Scarlet Raven

Fighter/mage with a variety of skill combinations but no Ultimate.

Passive - Smith's Legacy.png Smith's Legacy
  • After casting two different skills, Julian enhances his third skill. He can upgrade each of his skills to Lv.5.
Skill 1 - Scythe.png Scythe
  • Julian hurls a flying scythe in the target direction, dealing damage to enemies along the way and slowing them.
Skill 1 - Enhanced Scythe.png Enhanced Scythe
  • Julian hurls enhanced scythes in the target direction, dealing damage to enemies along the way and slowing them. Upon hitting a non-minion enemy, the scythes will continue to fly at a lower speed, dealing continuous damage to nearby enemies.
Skill 2 - Sword.png Sword
  • Julian summons a flying sword and dashes in the target direction, dealing damage to enemies along the way.
Skill 2 - Enhanced Sword.png Enhanced Sword
  • Julian summons a large number of flying swords and dashes in the target direction, dealing damage to enemies along the way. Julian will briefly disappear and become invincible. After a short delay, he'll reappear at the farthest end.
Ultimate - Chain.png Chain
  • Julian casts chains at the target location, dealing damage to enemies hit after a short delay and immobilizing them.
Ultimate - Enhanced Chain.png Enhanced Chain
  • Julian casts chains at the target location, dealing continuous damage to enemies in the area and slowing them. Enemies that are stil in the area at the end of the skill duration will take extra damage and be knocked airborne.

Revamp Hero

Vexana Vexana, Shimmer of Hope

"We designed a new Ultimate for Vexana and optimized the mechanics of her other skills to enhance the overall skill synergies."
Please Note: This skill is during revamp, new icons temporary using old icons until new icons to be replaced & old skill icons will move to History page; Replacing new skill icons must pending several long times later.
Passive - Necromancy Spell.png Nether Touch
  • Enemies hit by Vexana will explode upon death.
Skill 1 - Charmed Specter.png Phantom Charm
  • Vexana unleashes a Phantom Claw that terrifies the first enemy hero hit. Phantom Power will then erupt at their location, dealing damage to nearby enemies and terrifying them.
Skill 2 - Nether Snare.png Cursed Blast
  • Vexana conjures a blast of Curse Energy at the target location that explodes after a delay. She can detonate the Energy early, but the damage will be reduced.
Ultimate - Cursed Oath.png Eternal Guard
  • Vexana summons an Undead Knight at the target location, dealing damage to enemies hit and stunning them. The Undead Knight will then join Vexana in battle for a while.

Faramis Faramis, The Alchemist

"We're making a few adjustments to Faramis' skill set."
Passive - Vicious Retrieval.png Vicious Retrieval
  • Now only skill hits on enemy heroes will produce soul fragments. Faramis now also has increased absorption range, HP regen, and shortened respawn time.
Skill 1 - Shadow Stampede.png Shadow Stampede
  • Faramis can now move through obstacles in the Shadow state. He may also choose to actively leave the state to pull marked enemies toward him early.
Ultimate - Cult Altar.png Cult Altar
  • Faramis enters the Specter state and turns his surroundings into the Nether Realm for a while. Allied heroes who enter the Realm will also enter the Specter state. Heroes in the Specter state will gain extra HP and a burst of extra Movement Speed.

I. Hero Adjustments

The following uses BUFF ↑ NERF ↓ ADJUST ~ to indicate Buff, Nerf, and Adjustment.

New/Revamp Heroes

No adjustments for new/revamp heroes in this patch

Other Heroes

Grock Grock NERF ↓ Since his last buff, we've noticed quite a few heroes have hit a wall when facing Grock in the battlefield. We're eroding some of this stone-cold advantage by rolling back his durability and toning down his Wild Charge.
Earthen Force.png Passive NERF ↓
  • NERF ↓ Extra Physical Defense for Each Point of Physical Attack: 0.6 >> 0.5
Wild Charge.png Ultimate NERF ↓
  • NERF ↓ Extra Damage: 600-1000 + 150% Physical Attack >> 360-600 + 60% Physical Attack
Baxia Baxia NERF ↓ Baxia's unstoppable drive has been a force to be reckoned with in the new meta. To help others catch up, we're putting the brakes on his mid-to-late game durability as well as damage from his Ultimate while still revving him on with early initiation power.
Attribute NERF ↓
  • NERF ↓ HP Growth: 228 >> 193
Tortoise's Puissance.png Ultimate NERF ↓
  • NERF ↓ Base Damage: 40-60 >> 30-50
Valentina Valentina NERF ↓ The Prophetess of the Night has loomed large over higher play lately, so we're stealing some of her Primal Force to hopefully give overshadowed heroes more play time on the battlefield.
Primal Force.png Passive NERF ↓
  • NERF ↓ Extra EXP: 15-50 >> 8-50
Floryn Floryn BUFF ↑ Experimental Adjustments: Hoping to see more battlefields blessed with her presence, we're helping Floryn come into full bloom with higher magic damage, improved crowd control, and a delightful regen boost that'll be indispensable in team fights.
Sow.png Skill 1 BUFF ↑
  • BUFF ↑ Damage's Magic Power Bonus: 150% >> 180%
  • ADDED + The Energy Seed now slows the target on hit.
Sprout.png Skill 2 BUFF ↑
  • ADDED + The initial attack now also stuns the target on hit.
Bloom.png Ultimate BUFF ↑
  • BUFF ↑ HP Regen's Magic Power Bonus: 40% >> 70%
Nana Nana BUFF ↑ We noticed Nana's Molina took its sweet time chasing enemies down, so we're. adding a bit more spring to its step for it to deliver that smooch a little quicker. We're also adjusting her Blitz damage but infusing her boomerang with more power, rounding up Nana into a cute but lethal mage.
Magic Boomerang.png Skill 1 BUFF ↑
  • BUFF ↑ Damage: 220-345 + 110% Magic Power >> 330-530 + 150% Magic Power
Molina Smooch.png Skill 2 ADJUST ~
  • ADJUST ~ Shortened Molina's activation time so it can now hit the target more easily.
  • NERF ↓ Standby Duration: 12s >> 2s
Molina Blitz.png Ultimate NERF ↓
  • NERF ↓ Damage Bonus: 180% Magic Power >> 150% Magic Power
Irithel Irithel BUFF ↑ Irithel's bolts will pack an extra punch with her new Passive, allowing her Basic Attacks to deal some serious damage outside of her Heavy Crossbow.
Jungle Heart.png Passive BUFF ↑
  • ADDED + For every 8 units travelled, Irithel shoots an extra enhanced bolt on her next Basic Attack, dealing damage to the target and enemies around them.
Heavy Crossbow.png Ultimate ADJUST ~
  • ADDED + When the Ultimate is active, the preparation time of the enhanced bolt from her Passive is significantly shortened.
  • NERF ↓ Irithel's empowered Basic Attacks no longer deal AoE damage, unless the Passive's effect is triggered.
  • ADJUST ~ Lowered the damage of the empowered Basic Attacks, so Irithel's overall damage during her Ultimate is basically unchanged.
Thamuz Thamuz BUFF ↑ To keep Thamuz from fizzling out in the new meta, we're stoking his fire with an enhanced basic attack and a sharper scythe for lane clearing. A higher HP Regen during Cauterant Inferno should also help in burning enemies to the ground.
Grand Lord Lava.png Passive BUFF ↑
  • ADDED + When Thamuz is holding his Scythes, his Basic Attack has a chance to conjure a burst of Lava Energy beneath the target.
  • BUFF ↑ Eruption Delay: 2s >> 1s
  • NERF ↓ Thamuz's attacks no longer apply Scorch to enemies hit.
Molten Scythes.png Skill 1 BUFF ↑
  • BUFF ↑ The Scythes no longer stop upon hitting minions.
Cauterant Inferno.png Ultimate ADJUST ~
  • ADDED + Thamuz gains extra Max HP and HP Regen for the duration.
  • NERF ↓ On-hit HP Regen and area of effect reduced.
Kimmy Kimmy ADJUST ~ Experimental Adjustments: Kimmy's getting some extra help transforming energy with a new, optimized casting experience that allows her to seamlessly transition between her two attack modes.
Energy Transformation.png Skill 1 ADJUST ~
  • ADJUST ~ Now you can hold the Skill 1 button to continuously shoot Chemical Bolts in the target direction and release the button to stop the attack. When Kimmy's energy runs out, her Basic Attack will revert to normal Spray Gun attacks. You need to accumulate energy and release and hold the button again to shoot Chemical Bolts.
Belerick Belerick NERF ↓ Belerick's Deadly Thorns are getting some much needed pruning to trim back his baseline power and early game advantage.
Deadly Thorns.png Passive NERF ↓
  • NERF ↓ Deadly Thorns Damage: 95 + (5 x Hero Level) +1.5% Max HP >> 55 + (5 x Hero Level) +1.8% Max HP

III. Weekly Free Heroes

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 04/22/2022 05:01:00 to 04/29/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time)
Lancelot, Clint, Alpha, Guinevere, Ling, X.Borg, Lesley, Angela
6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Jawhead, Aurora, Hayabusa, Johnson, Hanzo, Gusion

IV. Battlefield Adjustments


Flame Retribution.png Flame Retribution BUFF ↑ Flame Retribution has been relatively weak compared to its alternatives, so we're slightly buffing its effects.
[Attack Steal] BUFF ↑
  • BUFF ↑ 52-80 >> 58-100
Twilight Armor.png Twilight Armor BUFF ↑ Extra damage's trigger frequency increased.
[Unique Passive - Twilight] BUFF ↑
  • BUFF ↑ Cooldown: 2s >> 1.5s
Cursed Helmet.png Cursed Helmet NERF ↓ We're slightly lowering the equipment's damage against enemy heroes while maintaining its lane clearing ability.
[Unique Passive - Burning Soul]
  • NERF ↓ Damage: 1.5% Max HP >> 1.2% Max HP
  • NERF ↓ Damage Against Minions: 100% >> 150%
Molten Essence.png Molten Essence NERF ↓ [Unique Passive - Burning Soul]
  • NERF ↓ Damage: 1% Max HP >> 0.8% Max HP
  • NERF ↓ Damage Against Minions: 100% >> 150%
Immortality.png Immortality NERF ↓ We're further nerfing this equipment's attributes to make it less of the go-to for almost everyone.
[Attribute] NERF ↓
  • NERF ↓ 30 Physical Defense >> 20 Physical Defense

Battle Spells

Vengeance.png Vengeance NERF ↓ Vengeance has been overshadowing the other Battle Spells in the new Tank meta, so we're toning it down a bit.
  • NERF ↓ Damage Reflection: 40% >> 35%

V. Bug Fix

  1. Fixed an issue where Dire Hit couldn't be correctly triggered. Also, now it no longer takes effect on summoned units.
  2. Fixed an issue where Sun Sun's Doppelganger couldn't trigger the effects of Endless Battle.png Endless Battle, Azure Blade.png Azure Blade, Thunder Belt.png Thunder Belt, and Calamity Reaper.png Calamity Reaper when he cast Instantaneous Move.png Instantaneous Move.
  3. Fixed an issue where Clint Clint couldn't dash when he was close to Helcurt Helcurt in some rare cases.
―Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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