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Hero Model Display Animation In-game Skill VFX Voiceover Changed Abilities
Miya Miya Miya New New New New Moon Blessing.png Passive: Major Adjustments & Added New Effect
Moon Arrow.png First Skill: Minor Adjustments
Arrow of Eclipse.png Second Skill: Reworked
Hidden Moonlight.png Ultimate Skill: Minor Adjustments
Saber Saber Saber New New New New Enemy's Bane.png Passive: Minor Adjustments
Flying Sword.png First Skill: Major Adjustments
Charge.png Second Skill: Minor Adjustments & Added New Effect
Triple Sweep.png Ultimate Skill: Major Adjustments
Alucard Alucard Alucard New New New New Pursuit.png Passive: Major Adjustments
Fission Wave.png Ultimate Skill: Minor Adjustments & Added New Effect
Eudora Eudora Eudora New New New New Superconductor.png Passive: Minor Adjustments

Forked Lightning.png First Skill: Added New Effect
 Second Arrow: Added New Effect
Thunder's Wrath.png Ultimate Skill: Added New Effect

Zilong Zilong Zilong New New New New Dragon Flurry.png Passive: Major Adjustments
Spear Strike.png Second Skill: Added New Effect
Supreme Warrior.png Ultimate Skill: Major Adjustments
Layla Layla Layla New New New New Malefic Bomb.png First Skill: Minor Adjustments & Added New Effect
Void Projectile.png Second Skill: Added New Effect
Destruction Rush.png Ultimate Skill: Minor Adjustments & Added New Effect
Hilda Hilda Hilda Unchanged New (Added Camera Movement Effect) Unchanged New Unchanged
fanny fanny Fanny Unchanged New (Added Camera Movement Effect) Probable New Unchanged
Ruby Ruby Ruby New New Unchanged New Unchanged
Alice Alice Alice New New Unchanged New Adjusted
Rafaela Rafaela Rafaela New New (Added Camera Movement Effect) Unchanged New Adjusted

Detailed Changes

Eudora Eudora

Lightning Weaver wall.jpg
Mage Icon.png
Lightning Weaver
A elemental Mage possessing the power of lightning.

Superconductor.png Superconductor
Forked Lightning.png Forked Lightning
 Electric Arrow
Thunder's Wrath.png Thunder's Wrath

Status: REVAMP
Story Changes: MAJOR
Skill Changes: MAJOR
Model Changes: MAJOR

  • Passive Superconductor.png Superconductor
    • Optimized effects.
    • Changed Superconductor.png Superconductor effects on all skills.
      • Superconductor.png Superconductor's effect on Forked Lightning.png Forked Lightning changed from Magic Defense reduction to extra Magic Damage.
      • Superconductor.png Superconductor's effect on  Electric Arrow changed from longer stun duration for a single target to be able to stun 3 more enemies aside from the primary target and reduce their Magic Defense.
      • Superconductor.png Superconductor's effect on Thunder's Wrath.png Thunder's Wrath changed from dealing extra damage to a single target to having a second phase that lets dark clouds have lightning scatter on the ground, dealing extra damage to the target and to those near the dark clouds.
  • Ultimate Skill Thunder's Wrath.png Thunder's Wrath
    • Thunder's Wrath.png Thunder's Wrath will only damage the targeted enemy hero without activating the Superconductor.png Superconductor effect.
    • This skill can now only be targeted at enemy heroes.

  • Major changes to Eudora's Artwork.
    • Changed Eudora's hairstyle from long hair to short hair.

  • Eudora is now confirmed to be an Elf.
  • She will have an in-depth story detailing her struggles and journey to accepting her Elf origins.

  • Title Changed: From Lightning Sorceress to Lightning Weaver
  • Entrance Background: Northern Vale

Saber Saber

Wandering Sword wall.jpg
Assassin Icon.png
Wandering Sword
A master of swords in search of himself.

Enemy's Bane.png Enemy's Bane
Flying Sword.png Flying Sword
Charge.png Charge
Triple Sweep.png Triple Sweep

Status: REVAMP
Story Changes: MAJOR
Skill Changes: MAJOR
Model Changes: MAJOR

  • First Skill Flying Sword.png Flying Sword:
    • Number of Flying Swords increased from 4 to 5.
    • When Saber performs a Basic Attack or other skills on a target, the Flying Swords will attack the target.
  • Second Skill Charge.png Charge:
    • After using this skill, Saber will have enhanced Basic Attack that will slow enemies.
  • Ultimate Skill Triple Sweep.png Triple Sweep:
    • This skill's final blow will now double the damage.

  • Major changes to Saber's swords and armor.

  • Title Changed: From Spacetime Swordmaster to Wandering Sword
  • Entrance Background: Eruditio (Available update in Patch 1.5.62)

Miya Miya

Moonlight Archer revampwall.jpg
Marksman Icon.png
Moonlight Archer
A Moon-blessed Marksman.

Moon Blessing.png Moon Blessing
Moon Arrow.png Moon Arrow
Arrow of Eclipse.png Arrow of Eclipse
Hidden Moonlight.png Hidden Moonlight

Status: REVAMP
Story Changes: MAJOR
Skill Changes: MAJOR
Model Changes: MAJOR

  • Passive Moon Blessing.png Moon Blessing:
    • The number of stacks is now shown above Miya's head.
    • After reaching full stacks, Miya summons Moonlight Shadow that deals massive Physical Damage.
  • Second Skill Arrow of Eclipse.png Arrow of Eclipse:
    • This skill can now immobilize enemies immediately.
    • This skill can split into 8 minor arrows which deals additional Physical Damage and slows the target.

  • Major changes to Miya's clothes and bow.

  • Entrance Background: Moniyan Empire

Alucard Alucard

Demon Hunter revampwall.jpg
Fighter Icon.png
Demon Hunter
A demon hunter bearing the hatred of demons.

Pursuit.png Pursuit
Groundsplitter.png Groundsplitter
Whirling Smash.png Whirling Smash
Fission Wave.png Fission Wave

Status: REVAMP
Story Changes: MAJOR
Skill Changes: MAJOR
Model Changes: MINOR

  • Passive Pursuit.png Pursuit:
  • Ultimate Skill Fission Wave.png Fission Wave:
    • Fission Wave.png Fission Wave now marks all targets within a rage instead of marking a singular target.
    • Marked targets will now be dealt 50% more damage by Pursuit.png Pursuit even if multiple enemies are hit.

  • Minor changes to Alucard's Artwork.

  • Entrance Background: Moniyan Empire

Layla Layla

Energy Gunner wall.jpg
Marksman Icon.png
Energy Cannoner
A skillful Marksman with an energy cannon.

Malefic Gun.png Malefic Gun
Malefic Bomb.png Malefic Bomb
Void Projectile.png Void Projectile
Destruction Rush.png Destruction Rush

Status: REVAMP
Story Changes: MAJOR
Skill Changes: MAJOR
Model Changes: MAJOR

  • First Skill Malefic Bomb.png Malefic Bomb
    • Upon hitting a target, Layla will temporarily increase her Movement Speed and increase her Basic Attack range by 1 yard.
  • Second Skill Void Projectile.png Void Projectile:
    • This skill will now mark an enemy that when hit, Layla will deal additional Physical Damage to them and slow them.
  • Ultimate Skill Destruction Rush.png Destruction Rush:
    • This skill will now increase Layla's Basic Attack range as well as Void Projectile.png Void Projectile's range.
    • This skill will also increase Layla's camera height.

  • Major changes to Layla's artwork.

  • Title Changed: From Malefic Gunner to Energy Gunner
  • Entrance Background: Eruditio (Available update in Patch 1.5.62)

Zilong Zilong

Spear of Dragon wall.jpg
Fighter Icon.png
Spear of Dragon
A master of spears that uses the Dragon Spear.

Dragon Flurry.png Dragon Flurry
Spear Flip.png Spear Flip
Spear Strike.png Spear Strike
Supreme Warrior.png Supreme Warrior

Status: REVAMP
Story Changes: MAJOR
Skill Changes: MAJOR
Model Changes: MINOR

  • Passive Dragon Flurry.png Dragon Flurry
    • After 3 Basic Attacks, his next Basic Attack will be enhanced.
    • The enhanced Basic Attack will also heal Zilong.
  • First Skill Spear Flip.png Spear Flip:
    • Physical Defense reduction removed.
  • Second Skill Spear Strike.png Spear Strike:
    • This skill will now reduce the target's Physical Defense.
    • This skill will refresh it's cooldown when Zilong kills an enemy.
  • Ultimate Skill Supreme Warrior.png Supreme Warrior:
    • This skill will now reduce the Basic Attacks needed to activate his enhanced Basic Attack from 3 to 2.

  • Minor changes to Zilong's artwork.

  • Title Changed: From Son of the Dragon to Spear of Dragon
  • Entrance Background: Cadia Riverlands

Battlefield Effects

  • Optimized displayed texts such as hp regen, damage, and gold gathered.
  • Optimized elimination effect.

UI Adjustments




Entrance Background
Reworked Skins
Entrance Animations


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