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Hero Model Display Animation Skill Icon In-game Skill VFX Voiceover Skill SFX Changed Abilities
Karina Karina Karina New New New New New New Shadow Assault.png Ultimate Skill: Added New Effect
Alpha Alpha Alpha New New New New New New Beta, Advance!.png Passive: Added New Effect
Alpha, Charge!.png Ultimate Skill: Major Adjustments
Minotaur Minotaur Minotaur New New New New New New Motivation Roar.png Second Skill: Minor Adjustments
Sun Sun Sun Same Same New Minor Same Same Swift Exchange.png New Skill - 2nd Skill
Odette Odette Odette New New New New New New Blue Nova.png Second Skill: Major Adjustments
Swan Song.png Ultimate Skill: Minor Adjustments
Lancelot Lancelot Lancelot New New New New New New Puncture.png First Skill: Minor Adjustments
Kagura Kagura Kagura New New New New New New Seimei Umbrella Open.png First Skill: Minor Adjustments
Yin Yang Overturn.png Ultimate Skill: Major Adjustments
Hayabusa Hayabusa Hayabusa New New New New New New Ninjutsu Trace of Shadow.png Passive: Minor Adjustment
Ninjutsu Quad Shadow.png Second Skill: Minor Adjustments
Ougi Shadow Kill.png Ultimate Skill: Minor Adjustments

Detailed Changes

Karina Karina

Shadow Blade revamp wall.jpg
Assassin Icon.png
The Shadow Blade
A hard-hitting melee assassin hero with superior killing advantage combining with high burst damage and very effective ability effects.

Shadow Combo.png Shadow Combo
Dance of Blades.png Dance of Blades
Dance of Death.png Dance of Death
Shadow Assault.png Shadow Assault

Status: Revamp
Story Changes: None
Skill Changes: Major Changes
Model Changes: Major

  • Passive Shadow Combo.png Shadow Combo
    • Extra damage will be dealt to a target when they are hit 3 times. Triggering Shadow Combo at hero targets reduces the cooldowns of Karina's Skill 1 and Skill 2.
  • First Skill Dance of Blades.png Dance of Blades
    • Karina keeps flourishing her twin blades to defend against all Basic Attacks as she increases her Movement Speed. She launches a spinning slash when hit by a close-range Basic Attack, or throws a shadowblade at the attacker when hit by a long-range Basic Attack. During the "Dance of Blades" state, Karina's next Basic Attack will be enhanced, with which she can charge at the target and slow them down. This state ends when the enhanced Basic Attack or Shadow Assault is cast.
  • Ultimate Skill Shadow Assault.png Shadow Assault
    • This skill still locks on to and charges at the target as before, but can now also summon a Shadowform that lingers behind it, too. Use the skill again to quickly return to the Shadowform's location. In addition, Karina leaves a Shadow Mark on enemies hit by her Shadow Assault, and its cooldown is reset when a target with a Shadow Mark dies.

  • Major changes to Karina's Artwork.

Alpha Alpha

Blade of Enmity wall.jpg
Fighter Icon.png
Blade of Enmity
A technologically advanced fighter hero with superior damage and ability effects combining with effective fire support from Beta and significant CC skills and healing ability.

Beta, Advance!.png Beta, Advance!
Rotary Impact.png Rotary Impact
Force Swing.png Force Swing
Alpha, Charge!.png Alpha, Charge!

Status: Revamp
Story Changes: None
Skill Changes: Major Changes
Model Changes: Major

  • Passive Beta, Advance!.png Beta, Advance!
    • Each time Alpha uses a skill, he summons Beta to attack and mark the target. Beta will launch 3 laser strikes upon reaching 2 marks. Each of Beta's first two laser strikes deals an amount of True Damage and briefly reduces the target's Movement Speed, and the final one is an AOE attack that deals even more True Damage.
  • Second Skill Force Swing.png Force Swing
    • After charging the skill for a while, Alpha strikes forward in a fan-shaped area, dealing Physical Damage. Each hit restores HP. Then Beta strafes the enemies within the area, dealing Physical Damage.
  • Ultimate Skill Alpha, Charge!.png Alpha, Charge!
    • Alpha commands Beta to smash down at a set location, dealing Physical Damage and inflicting stun. At the same time, Alpha flies over to the area and deals Physical Damage to targets in his path, knocking them airborne toward his destination, and then smashing down to deal Physical Damage and slow them. After Alpha smashes down, Beta launches 5 AOE strikes upon the target area, each dealing Physical Damage.

  • Major changes to Alpha's Artwork.

  • Title Changed: From Ultimate Weapon to Blade of Enmity
  • Mastery Code Changed

Minotaur Minotaur

Son of Minos (revamp) wall.jpg
Tank Icon.png
Son of Minos
A Tank that can immediately knock-up enemies upon receiving enough damage or charging his ultimate.

Rage Mode.png Rage Mode
Despair Stomp.png Despair Stomp
Motivation Roar.png Motivation Roar
Minoan Fury.png Minoan Fury

Status: Revamp
Story Changes: None
Skill Changes: Minor Changes
Model Changes: Major

  • Passive Rage Mode.png Rage Mode
    • All his skills' cooldowns now reset whenever he enters the Rage State.
  • Second Skill Motivation Roar.png Motivation Roar
    • New Effect: Minotaur enhances his Basic attacks for 5s each time the skill is cast.

  • Major changes to Minotaur's Artwork.

Sun Sun

Monkey King wall.jpg
Fighter Icon.png
Monkey King
A fearless fighter hero with very effective ability effects and damage. He can summon clones which gives him numerical superiority against a number of heroes.

Simian God.png Simian God
Endless Variety.png Endless Variety
Swift Exchange.png Swift Exchange
Instantaneous Move.png Instantaneous Move

Status: Revamp
Story Changes: None
Skill Changes: Major Changes
Model Changes: None

  • First Skill Endless Variety.png Endless Variety
    • Sun hurls his Golden Staff in a designated direction, dealing damage to enemies along its path and slowing them. Upon hitting heroes or creeps, it transforms into a Doppelganger that pursues the enemy. The Golden Staff will transform into a Doppelganger at the end of its path if no heroes or creeps are hit.
  • Second Skill Swift Exchange.png Swift Exchange
    • New Effect: Sun hurls his Golden Staff in a designated direction, dealing damage to enemies along its path and slowing them. At that point, Sun will create a Doppelganger to confuse the enemies, while he enters stealth and sends himself and his Golden Staff flying. When it reaches the destination, he catches it and reappears. Hitting an enemy hero on its path will end its flight and make Sun appear. This skill is learned together with his Skill 1, and shares the same cooldown and skill level bonuses.
  • Third Skill Instantaneous Move.png Instantaneous Move
    • Sun and his Doppelgangers launch an instantaneous attack against a designated enemy, dealing damage to the target and enemies behind it. Doppelgangers created with Skill 1 and 2 now cast this skill when Sun uses it. Optimized the Al of Sun's Doppelgangers. Now it's smarter. Optimized the rules of HP inheritance for Sun's Doppelgangers. Now they inherit Sun's current HP and show an HP Bar identical to Sun's.

Odette Odette

Swan Princess (rework) wall.jpg
Mage Icon.png
Swan Princess
The princess of the Swan Castle that can deal burst damage within a large area of her ultimate.

Lakeshore Ambience.png Lakeshore Ambience
Avian Authority.png Avian Authority
Blue Nova.png Blue Nova
Swan Song.png Swan Song

Status: Revamp
Story Changes: Major
Skill Changes: Major Changes
Model Changes: Minor

  • First Skill Dance of Blades.png Dance of Blades
    • Odette releases a set of magic energy balls forward, dealing damage to the enemy hit and immobilizing them. Another energy ball will then spawn and attack a nearby enemy (prioritizes enemy heroes), dealing damage and immobilizing them.
  • Ultimate Skill Swan Song.png Swan Song
    • Compared with the older version, Odette can now leap a short distance while casting [Swan Song], and the previous Damage Reduction has been replaced with a more obvious shield effect.

  • Minor changes to Odette's artwork.

Lancelot Lancelot

Blade of Roses wall.jpg
Assassin Icon.png
Blade of Roses
An agile and graceful assassin that excels all others!.

Soul Cutter.png Soul Cutter
Puncture.png Puncture
Thorned Rose.png Thorned Rose
Phantom Execution.png Phantom Execution

Status: Revamp
Story Changes: Major
Skill Changes: Minor Changes
Model Changes: Minor

  • First Skill Puncture.png Puncture
    • Lancelot charges in a designated direction, dealing Physical Damage to enemies along the way and applying a [Sword Mark] to the first unmarked enemy hit. If Lancelot successfully applies a [Sword Mark] to an enemy, the cooldown of this skill will reset.

  • Minor changes to Lancelot's artwork.

  • Title changed from Perfumed Knight to Blade of Roses.

Kagura Kagura

Onmyouji Master (rework) wall.jpg
Mage Icon.png
Onmyouji Master
Kagura is an Adorable Ninja that manipulates both Yin and Yang using her Umbrella.

Yin Yang Gathering.png Yin Yang Gathering
Seimei Umbrella Open.png Seimei Umbrella Open
Rasho Umbrella Flee.png Rasho Umbrella Flee
Yin Yang Overturn.png Yin Yang Overturn

Status: Revamp
Story Changes: Major
Skill Changes: Major Changes
Model Changes: Major

  • First Skill Seimei Umbrella Open.png Seimei Umbrella Open
    • Kagura moves Seimei Umbrella to a designated area, dealing Magic Damage to enemies along the way and slowing them.
  • Ultimate Yin Yang Overturn.png Yin Yang Overturn
    • When without Seimei Umbrella, Kagura immediately resets Seimei Umbrella Open's cooldown, deals damage to enemies around Seimei Umbrella, and slows them. After 1.5s, enemies around Seimei Umbrella will be pulled toward it and take Magic Damage. Kagura can move Seimei Umbrella again during the process. Kagura can now move while casting this skill.

  • Major changes to Kagura's artwork.

Hayabusa Hayabusa

Crimson Shadow (rework) wall.jpg
Assassin Icon.png
Crimson Shadow
A crimson assassin who leaves no trace behind!.

Ninjutsu Trace of Shadow.png Ninjutsu Trace of Shadow
Ninjutsu Phantom Shuriken.png Ninjutsu Phantom Shuriken
Ninjutsu Quad Shadow.png Ninjutsu Quad Shadow
Ougi Shadow Kill.png Ougi Shadow Kill

Status: Revamp
Story Changes: Major
Skill Changes: Major Changes
Model Changes: Major

  • Passive Ninjutsu Trace of Shadow.png Ninjutsu: Trace of Shadow
    • All Hayabusa's damage can now apply [Shadow Marks], which will increase the damage of his Basic Attacks and skills.
  • Second Skill Ninjutsu Quad Shadow.png Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow
    • The phantoms are now released earlier, and it's easier to teleport to a specific phantom.
  • Ultimate Ougi Shadow Kill.png Ougi: Shadow Kill
    • Hayabusa's Ultimate can now launch multiple attacks on enemies, and the number of attacks will increase as he levels up. Besides, the attacks will prioritize enemies with [Shadow Marks] from his Passive, each attack consuming a stack and dealing extra damage.

  • Major changes to Hayabusa's artwork.



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