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This article is about the esports team RRQ Hoshi. For the other team related to the "RRQ" name, see RRQ Akira.

Rex Regum Qeon (abbreviated as RRQ) or known as Team RRQ is an Esports team based in Indonesia.


The name Rex Regum comes from Latin means 'king of kings', while Qeon is the in-game name of Team RRQ President Director, Riki K. Suliawan.

RRQ made their entrance on MPL ID Season 1 as RRQ.O2 (RRQ Oxygen). In Season 3, they made coalition with PSG Esports of France and form PSG.RRQ even though they could not perform perfectly. Then, they continue their journey in tournaments as RRQ Hoshi.

Player Roster[]


Active Player
ID Name Role Joined
Id-flag-round Vynnn Captain Calvin Roam Roamer
Id-flag-round R7 Rivaldi Fatah EXP Lane EXP Laner
Id-flag-round Xinnn Yesaya Omega Armando Wowiling Gold Lane Gold Laner
Id-flag-round Liam William Setiawan Roam Roamer
Id-flag-round Alberttt Albert Neilsen Iskandar Jungle Jungler
Id-flag-round Psychoo Teguh Imam Firdaus Roam Roamer
Id-flag-round Clayyy Deden Muhammad Nurhasan Mid Lane Mid Laner
Id-flag-round Skylar Schevenko David Tendean Gold Lane Gold Laner


Active Player
ID Name Role Joined
Id-flag-round Lemon Muhammad Ikhsan Mid Lane Mid Laner


Former Player
ID Name Role Joined Left Next Team
Id-flag-round Taka Fadhi Asra EXP Lane EXP Laner 2021-07-09 File:RRQ Sena.png
Id-flag-round XoXo Arif Budiman EXP Lane EXP Laner 2021-06-20 File:RRQ Mika.png
Bn-flag-round Wizzking Mohd. Zulkarnain Hj. Mohd. Zulkifli Gold Lane Gold Laner 2021-06-20
Id-flag-round TUTURU Diky Gold Lane Gold Laner 2020-07-27
Id-flag-round LJ Joshua Darmansyah Roam Roamer 2020-11-14 EVOS-ID logo EVOS ID
Id-flag-round InstincT Calvien Liem Roam Roamer 2020-06-12 GEEK-ID logo GEEK ID
Id-flag-round Rave Fadhil Abdurrahman Roam Roamer 2020-01-24 AERO-ID logo AERO
Id-flag-round Billy Agung Tribowo Gold Lane Gold Laner 2020-01-24 AERO-ID logo AERO
Id-flag-round AyamJAGO Try Widyanto Sukardi Mid Lane Mid Laner 2019-12-20 GEEK-ID logo GEEK ID
Id-flag-round Lavitz Soetrisno EXP Lane EXP Laner 2018-11-01
Id-flag-round BarierJr Risky Gunawan Roam Roamer 2018-09-21 AERO-ID logo AERO
Id-flag-round Marsha Steven Kurniawan Roam Roamer 2018-04-28 EVOS-ID logo EVOS ID
Id-flag-round Banshee Jordy Dave Jungle Jungler 2018-04-04


Date Place Prize Event Last Result
$40,000 M3 logo M3 World Championship 03  BLCK-PH logo BLCK
$9,000 MPLI logo MPL Invitational Season 2 12  BLCK-PH logo BLCK
$67,200 MPL-ID logo MPL Indonesia Season 8 34  ONIC-ID logo ONIC ID
$10,525 MPL-ID logo MPL Indonesia Season 7 12  AERO-ID logo AERO
$28,000 M2 logo M2 World Championship 13  BREN-PH logo BREN
$3,000 MPLI logo MPL Invitational Season 1 02  AE-ID logo AE
$140,000 MPL-ID logo MPL Indonesia Season 6 32  AE-ID logo AE
$140,000 MPL-ID logo MPL Indonesia Season 5 32  EVOS-ID logo EVOS ID
$40,000 M1 logo M1 World Championship 34  EVOS-ID logo EVOS ID
$67,200 MPL-ID logo MPL Indonesia Season 4 13  EVOS-ID logo EVOS ID
$7,200 MPL-ID logo MPL Indonesia Season 3 02  BTR-ID logo BTR
$31,300 MPL-ID logo MPL Indonesia Season 2 30  EVOS-ID logo EVOS ID
$12,000 MSC Season 1 MSC Season 1 20  AERO-ID logo AERO
$13,509 MPL-ID logo MPL Indonesia Season 1 02  NXL-ID logo NXL

Season 1[]

RRQ back then was known as RRQ.O2 or RRQ Oxygen, they won the 3rd place in the playoffs after being defeated by Team nxl> in the Lower Bracket Finals 2-0.

MSC 2018[]

Despite being 3rd place, they actually managed to qualify to MSC 2018. Because only 7 countries were inviited, there's another spot for a team to occupy and RRQ managed to get it. They managed to reach the playoffs and managed to reach 3rd-4th place, eliminated by Digital Devils Proffesional Gaming(now known as Cignal Ultra).

Season 2[]

RRQ finally became a champion at this point, defeating EVOS in the Grand Finals.

Season 3[]

RRQ and PSG Esports of France decided to struck a partnership between them, thus forming PSG.RRQ while still retaining the roster. However, even though they struck a partnership, RRQ finished a disastrous 7th-8th place in the playoffs, eliminated by Bigetron.

Season 4[]

RRQ finished Second Place during the Regular Season, behind EVOS Esports ID. They defeated Alter Ego 2-1 in the Lower Bracket finals. However, they were defeated by EVOS 3-1.


Sorted in Group A, RRQ quickly rose to the top, suffering only one defeat from Impunity KH of Cambodia. They were matched up against Todak nd defeated them 2-0. However, they were defeated in the Upper Bracket finals by the rebranded EVOS Legends 3-0, with EVOS securing the Grand Finals. They again defeated Todak(who defeated Burmese Ghouls 2-0), with a score of 3-1. However, their dream of avenging their defeat at MPL-ID Season 4 was smashed by EVOS, defeating them 4-3 after a long and fierce fight.

Season 5[]

RRQ finally had a good start after their embarrassing defeat against EVOS. They became the top leaders by the end of the season, with an amazing record of 11-3. In the playoffs, they demoted EVOS twice, before facing them in the Grand Finals and defeated them, in the score of 3-2.

Season 6[]

RRQ had a tough start in the season, being challenged by ONIC Esports ID and Alter Ego. They came second, after a tough regular season. They became chmpion again, being the first back-to-back Indonesian champion after defeating Alter Ego in a long and brutal fight.

MPL Invitational[]

RRQ were expected by many, at home and abroad, to retain their MPL Invitational title. However, in a twist of events, Alter Ego, whom they had picked to be in their bracket, would beat them convincingly, by a score of 2 games to none.


Expectations were slightly lower for the boys in black and orange this time, as their compatriots Alter Ego were tipped to be the ones who would bring the title back to Indonesia. However, after Alter Ego's sidelaner, Ahmad, couldn't participate in the tournament due to contracting COVID-19, RRQ instead became the team to beat. The tournament as a whole, was very rocky for them. After handily defeating Dreammax in their first match, they were pushed to the limit by EVOS SG, defeating them 2-1 and securing a spot against Omega Esports in the upper bracket semi-finals. There, after a grueling Game 1, they would dispatch Omega 2-0, setting up a match between them and Burmese Ghouls in the upper bracket finals. In what is considered to be one of the great upsets in international Mobile Legends Esports history, and also a watershed moment for RRQ, Burmese Ghouls would win 3-2, dropping RRQ down to the lower bracket where they would meet a fired up Bren Esports. There, RRQ would fail to improve on their M1 performance as they would lose to Bren, failing to obtain the World Championship for the second year in a row.

Season 7[]

RRQ had a really rough start in the regular season. They were defeated by many teams, including their perennial rival EVOS Legends and ONIC Esports ID. In the 2nd half of the split however, they were able to bounce back and score massive victories against ONIC, BTR and Alter Ego. However, a loss against EVOS on the final day of the regular season would prove to be costly, as they would drop down into the lower bracket because of that and lose to Genflix Aerowolf in the first round of the playoffs, relinquishing their title to EVOS as a result.

Season 8[]

RRQ managed to finish 2nd place in the Regular Season, behind Onic Esports and they were heavily challenged by other teams, including Alter Ego and Evos Legends. They were still able to book a spot in the Upper Bracket and were looking quite scary, as they send Alter Ego to the lower bracket with a clean sweep and also defeated Onic in a score of 3-1. However, they failed to claim the title when Onic managed to get revenge in a score of 3-4.

MPLI 2021[]

In MPLI, Team SMG chose RRQ to be on their bracket, matching them up with Evos Legends. SMG's coach is actually RRQ's former coach, who in MPLI 2020, formed the Bracket of Death, by matching up their rivals with each other in hopes one of them will get eliminated, providing RRQ the perfect oppurtunity to strike the victor. However, the plan backfired for them and AE claimed the championship in a record of 9-0. In MPLI 2021, RRQ managed to speedrun through the bracket, defeating Evos, then Onic PH and then Team SMG in a 6-0 record. However, they failed to defeat Blacklist International after Wise managed to kill 2 RRQ members in a clash near the Lord's pit, having to settle for a 3rd-4th place.


In M3, RRQ is the most voted team, with an estimated votes of a whopping 30M, 3.5x more than the team behind them (Blacklist International) who had 9 million votes. They were sorted in Group D and dominated the others, ending the Group Stage with a 3-0 record (all Group Stage matches were Bo1). In the Playoffs, they faced off against Todak. RRQ was about to cleanly sweep Todak but Todak's Ciku managed to pull off a maniac and eventually, a comeback. However, this didn't demoralize RRQ and managed to finish the series with a score of 3-1.

In their second match, they faced off against Onic PH. Support was high for RRQ, since RRQ Sena already faced Onic in 2020 and Onic failed to get a score. The same thing goes for MPLI 2021, in which RRQ Hoshi defeated Onic in a score of 2-0. However, nobody expected a runner-up cleanly sweeping an Indonesian powerhouse and Onic exactly did that. What's more special is that in Game 3, RRQ was winning but didn't fully capitalize their map control and late game capabilities, which Onic also used to their advantage and this strengthened Onic's jungler, Kairi. With full map control, Onic went on the offensive and won the series.

RRQ's last campaign was against Blacklist International. Sadly for them, they failed to snatch a single point against the Filipino champions and placed 5th-6th place. This is the lowest standing an Indonesian team has made in the history of MLBB Esports, as Indonesia was one of the strongest countries when it comes to MLBB.