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Rapid Boots
Rapid Boots.png
+80 Movement SPD
Unique Passive
Side Effect: Dealing or taking damage slows hero's movement speed by 40 for 5s
Boots.png Boots 600 Coin 600
850 Coin 850
Tier II

Rapid Boots is an in-game Item which is purchasable in the shop.


The archaeologists in the Land of Dawn have not reached a clear conclusion about this piece of equipment.


Rapid Boots gives you the most movement speed out of the whole shop. This item is great to include in your build to retreat easier if the enemy could be coming or if your hero is particularly slow in walking like Kagura Kagura, Aurora Aurora, Miya Miya, or any hero.


Since Side Effect immediately gets removed after engaging in battle, Rapid Boots can be fully utilized by Supportive, Chase and Initiating Heroes as most of the time they either only have 1 free-directional or a target-based dash as their main mobility tool, making their only escape tool be also their only mobility. And as such, they can instead use their fast Movement Speed to quickly close the gap between their enemies or get into the needed position as fast as possible without compromising their escape choices.

    • Chivalry Fist.png Chivalry Fist forces Badang Badang to dash into the target while Fist Break.png Fist Break is his only Escape, Free-Directional Dash, and Initiating Skill.
    • With Rapid Boots, Badang Badang won't have to rely on hiding in bushes to successfully get near his target(s) or use Flicker.png Flicker to gap close unto enemies and instead have Flicker be used for emergency escapes or fast Initiation.
  • Atlas Atlas
    • While Perfect Match.png Perfect Match allows Atlas to dash a short distance and gain a bonus Movement Speed.
    • Atlas Atlas won't have to rely on  namePerfect Match to successfully get close to their opponents, enabling a fast and sudden Initiation, even more so if paired with Active - Conceal.png Conceal.
    • Even without the help of Arrival.png Arrival, Atlas Atlas won't have to worry about keeping up with his allies as his faster Movement Speed will allow him to scout and ward enemies off them much more effectively.
    • The usual combo of Perfect Match.png Perfect Match then Fatal Links.png Fatal Links can now be done in reverse wherein Atlas Atlas immediately returns back to his mech, further denying the opponent on moving away from their spot for another second.
  • Alucard Alucard
    • Groundsplitter.png Groundsplitter can now be used for used for escape incase things go didn't go as planned as its cooldown can be quite long as Alucard Alucard can now just as easily walk up to the target and initiate a fight with Whirling Smash.png Whirling Smash without using Fission Wave.png Fission Wave first incase the target decides to fight back.
    • Since Pursuit.png Pursuit makes Alucard Alucard dash into the enemy, this makes his mobility as aggressive as possible which can be worrysome as there will be no way for him to make an escape if Groundsplitter.png Groundsplitter is already on cooldown, forcing him to commit on the dive even he's at a disadvantage.
  • Estes Estes
    • Similar to the Movement Speed problems of Tank Icon.png Tanks, there are many times when the allied core or Assassin Icon.png Assassin has too much mobility and engages too quickly, making the Support Icon.png Support (role) unable to keep up which either ends up where the Assassin manages to take down its target but eventually falls too due to the responding allies or failing to eliminate their target as their durability can't handle the damage taken from the resisting opponent.
    • While it is true that Demon Shoes.png Demon Shoes can provide the Mana Estes Estes can burn as fast as possible to provide maximum healing for his allies, the same duty can and will be improved if Enchanted Talisman.png Enchanted Talisman is instead used for this occasion. As Estes Estes doesn't have that much damage to effectively take down creeps for Mysticism but Enchanted Talisman.png Enchanted Talisman can instead provide the same or maybe even higher Mana regeneration plus the bonus HP, Magic Power, huge Cooldown Reduction, while letting Rapid Boots do the work for Movement Speed as Side Effect won't most likely to happen as Estes Estes is usually in the backlines doing little to no damage.

As presented at the mentioned 4 heroes above, there also others who can benefit effectively from Rapid Boots, although this can change according to how a user handles their hero, and yet the judgement is still upon the player if they would like to use another boots for other reasons that suit their playstyle.

New Feature of Patch 1.5.88


  • When using Retribution.png Retribution, you can bless the item to make it have a buff when using Retribution.png Retribution on heroes and deal extra damage when it is used on creeps. The blessings are the following: Flame Retribution.png Flame, Ice Retribution.png Ice, or Bloody Retribution.png Bloody; when using any Equipment Blessings, damage dealt to creeps and minions is increased to 150% and Retribution.png Retribution can be used against heroes.
    • Flame Retribution.png Flame
      • Retribution damage dealt to creeps and minions is increased to 150%. Can be used against heroes, dealing 100 True Damage and absorbing 35-70 Physical Attack and Magic Power from the target over 3s (scales with level).
    • Ice Retribution.png Ice
      • Retribution damage dealt to creeps and minions is increased to 150%. Can be used against heroes, dealing 100 True Damage and absorbing 41-90 Movement Speed from the target over 3s (scales with level).
    • Bloody Retribution.png Bloody
      • Retribution damage dealt to creeps and minions is increased to 150%. Can be used against heroes, dealing 100 True Damage and absorbing HP equal to 12% of the caster's Max HP from the target over 3s (scales with level).
    • Note:
      • Only when total creep kills, hero kills, or hero kill assists reach 5 can Retribution be upgraded.
      • Retribution.png Retribution is required for purchasing Jungle equipment items.
      • Jungle equipment items will be locked and cannot be purchased if you use other spells, such as Petrify.png Petrify, Aegis.png Aegis, Purify.png Purify, Flicker.png Flicker, etc.
      • When jungle equipment items are purchased, it Reduces the EXP & Gold gain from minions by 50% in the first 5 minutes of the match and adds 30 Gold gained from kills or assists.


  • You can also bless the item to one of the roaming skills when roaming in the team: Active - Conceal.png Conceal, Passive - Encourage.png Encourage, Passive - Favor.png Favor, or Passive - Dire Hit.png Dire Hit.
  • It provides additional Gold and EXP to the player with the lowest Gold and EXP. It also grants extra Gold and EXP for assists. Recommended for Tanks and Supports since these heroes usually have the lowest Gold and EXP and a lot of assists.
    • Active - Conceal.png Conceal
      • Active: Nearby allied heroes enter Camouflage State and their Movement Speed increases by 30%-75% (scales with Gold from Thriving) for 5s. Dealing or taking damage ends this state.
    • Passive - Encourage.png Encourage
    • Passive - Favor.png Favor
      • Passive: Every 15s, the next time the hero casts a healing or shield skill, it also restores 480-1200 HP (scales with Gold from Thriving) for an allied hero within the lowest HP within 5 yards. Healing or shield skills that only affect you do not trigger this effect.
    • Passive - Dire Hit.png Dire Hit
      • Passive: Every 30s, the next time the hero damages an enemy hero to make them drop below 35% HP, it deals additional damage to that hero equal to 7%-18% of the target's Max HP (damage dealt is half Physical and half Magic, and scales with Gold from Thriving).
    • Note:
      • You will not gain Gold and EXP for the first 9 minutes of the match if there are allies nearby when Minion or Creep dies.
      • Only one roam gear may be purchased at any given time.
      • After purchase, you can no longer gain Gold and EXP from minions and creeps and must collect 600 Gold from Roaming Equipment to unlock this skill.

Countered By



Rapid Boots (Old).png


  • Rapid Boots's Side Effect will immediately be removed upon casting Sprint.png Sprint.