Reap is a specialty given to heroes who have capabilities to immediately execute a target by using skills that benefits from killing an enemy hero (ex: Martis.png Martis' Decimate.png Decimate and Karina.png Karina's Shadow Assault.png Shadow Assault), skills that can execute an enemy hero swiftly (ex: Saber.png Saber's Triple Sweep.png Triple Sweep and Natalia.png Natalia's Assassin Instinct.png Assassin Instinct), having Basic Attack.png Basic Attack that can kill enemies from a distance (ex: Wanwan.png Wanwan's Crossbow of Tang.png Crossbow of Tang and Layla.png Layla's Destruction Rush.png Destruction Rush), or execution skills that deal damage based on target's lost HP (ex: Granger.png Granger's Death Sonata.png Death Sonata).

There are currently 21 Heroes with the Reap Specialty.

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