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Latest Revamped Hero in Original Server:
Argus - Dark Angel
32,000 BP 32,000 | 599 DM 599

A Revamped Hero refers to a hero that entirely changed with new skills, lore, voicelines and more. This is to make them more playable, viable in the meta and become more popular amongst players.

A Reworked Hero refers to a hero who has their skills changed without changing their hero design.

A Remodeled Hero refers to a hero that has their hero design and model updated to have a more high-quality and creative design without changing their skills or playstyles.

Original Server

As of March 16, 2021, Argus.png Argus | Dark Angel, is the latest Revamped Hero in the Original Server.

The other latest revamped, reworked or remodeled Heroes are:

  • Miya.png Miya | Moonlight Archer
  • Saber.png Saber | Wandering Sword
  • Layla.png Layla | Energy Gunner
  • Zilong.png Zilong | Spear of Dragon

Advanced Server

As of March 26, 2021, Karina.png Karina | Shadow Blade is the latest Revamped Hero in the Advanced Server.

As of April 2nd, 2021, Bane.png Bane | Frozen King is the latest Revamped Hero in the Advanced Server.

As of April 28th, 2021, Alpha.png Alpha | Ultimate Weapon is the latest Revamped Hero in the Advanced Server.

The other revamped, reworked or remodeled Heroes in the Advanced Server are:

List of Remodeled And Revamped Heroes

Remodeled and Revamped Heroes



  • Balmond.png Balmond - Berserker was changed to Bloody Beast.
  • Saber.png Saber - Spacetime Swordmaster was changed to Wandering Sword.
  • Alice.png Alice - Queen of the Apocalypse was changed to Queen of Blood.
  • Nana.png Nana - Feline Wizard was changed to Sweet Leonin.
  • Bane.png Bane:
    • Lord of the Seven Seas was changed to Lord of Heptaseas
    • Then later get revamped, Lord of the Heptaseas was changed to Frozen King.
  • Clint.png Clint:
    • Wasteland Drifter was changed to Wild Wander.
    • Then later get revamped, Wild Wander was changed to West Justice.
  • Rafaela.png Rafaela - Wings of Holiness was changed to Archangel.
  • Eudora.png Eudora - Lightning Sorceress was changed to Lightning Weaver.
  • Zilong.png Zilong:
    • Yun Zhao, which was later changed into Zhao Yun before being called Zilong.
    • Son of The Dragon was changed to Spear of Dragon.
  • Fanny.png Fanny - Hovering Blade was changed to Blade Dancer.
  • Layla.png Layla - Malefic Gunner was changed to Energy Gunner.
  • Hayabusa.png Hayabusa - Shadow of Iga was changed to Crimson Shadow.
  • Freya.png Freya got revamped/reworked design 4 times.
  • Gord.png Gord - Mystic Magician was changed to Professor of the Mystics.


  • Yi Sun-Shin.png Yi Sun-Shin:
    • Spirit of the Navy was changed to National Hero.
    • Then later get revamped, National Hero was changed to Paenlong Legend.
  • Aurora.png Aurora - Queen of the North was changed to Frost Oracle.
  • Lapu-Lapu.png Lapu-Lapu - Great Chief was changed to Courageous Blade.
  • Argus.png Argus - Nightstalker was changed to Dark Angel.
  • Zhask.png Zhask - Planes Dominator was changed to The King of Swarms.


  • Lesley.png Lesley - Sniper was changed to Deadly Sniper.
  • Aldous.png Aldous - Contractor was changed to Soul Contractor.
  • Claude.png Claude - Partners in Crime was changed to Master Thief.
  • Kimmy.png Kimmy - Splat Queen was changed to Jetpack Rebel.


  • Lylia.png Lylia - Little Witch was changed to Little Wizard.
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