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Resources are essential attributes required for casting skills. This exists to prevent overuse of a hero's gameplay potential and to balance the game, especially in the early stages. These resources can be found as a bar below the health bar represented by various colors.

There are two known resources: mana and energy.


Mana HUD

The mana bar's default appearance.

Mana is a resource needed to cast skills. It is represented by a blue bar below the health bar. As you level up, the hero's base mana increases. It regenerates over time via mana regen attribute.

Increasing mana[]


Equipment Amount of mana Price (gold Coin gold)
Black Ice Shield Black Ice Shield +400 880
Clock of Destiny Clock of Destiny +800 1950
Dominance Ice Dominance Ice +500 2010
Elegant Gem Elegant Gem +380 700
Lightning Truncheon Lightning Truncheon +400 2250
Power Crystal Power Crystal +280 220


  • Cecilion Cecilion's Overflowing Overflowing (+[10 × no. of stacks] mana)

Mana regeneration[]

Mana regeneration (Mana regen) is an attribute that regenerates mana for a set period of time based on this attribute's value.


Equipment Amount of mana regen Price (gold Coin gold)
Azure Blade Azure Blade +25 600
Clock of Destiny Clock of Destiny Unique Passive-Gift Regen 15% (when Mana drops below 50%) 1950
Demon Shoes Demon Shoes +10 720
Demon Shoes Demon Shoes Unique Passive-Mysticism Regen 4%
Elegant Gem Elegant Gem Unique Passive-Gift Regen 15% (when Mana drops below 50%) 700
Enchanted Talisman Enchanted Talisman Unique Passive-Mana Spring Regen 15% 1870
Endless Battle Endless Battle +5 2470
Magic Necklace Magic Necklace +2 120
Starlium Scythe Starlium Scythe +6 2220
Tome of Evil Tome of Evil +20 950


  • Common Emblem Common Emblem (12 Hybrid Regen)


  • Alice Alice's Blood Ancestry Blood Ancestry (restores 3% Max Mana per second)
  • Zhuxin Zhuxin's Crimson Butterflies Crimson Butterflies (restores 3% Max Mana per second after stop channeling Lantern Flare Lantern Flare)


Energy HUD

The energy bar's default appearance.

Energy HUD (Ling)

Ling's energy bar.2

Energy is a resource alternative to mana. It is represented by a yellow bar below the health bar. Energy can be filled up to 100, which is lower than mana but regenerates much faster via energy regen attribute. Energy and energy regen attribute cannot be increased due to the fact that there are no equipment or emblems that does such. Most heroes with energy had a shorter cooldown on their skills than those with mana.


The following heroes who uses energy:


1 Irithel Irithel's and Masha Masha's energy can only be consumed with her Passive and her Special skill, respectively.
2 Ling Ling's energy is called "Lightness Points" and represented by a white bar instead of yellow, nevertheless it is purely cosmetic.
3 X X.Borg's energy can only be consumed once he turns into an Armorless State.


Resourceless HUD

A resourceless bar.

There are heroes who have no resources in their statistics, such as mana or energy, and thus do not require them to cast their skills. A resource-less hero does not gain any mana and mana regen from any source.


Following heroes who doesn't have any resources:


Rage HUD

The rage bar's default appearance.

Rage HUD (Khaleed)

Khaleed's rage bar (Desert Power) at full.1

Rage is a replacement for any consumable resources; it does not count as a resource because it cannot be consumed for skill casting, but instead it enhances a hero's ability to trigger various effects. Rage are stored for up to 100 but may also vary.


Following heroes who uses rage:


1 Some heroes may have unique names or bar colors for rage, nevertheless it is purely cosmetic:
Heroes Alternate names
Argus Argus Malice Energy
Edith Edith Wrath
Guinevere Guinevere Super Magic
Hanzo Hanzo Demon Blood
Khaleed Khaleed Desert Power
Lapu-Lapu Lapu-Lapu Bravery Blessing