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  • He is the only Fighter/Marksman hybrid hero in the game. This gives him an offensive and defensive advantage in the battlefield.


  • Roger and Selena Selena are the only heroes that can transform from the start of the game. Both changes attack type to melee upon transforming.
  • With 2 set of abilities, Selena Selena, Kagura Kagura, Lapu-Lapu Lapu-Lapu and him have the most number of active skills in the game.



  • In previous versions of the game, Roger was smoking in the hero select screen and in his portrait; in a recent update, however, his cigarette was removed due to international laws about cigarettes and its effect to minors. Instead, it can now be seen on his animation that he put a wolf pin on his yellow coat. The same goes for his "Dark Gent" skin, but with a rose.


  • Bane Bane, Nana Nana, Lolita Lolita, Karrie Karrie, Franco Franco, Angela Angela and him are the only heroes to have an Halloween special skin; but his' is labelled Epic Skin Epic Skin Tag and Limited-time events.
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