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Fearless Spirit Sacred Statue

In addition, to add a varied collection of hero skins, Mobile Legends have included new skins - but not for heroes, for the allied turrets. You will see Sacred Statue choice when choosing a hero. In the game, you can replace the turret skin by staying near an active turret. You will see a Sacred Statue Summon Button.png screen-prompt button, popping up on the left side of the screen beneath the map. Clicking on it will immediately change the appearance of the turret to your currently equipped sacred statue.

  • Upon the introduction of Mastery Codes, there are also a couple of heroes receiving a Sacred Statue.
  • Sacred Statues grants +5 star-raising bonus points
  • Statue can only be used in Classic, Ranked, and Custom(5v5) matches.
  • Summon CD: 5 minutes.

Sacred Statue can be obtained by the following:

Available in Shop

These Sacred Statue are purchasable by spending 50 Twilight Coins 50. Twilight Coins can be collected by completing Hero Mastery tasks.

Starlight Member Rewards

Celestial Chest

Limited-time Event