In addition to add a choice of skin heroes, Mobile Legends now adding new skins - but not for heroes, but for turrets. You can see the Sacred Statue choice when choosing a hero. In the game, you can replace the skin turret and be near the active turret. You can see a button in the shape of a turret and it will immediately change the appearance of the turret.

  • Upon the introduction of Mastery Codes, there are also a couple of heroes receiving a Sacred Statue.
  • Sacred Statues grants +5 star-raising bonus points
  • Statue can only be used in Classic / Ranked / Custom(5v5) matches
  • Summon CD: 5 minutes.

The Sacred Statue can be obtained by the following:

Purchasable Sacred Statues

These Sacred Statue are purchasable by spending Twilight Coins Twilight Coin from Hero Mastery.

Return of the Legends

MSC Event

Starlight Member

Celestial Chest

Limited-time Event

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