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Squads here are official and made by Moonton and has its own gallery so please check before posting articles here and don't spread fake info about new Squads. If you do create fake squads from fake info or any else, you might be blocked temporary or permanently!
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Skin series is a group of heroes with a certain skin theme sold in the shop with a price range of 899 DM 899 to 1089 DM 1089, or a Limited-Time Event. Skin series have at least 3 members with a proper hero line-up. Skin Squad/Skin Series are all categorized as an Epic Skin.

Currently, the most expensive Skin series is Lightborn Squad's skin; A single Lightborn skin costs 1089 DM 1089. If you're willing to obtain all five Lightborn skins, it is a must to have 5445 Diamonds DM 5445 Diamonds.

Main article: S.A.B.E.R. squad
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Main article: V.E.N.O.M. squad
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Main article: Lightborn skins
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Main article: Superhero skins
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Main article: Dragon Tamer skin
Dragon Tamer squad logo.png

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Main article: Blazing Bounties
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Main article: S.T.U.N.
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Main article: Supervillain skins
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Main article: The Aspirants
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