Latest Skin

Empress Phoenix

Pharsa Pharsa | Empress Phoenix
Epic Skin | Time-limited Event
Epic Showcase Event

Prince of Sand

Khaleed Khaleed | Prince of Sand
Basic Skin | 269 Diamonds-cost
Released in August 7, 2020

Insidious Tutor

Hanzo Hanzo | Insidious Tutor
Special Skin | 749 Diamonds-cost
Released in August 10, 2020

Skin refers to an alternate appearance/model and color
schemes for any given heroes or other characters in Mobile Legends. Every skin comes with its unique model and wallpaper, whilst some skins also give heroes different skill effects, voice lines, quotes, and rotatable or non-rotatable entrance backgrounds.

Most skins are purchasable from most Ingame Currencies, while some are only obtainable from limited-time events.

Diamond packages start at 188 Diamonds-cost and maxing at 1089 Diamonds-cost. You can also get a skin from Lucky Shop for 40 Lucky Gem but exclusively at Odette Odette's Butterfly Goddess and Sun Sun's Street Legend. Aside from these options, you can also have a chance to get a free skin biweekly by spending Tickets Ticket from 20 Ticket to 100 Ticket.

There is also another way to buy Skins. By going to the Fragment Shop, You need Premium Skin Fragments Premium Skin Fragment and Rare Skin Fragments Rare Skin Fragment ranging 75 - 250 Premium Skin Fragment & 60 - 200 Rare Skin Fragment. These skins will change every Patch Update.

The New Arrival Shop can also reward you with Skins similar to Lucky Spin by spending 10 Crystal of Aurora for 1x, and 90 Crystal of Aurora for 10x. However, the rewards for Heroes are ranging from Skin Fragments, Trial Cards, to Permanent Skin. The available reward skin should be the latest Basic / Elite / Special Skin.

You can use Skins but not as Permanent using Trial Cards, and Starlight Weekly Free Heroes' Skins. You can buy those available skins in the Starlight Shop that cost 2 - 10 Starlight Gem.

When new purchasable skin releases in the first week, it will Discount 30% Off Diamonds-cost regularly. Elite & Special Skin Release offers a discount but the existing skin of corresponding heroes will be removed to your inventory.

There 4 Categories of Skins: Hero Skins, Painted Hero Skins (Painted Skins), Commander Skins, and Sacred Statues (Turret Skins).

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Hot Summer

Hero Skin

Hero Skins have 8 types, each Skin Type ranges in quality of skill effect changes and design changes. Each Skin Type showcases 3 latest skins including the Encore especially in Zodiac Skins, and there are:

Basic Skins

Main Article: Basic Skins
Basic Skins are one of the major hero skin types which is the cheapest form 50 - 399 Diamonds-cost. This is the only skin type that has no Skin Tags except for Complimentary Skins with Elite Skin Tags.

Elite Skins

Main Article: Elite Skins
Elite Skins are one of the major skin types in MLBB and they have elite skin tags. Elite Skins can be obtained from Limited-time Events, Diamonds or Arrival Shop. It costs 599 Diamonds-cost or 10 Crystal of Aurora / 90 Crystal of Aurora.

Seasonal Skins

Main Article: Seasonal Skins
Seasonal Skins are the only skin types that can be obtained through End Season Rewards from Master Master to Mythic Mythical Glory Rank. You can receive it from Email. The other way to get is the buy the available old seasonal skins from Fragment Shop by spending 250 Premium Skin Fragment.

Starlight Skins

Main Article: Starlight
Starlight Skins are one of the major hero skin types which will only be obtained by Starlight Member or spending 150 & 200 Rare Skin Fragment from Fragment Shop. Starlight Skins will regularly launch every first day of the month.

Starlight Member Skins

Annual Starlight Member Skins

Special Skins

Main Article: Special Skins
Special Skins are one of the major skin types in MLBB and they have special skin tags. Some special skins are tagged as not special. Special skins can be obtained on a Limited-time event or using 749 Diamonds-cost. It can also be obtained from Arrival Shop using 10 Crystal of Aurora / 90 Crystal of Aurora

Some special skins have exclusive backgrounds with their entrance animations and they modified each skill effect on the battlefield. Most Special skins are intended for their corresponding events, seasonal (Summer, Christmas, etc.), and esports.

Zodiac Skins

Main Article: Zodiac Skins
Zodiac Skins are skins than can only be obtained from Zodiac Summon except Karina Karina's Gemini [Halo].

Epic Skins

Main Article: Epic Skins
Epic Skins are one of the most expensive skins and one of the major skin types in MLBB. Most Epic Skins are from Lucky Box which will cost a player thousands of diamonds to get it. It can be obtained by Lucky Box event using Diamonds Diamonds-cost / Crystals of Aurora Crystal of Aurora or using 899 Diamonds-cost / 1089 Diamonds-cost.

Their portraits alongside Legend Skins are even animated. Epic Skins have exclusive backgrounds with their entrance animations and they modified each skill effect on the battlefield without tinting the existing skill effects.

All Squads Skins are Epic Skins due to their exclusive backgrounds with unique entrance animations and voice-overs. There are few Epic Skins that they have different skin tags rather than just Epic skin tags.

Legend Skins

Main Article: Legend Skins
Legend Skins are the most expensive skins to get in MLBB. You can get them by having 1 Magic Crystal in the Magic Wheel or in the Diamond Vault if you are lucky.

Painted Skin

Main Article: Painted Skins
Painted Skins are purchased in the existing skins but different color palettes or possibly skill effects. You can purchase the certain Painted Skin of a certain skin if the base skin and the hero are purchased.

Commander Skin

Commander Skins are skins from Commander in Magic Chess, a permanent Arcade Gamemode.

Sacred Statue

Main Article: Sacred Statue
Sacred Statues modifies the model and look of Turrets according to the hero you're using. These can be bought using 50 Twilight Coin and purchase some Sacred Statues through the shop, it can be also bought in limited-time bundles that usually comes off a price of 15 Diamonds-cost, or it is included in Starlight bundles. They can be activated in-game when you stand near a turret and a turret icon will appear below the map. There are 3 latest Sacred Statues:

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