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Slow (verb slowed), slowdown or slow effect is a state where it reduces the target's Movement Speed by percentage within a time duration.

Despite being a debuff by definition (a special state that can decrease heroes' power), slow is a type crowd control effect, as the effect can be reduced by resilience or ignored by control and slowing immunity.

It is the most common CC effect, with 90 out of first 100 heroes released on the original server have at least a slow effect on their abilities.


Main article: Movement Speed
…But when Movement Speed is below 230 or over 420 both Slowdown and Speedup Effect will decay.
—Definition of Movement Speed, MLBB Skill Notes

If a target's movement speed has been greatly reduced to at least 230, the slow effect starts to decay at an unknown rate.

A unit can apply slow effects to a target up 90% of their movement speed and not to exceed this percentage.


Sources of Slow

Hero abilities

The table below shows the availability of slow effect of every hero ability; a check mark (✓) is shown if that skill has slow (except that are noted).

Hero Passive 1st skill 2nd skill Ultimate 3rd skill/Other Total
Aamon Aamon 2
Akai Akai 1
Aldous Aldous 0
Alice Alice 1
Alpha Alpha 1
Alucard Alucard 1
Angela Angela 2
Argus Argus 1
Atlas Atlas 2
Aulus Aulus 2
Aurora Aurora 3
Badang Badang 1
Balmond Balmond 2
Bane Bane 2
Barats Barats 2
Baxia Baxia 2
Beatrix Beatrix Only Bennett Only Bennett 2
Belerick Belerick 1
Benedetta Benedetta 1
Brody Brody 1
Bruno Bruno 1

Carmilla Carmilla

Cecilion Cecilion Vermeil Shadow 2
Chang'e Chang'e 1
Chou Chou 2
Claude Claude 1
Clint Clint 1
Cyclops Cyclops 0
Diggie Diggie 2
Dyrroth Dyrroth Only Abyss Enhanced 3
Edith Edith 1
Esmeralda Esmeralda 1
Estes Estes 1
Eudora Eudora 0
Fanny Fanny 0
Faramis Faramis 0
Floryn Floryn 1
Franco Franco 1
Freya Freya 1
Gatotkaca Gatotkaca 1
Gloo Gloo 1
Gord Gord 1
Granger Granger 1
Grock Grock 1
Guinevere Guinevere Only 1st phase 2
Gusion Gusion 1

Hanabi Hanabi

Hanzo Hanzo Only in default form Slow effect applied to himself 2
Harith Harith 2
Harley Harley 1
Hayabusa Hayabusa 2
Helcurt Helcurt 1
Hilda Hilda 1
Hylos Hylos 2

Irithel Irithel

Jawhead Jawhead 0
Johnson Johnson 2
Kadita Kadita 2
Kagura Kagura 1
Kaja Kaja 2
Karina Karina 1
Karrie Karrie 1
Khaleed Khaleed 2
Khufra Khufra 2

Kimmy Kimmy

Lancelot Lancelot 1
Lapu-Lapu Lapu-Lapu Only in heavy sword Only in twin blades 3
Layla Layla 1
Leomord Leomord Only in default form 3
Lesley Lesley
Ling Ling 1
Lolita Lolita 1
Lunox Lunox Cosmic Fission 2
Luo Yi Luo Yi 1
Lylia Lylia 2
Martis Martis 1
Masha Masha 2
Mathilda Mathilda 0
Melissa Melissa 2
Minotaur Minotaur Slow effect applied to himself in default;

slow effect available in Rage Mode

Minsitthar Minsitthar 2
Miya Miya 1

Moskov Moskov

Nana Nana 3
Natalia Natalia 2
Natan Natan 0
Odette Odette 2
Paquito Paquito Only in default 1
Pharsa Pharsa 1
Phoveus Phoveus 0
Popol and Kupa Popol and Kupa Popol's Surprise 2
Rafaela Rafaela 2

Roger Roger

Only in Human Form Only in Human Form Only in Human Form 3
Ruby Ruby 1
Saber Saber 1
Selena Selena Only in Elf Form 1
Silvanna Silvanna 1
Sun Sun 1

Terizla Terizla

Thamuz Thamuz 3
Tigreal Tigreal 2
Uranus Uranus 2
Vale Vale Only Windblow and Windblow: Fix Only Windstorm: Death 2
Valentina Valentina 2
Valir Valir 1
Vexana Vexana 0
Wanwan Wanwan 1
X.Borg X.Borg 1
Xavier Xavier 1
Yi Sun-shin Yi Sun-shin 1
Yin Yin Only for Lieh 1
Yu Zhong Yu Zhong 1
Yve Yve 2
Zhask Zhask Clone Hives 3
Zilong Zilong 0


Battle spells

  • Ice Retribution.png Ice Retribution (reduces numerical Movement Speed instead of by percentage)
  • Petrify.png Petrify


  • Wild Power (talent).png Wild Power

Creep buff

  • Soul of Lava

Abilities with slow and 1 or more CC effects


  • Fanny Fanny is the only hero who does not have any form of slow effects, not even crowd control.