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Latest Special Skin:
Pharsa.png Pharsa - Samba Muse
Time-limited Event | Samba Muse's Call Event

Previously Special Skin:
Carmilla.png Carmilla - Phantom Countess | Cecilion.png Cecilion - Phantom Count
749 DM 749

Previously Special Skin:
Luo Yi.png Luo Yi - Dawning Fortune
749 DM 749

Special Skins are one of the major skin types in MLBB and they have special skin tags. Some special skins are tagged as not special. Special skins can be obtained on a Limited-time event or using 749 DM 749. It can also be obtained from Arrival Shop using 10 Crystal of Aurora.png / 90 Crystal of Aurora.png. Purchasable Skins can upgradable (For learn more about upgradable skins, see Skin Upgrade).

Some special skins have exclusive backgrounds with their entrance animations and they modified each skill effect on the battlefield. Most Special skins are intended for their corresponding events, seasonal (Summer, Christmas, etc.), and esports.


Special skins can be bought by 749 DM 749.

Limited-time Event

Special Events

NOTE: MSC Tourmanent 2020 Skins was officialy cancelled due to the Global COVID-19 Pandemic.

Seasonal Event


  • Despite the summer skin series being mostly Special Skins, Akai.png Akai and Clint.png Clint's skins are the only ones to be labeled as Elite Skin.
  • Bane.png Bane and Roger.png Roger's Halloween skins is the only one to be labeled as an Epic Skin.
    • Bane.png Bane's Halloween skins is the only one to be most expensive skins in the whole game, costing 1089 DM 1089.
  • Nana.png Nana's Halloween skins are the only ones to be labeled as Season Skin and purchase with Premium Skin Fragment.png 250 Premium Skin Fragments.
  • Karina.png Karina, Eudora.png Eudora, and Gord.png Gord's Christmas skins are also the only ones to be labeled as Elite Skin.
  • Miya.png Miya's Christmas skins is the only one to be labeled as an Epic Skin.
  • Chou.png Chou's Spring skins is the only one to be labeled as an Epic Skin.
  • Eudora.png Eudora's "Vivo Selfie Goddess" and Miya.png Miya's "Honor" skins are the only ones tagged as a Limited Skin Limited Skin Tag.png.
  • Fanny.png Fanny's Christmas Carnival skin can only be obtained by participating in Christmas Carnival's Call Event released on December 24, 2020.
    • As of January 2021, Fanny.png Fanny's Christmas Carnival skin will be no longer buyable with 749 DM 749 Diamonds as it is a Limited-Time Skin.
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