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Players can equip a Battle Spell before the start of a match. Mastering Battle Spells makes the player much stronger. Spells are something that the player can use as an additional ability for their hero in-game. A player can select one battle spell while in the pregame lobby. They cannot be reset or changed once the match has begun.

Current Battle Spells

A battle spell's availability is based on the player's Level. As a player reaches new levels, they unlock new battle spells, up to Level 23.


Player Level:1

Deals 100 (+10 × Hero Level) plus 13% of enemy's lost HP True Damage to the designated enemy hero.
This damage ignores shield. If the target is slain by this skill, its cooldown will be reduced by 40%.


Player Level:3

Deals 520 (+80 × Hero Level) True Damage to a creeps and minions.
Passive: Creep rewards are increased by 60%, and damage taken from creeps is reduced by 50%. Minion rewards are reduced by 70% for the first 5 minutes.
Blessing: Reach 5 creep kills, hero kills, or hero kill assists to level up this skill (the skill decided by the Blessing of the Jungling Footwear purchased). Reaching 15 increases Physical Attack.png Physical Attack and Magic Power.png Magic Power by 15.

  • This spell is required for purchasing Jungling Equipment Footwear items now.
    • Jungle equipment footwear items will be locked and cannot be purchased if using other spells such as Petrify.png Petrify, Aegis.png Aegis, Purify.png Purify, Flicker.png Flicker, etc.
    • If Jungle equipment footwear items was purchased, can Reduces the EXP & Gold gain from minions by 50% in the first 5 minutes of the match and adds 30 Gold gained from kills or assist.
  • Only when total creep kills, hero kills, or hero kill assists reach 5 can Retribution be upgraded.

  • Flame Retribution.png Flame
    • Dealing 100 True Damage and absorbing 35-70 Physical Attack.png Physical Attack and Magic Power.png Magic Power from the target over 3 seconds (scales with level).
  • Ice Retribution.png Ice
    • Dealing 100 True Damage and absorbing 41-90 Movement Speed.png Movement Speed from the target over 3 seconds (scales with level).
  • Bloody Retribution.png Bloody
    • Dealing 100 True Damage and absorbing Health.png HP equal to 12% of the caster's Health.png Max HP from the target over 3 seconds (scales with level).

  • Inspire

    Player Level:5

    For up to 8 File:Basic Attack Icon.png Basic Attacks: Increases Attack Speed.png Attack Speed by 55% and Attack Speed Cap to 400%, and ignores 8 (+1 × Hero Level) of the target's Physical Defense.png Physical Defense. Each File:Basic Attack Icon.png Basic Attack also restores 70(+15%Total Physical ATK) (+15%Total Magic Power) Health.png HP on hit.

    • At max hero level (15), you can go through a total of 23 physical defense.
    • The Attack Speed increase is added to the Total Attack Speed, instead of as Extra Attack Speed and can be defined as:

    • To decreasing Attack Speed.png attack speed (for Tank/Support), buy Dominance Ice.png Dominance Ice.


    Player Level:7

    In the next 6 seconds, increases up to 50% Movement Speed.png Movement Speed that gradually decays after 2 seconds.
    Upon casting, gains slow immunity for 6 seconds.

    • Exception: Suppression & Restrained cannot reducing durations.
    • Blockable: Grounding cannot be removed after summoned Royal Guards by Minsitthar Icon.png Minsitthar's King's Calling.png ultimate.

  • To decreasing Movement Speed.png movement speed after 3s, buy:
  • Revitalize

    Player Level:9

    Summons a Healing Spring that restores 2.5% Health.png Max HP every 0.5 second for 5 seconds (maximum of 25% Max HP).
    Increases the Shield and Healing.png HP Regen by 25% for allies within the area of effect (this effect cannot be stacked up).

    • This effect is not stackable.

  • To reducing Healing.png heals, buy/use:
  • Aegis

    Player Level:11

    Immediately gains a shield that absorbs 750 (+50 × Hero Level) Shield damage for 5 seconds.
    The nearby ally with the lowest HP also gains 70% (525 (+35 × Hero Level)) of the shield effect.


    Player Level:13

    Immediately petrifies nearby enemies for 0.8 second, dealing 115 (+15 × Hero Level) Magic Damage. Enemies hit are slowed by 50% for 0.8s afterward.

    • To remove petrifying, use:
      • Heroes with CC remove/immune attack skill
      • Spell Purify.png Purify


    Player Level:15

    Immediately removes all negative effects.
    In the next 1.2 seconds, gains control immunity and 15% Movement Speed.png Movement Speed.

    • Exception: Suppression can neither be removed nor blocked by the immunity duration.
    • Blockable: Grounding cannot be removed after summoned Royal Guards by Minsitthar Icon.png Minsitthar's King's Calling.png ultimate.

  • To decreasing Movement Speed.png movement speed, buy:
  • Flameshot

    Player Level:17

    Fires a Flaming Shot in a designated direction, dealing 160 (+60% Total Magic Power)640 +180% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage (scales on distance) and slowing the target by 30% for 0.5 second.
    Casting the skill knocks back nearby enemies.

    • To avoid knock back in front, use:
      • Heroes with CC remove/immune attack skill
      • Spell Purify.png Purify


    Player Level:19

    Moves a certain distance in a designated direction. Then gains 6 (+1 × Hero Level) Physical and Magic Defense for 1 second.

    • Enemies can casting that spell to prevent avoid airborne by Khufra Icon.png Khufra's Bouncing Ball.png 2nd skill, because Khufra Icon.png Khufra was doesn't blocking that spell during bouncing.

  • This spell can be blocked by Grounded & Restrain effect.

  • Arrival

    Player Level:21

    Teleports to an allied turret (including destroyed turrets), base, or minion after channeling for 3 seconds, gaining 60% Movement Speed.png movement speed that will decay in 3 seconds. The next File:Basic Attack Icon.png Basic Attack deals extra 100 (+10 × Hero Level) True Damage and slows the target by 45% for 1 second.
    If the channeling is cancelled or interrupted, the cooldown will be reduced by 30 seconds.

    • If channeling is cancelled or interrupted, the Cooldown Reduction.png cooldown will be reduced by 30 seconds.
    • The selected allied turret or minion will be temporarily becoming untargetable and immune to all damage while chanting.

  • This spell can be cancelled/interrupted by Crowd Control effects during chanting.

  • To decreasing Movement Speed.png movement speed, buy:
  • Vengeance

    Player Level:23

    In the next 3 seconds, each time the hero takes damage deals 50 + 25% of the damage taken as Magic Damage to the enemy.
    Gains 35% Damage Reduction during the period.

    Removed Battle Spells

    List of Battle Spells that have been removed from the game.

    Healing Spell

    Player Level:9

    Healing Spell.png
    Restores 14% of Hero Health.png Max HP and 10% of Hero Mana.png Max Mana, and surrounding allied heroes for up to 12% of their Health.png Max HP (depending on the number of nearby allied heroes) and 10% of their Mana.png Max Mana.
    Restores additional 165 (+15 × Hero Level) Health.png HP to most injured allied Heroes (including themselves).


    Player Level:11

    Silences defensive turrets for 5 seconds and lowers their defense by 10.


    Player Level:17

    Reduces the target hero's movement speed by 70% and Physical Attack.png Physical Attack and Magic Power.png Magic Power by 50% for 3 seconds.


    Player Level:17

    Summons Harper to search for nearest enemy hero. Reduces revealed Hero Movement Speed.png Movement Speed by 70%, Physical and Magical Attack by 50% for 3 seconds.

    Iron Wall

    Player Level:23

    Iron Wall.png
    In 3 seconds, Physical and Magic Damage taken is reduced by 40%.


    • The ability, Vengeance is based on recoil moves in Pokemon anime and games.
    • The Spell Track is also called as Scout.

    Recent Changes

    Patch Notes 1.6.18

    • Execute.png Execute
      • ADJUST ~ Damage: 200 + 20 * Hero Level + 10% of the Target's Lost HP → 100 + 10 * Hero Level + 13% of the Target's Lost HP

    Patch Notes 1.5.88

    • Context
    • Optimized the special effects of all Battle Spells.
    • Purify.png Purify
      • NEW EFFECT + Removes slow effects.
      • NERF ↓ Movement Speed Boost: 30% → 15%
    • Sprint.png Sprint
      • BUFF ↑ Initial Movement Speed Boost: 40% → 50%

    Patch Notes 1.5.62

    • Retribution.png Retribution
      • NERF ↓ In the first 5 min of the match, Exp and level gained from minions will be reduced by: 40% → 50%

    Patch Notes 1.5.32

    • Aegis.png Aegis
      • BUFF ↑ Initial Shield: 720 → 800
      • BUFF ↑ Shield for Allies: 50% → 70%
    • Retribution.png Retribution
      • BUFF ↑ Creep damage reduction when equipped with jungling equipment: 40% → 50%.
      • NERF ↓ Reduces Exp from Minions in the first 3 minutes by 40% → Reduces Gold and Exp from Minions in the first 5 minutes by 40%, with extra 30 Gold for each kill or assist.

    Patch Notes 1.5.16

    • Retribution.png Retribution
      • BUFF ↑ Base Damage: 600-1440 → 600-1720
      • NERF ↓ Spell Retribution is required for purchasing Jungle equipment items now.
      • NEW EFFECT +/NERF ↓ Added new effects to all the Jungle equipment items: Reduces the Exp gain from minions by 40% in the first 3 minutes of the match.

    Patch Notes 1.4.86

    • Flameshot.png Flameshot
      • NERF ↓ Reduced the Slow from 60% to 40%.
      • BUFF ↑ Increased the Magic Power Ratio from 40% - 160% to 45% - 180%.
      • FIX Issue Fixes
      • Fixed an issue where the damage will decrease when passing Harley Icon.png Harley's Deadly Magic.png Deadly Magic.
  • Petrify.png Petrify
    • BUFF ↑ Increased the Stun Duration from 0.7 seconds to 0.8 seconds.
  • Purify.png Purify
    • NERF ↓ Increased the Cooldown Reduction.png Cooldown from 75 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Vengeance.png Vengeance
    • NERF ↓ Reduced the Damage Reduction from 45% to 35%.
    • NERF ↓ Increased the Cooldown Reduction.png Cooldown from 70 seconds to 75 seconds.
  • Patch Notes 1.4.70

    • Flameshot.png Flameshot
    • Context
    • Flameshot seems to be too well rounded in current meta, especially some melee, heroes can take advantage of the knock back effect to finish their attack combos. Thus, we adjusted the close range damage and long range slow, so that players will have to make a choice between damage and control.
    • NERF ↓ Close range damage decreased from 400+100% Magic Power bonus to 160+40% Magic Power bonus.
    • ADJUST ~ Long range damage remains unchanged.
    • NERF ↓ Slow duration decreased from 1s to 0.55.

    Patch Notes 1.4.60

    • Flameshot.png Flameshot
      • FIX Fixed an issue that on the mini-map, the indicator may disappear.
      • NERF ↓ CD increased from 35 to 50s.
      • NERF ↓ Slowdown Duration reduced from 2 to 1s.
    • Arrival.png Arrival
      • FIX Now Johnson Icon.png Johnson can’t get the allies who’re channeling Arrival into his Rapid Touchdown.png car.

    Patch Notes 1.4.50

    • Flameshot.png Flameshot
      • FIX Optimized the indicator.
      • NEW EFFECT + Now the knockback range is displayed on the indicator.

    Patch Notes 1.4.44

    • Flameshot.png Flameshot
      • BUFF ↑ The Basic Damage increased from 400-560 to 400-640.
      • BUFF ↑ Magic Bonus increased from 100%-140% to 100%-160%.
      • BUFF ↑ Slightly increased the knocking back range.
      • FIX Improved the skill visual effect.
    • Revitalize.png Revitalize
      • NERF ↓ The Healing Effect decreased from 2.8% to 2.5%. (Only in 5v5 Modes)

    Patch Notes 1.4.36

    • Revitalize.png Revitalize
      • NERF ↓ The Healing Effect decreased from 3.2% to 2.8%.
    • Flameshot.png Flameshot
      • BUFF ↑ The Slowing Effect increased from 30% to 60%.
      • BUFF ↑ The duration increased from is to 2s.
      • FIX Greatly increased the skill range (the indicator will be displayed on the mini-map).
      • NEW EFFECT + Now it can knock back the enemies as before.
    • Arrival.png Arrival
      • NERF ↓ The duration of Movement Bonus decreased from 5s to 3s.
      • NERF ↓ The Slowing Effect to enemies decreased from 60% to 45%.
      • FIX Optimized the visual effect.
    • Vengeance.png Vengeance
      • ? Now at the end of spell duration, the hero will regenerate HP equal to 50% of the damage dealt instead of 35%.

    Patch Notes 1.4.28

    • Flameshot.png Flameshot
      • BUFF ↑ Basic Damage adjusted from 350-490 to 400-560.
      • BUFF ↑ The Cooldown decreased from 60s to 35s.
      • REMOVED EFFECT - Removed the effect that could knock back enemies at a close range.
    • Revitalize.png Revitalize
      • BUFF ↑ The Max HP regenerating each time increased from 2.8% to 3.2%
      • NERF ↓ (Decreased from 2.8% to 2% in Brawl Mode).
      • NERF ↓ HP Regen increased adjusted from 40% to 25%.
      • NERF ↓ The extra Regen Effect will only take effect for one time when several players use Revitalize at the same time.
    • Vengeance.png Vengeance
      • BUFF ↑ Adjusted the damage to 80 + 30% damage received (No more than 500).
      • FIX Optimized the spell description.
    • Arrival.png Arrival
      • NERF ↓ The extra Movement Speed decreased from 75% to 60%.
      • NERF ↓ The duration of Slowing Effect to enemies decreased from 1.5s to 1s.
      • FIX Fixed an issue where enemy heroes could not see the special effects of Arrival.

    Patch Notes 1.4.20

    • Flameshot.png Flameshot
      • BUFF ↑ Basic Damage adjusted from 250-350 to 350-490.
      • NEW EFFECT + Now this Battle Spell can knock enemies back in a wider area which is increased by 100% at close range, slowing them down by 60%.
      • BUFF ↑ The width of this Battle Spell increased by about 25%.
    • Context
    • Instead of dealing damage to a single target, Flameshot now deals AoE damage when it reaches the very end of its rnge or when it hits a target.
    • Also, we optimized the experience when casting this Battle Spell and the performance of the target being knocked back.
  • Vengeance.png Vengeance
    • BUFF ↑ Damage Growth at each level increased from 15 to 20.
    • BUFF ↑ The HP Regen after this spell ends adjusted from 30% of the damage dealt to 35%.
  • Arrival.png Arrival
    • BUFF ↑ The next Basic Attack will deal extra damage and greatly slows enemies down.
  • Revitalize.png Revitalize
    • BUFF ↑ The HP Regen each time increased from 2.5% of Max HP to 2.8% of Max HP.
  • Patch Notes 1.4.14

    • Changed Healing Spell.png Heal to Revitalize.png Revitalize.
    • NEW EFFECT + Revitalize.png Revitalize
      • New Battle Spell Summons a Healing Spring, where allies within the area of effect restore HP, and enhance the Shield and HP Regen Effect they receive. Lasts 5s.
    • REMOVED EFFECT - Track.png Track.
    • NEW EFFECT + Flameshot.png Flameshot
      • New Battle Spell Fires a Flaming Shot forward which accelerates over time, dealing damage with Magic Attack Bonus to the first enemy hit and slowing the target. The damage of the Flaming Shot scales with the distance. The Flaming Shot can knock back enemies in the front when shot out.
    • Arrival.png Arrival
      • BUFF ↑ Greatly decreased the CD of this spell.
      • NEW EFFECT + Now players will get extra high Movement Speed after this spell ends.
      • NEW EFFECT + Now players can choose destroyed allied Turret as the target to cast Arrival.
    • Vengeance.png Vengeance
      • BUFF ↑ Increased the damage.
      • NEW EFFECT + Now using Vengeance can deal damage to attackers and damage dealers.
      • BUFF ↑ When this spell ends, returns a certain percentage of HP based on the damage done by Vengeance.
      • FIX Remade the special effect of Vengeance.
    • Sprint.png Sprint
      • NERF ↓ Max Movement Speed decreased from 50% to 40%.