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Starlight Member Skins

Teen Pop

Wanwan Wanwan | Teen Pop
2020/08 Starlight Member

Mystery Skin

Mystery Hero | Mystery Skin
2020/09 Starlight Member


August 2020 Starlight Rewards

  • Lvl.0 | Mystery Hero - Mystery Skin
  • Lvl.1 | Mystery Hero - Mystery Painted Skin | Mystery Hero Painted Skin
  • Lvl.40 | Mystery Battle Emote
  • Lvl.60 | Mystery Sacred Statue | Mystery Hero Sacred Statue

Rules and Purchasing

Starlight Purchasing

  • Purchase Starlight Members and obtain the Exclusive Permanent Skin of this month right away. Also, the premium prize pool will be unlocked. Starlight Member Trial does NOT grant Starlight Skin nor premium prize pool.
  • The premium prize pool and Starlight skin refresh at 0:00, 1st day of each month(Server Time).
  • When you have purchased Starlight Members, you will get 31 days of Starlight membership privileges. Check the privileges section for details.
  • When you have purchased Starlight Member or you get the privileges of Starlight Member, you can claim weekly rewards on the Privileges page right away. The unclaimed rewards will be sent to you by email.
  • When you have purchased Starlight Member, the exclusive Avatar Border will be unlocked for you. Check it on the Profile Page.
  • Each player obtains Membership Scores by logging in every day / spends Diamonds / partake in matches, which can be used to upgrade VIP Level. An ordinary player can claim rewards in the Free prize pool while Starlight Members can claim rewards refresh at 0:00, 1at day of each month(Server Time).
  • The Starlight Member is required to exchange in the Starlight Shop. Also, you can exchange for rewards only when your VIP Level is MAX. Then you can use Membership Scores or Starlight Gems to exchange.
  • Purchase Starlight Member Plus and unlock Premium prize pool for 1 time and obtain 2000 Membership Scores right away. Meanwhile, the Starlight Skin of this month and Starlight Privileges that last for 31 days will be unlocked.
  • Purchase Starlight Member Quarter Card is equivalent to purchase or renew the Starlight Members monthly card 3 times.

Starlight Member Skins

Monthly Starlight Member Skins

Starlight Member Skins are obtainable after purchasing the Starlight Membership. Some of the old skins are purchasable from the Rare Skin fragment shop each costing 200 Rare Skin Fragment except Saber's Force Warrior which costs 150 Rare Skin Fragment.


These are the following privileges:

  • Weekly Free Heroes
  • Weekly Free Skins
  • Exclusive Avatar Borders (31-Day)
  • Weekly Rewards
    • 100 Magic Dust
    • 5 Rare Skin Fragment
    • 2 Double BP Cards (1-Day)
    • 200 Starlight Score (Refresh in Every Monday Server Time 5:00)
    • 1 New Arrival Token
    • 1 Magic Wheel Potion S
  • Obtain extra 10 Protection Points when losing in Ranked match.
  • Starlight Exclusive
    • Elimination Alert, Recall Effect, Spawn Effect
    • Profile
    • Chat Frame
    • Battle Emotes
  • Obtain 30% more Mastery Point for each match.
  • Refresh Mysterious Shop 1 time for free
  • Have up to 200 In-game friends
  • Obtain 10% more EXP for each match.
  • Starlight Talent Page
  • Obtain 5% more BP Battle-points-cost for each match.
  • Sign in for a previous day in "7-Day Log-in"

Starlight Shop


  • Force Warrior is the only 2016 Starlight Skin.
  • Force Warrior, Bunny Babe, Captain Thorns and Black Pearl are the skins that are reworked, adding new color, effects and new model.
    • Saber/Skins|Force Warrior - Remodeled, Added Yellow Effects but Changed to Green Effects.
    • Bunny Babe - Remodeled, Optimized Skill Effect.
    • Captain Thorns - Added new Green effect.
    • Black Pearl - Changed the skill effect from Crimson Red to Magenta.
  • NEW! Starlight Membership now acts like 'Season Pass'.
    • 'Season Pass' is no longer available.
  • China Doll was renamed to Shanghai Maiden
  • March Starlight 2019 was changed to Kimmy Kimmy - Bio Frontier from Harith Harith - Stardust.
  • May 2019 Starlight is the first time to purchase Starlight Membership with Diamonds.
    • Purchase with diamonds is 385 Diamonds-cost (Starlight Member) or 770 Diamonds-cost (Starlight Member Plus) for first time with 30% Discounts.
    • If purchase for second time and forward in next month, you must pay cost 440/550 Diamonds-cost (Starlight Member) or 880/1100 Diamonds-cost (Starlight Member Plus). You can also get 20% Coupon Starlight Member Discount if purchase for the second time and forward in next month. If Coupon Discount has expired, cost Starlight Member with diamond back to normal.
  • Recharging $0.99 in total for the first time each month can get Starlight Privileges for 3 days on trial.
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