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This article is about the role of the hero. For the specialty of the hero, see Support (specialty). For other uses, see Support (disambiguation)

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The Support role is to aid and help protect your allies in any situation. Your role is is to shield or heal them, to tanking some damage, or sacrificing yourself to keep others alive. You are often giving up the glorious kills in the game to support others but in the end, it's usually the support to secure the true MVP award. Support heroes usually lane with the marksman in the top lane or at the mid lane to be able to travel quickly where they are needed.

Supports are classified into three types: pure, primary, and secondary.

Pure supports

Because they have no other role, these heroes are full supports.

Primary supports

These heroes are mainly support who can also be used for a different purpose.

Secondary supports

Because they are used in a different way than a support's main purpose, these heroes are half-support.


  • Five of the support heroes have season exclusive skins: Nana Nana, Minotaur Minotaur, Estes Estes, Rafaela Rafaela, and Kaja Kaja.
  • This class has the least number of heroes with only 17 heroes in 5 classes (particularly Fighter/Support, Support, Support/Assassin, Support/Tank, Mage/Support, Tank/Support in the game).
  • Lolita Lolita, Minotaur Minotaur, and Tigreal Tigreal wields a hammer as a weapon.
  • Kaja Kaja was formerly a Tank/Support hero. due to the fact his latest revamp, he was changed to be a Support/Fighter hero. His role was changed once more to Fighter/Support.
  • Akai Akai, Atlas Atlas, Carmilla Carmilla, Kaja Kaja, Khufra Khufra, Franco Franco, Nana Nana, and Tigreal Tigreal are the only support heroes that doesn't provide an ally a shield or heal them however their general abilities are applied to forfend their allies.
  • Angela Angela is the only hero who can possess an allied hero, albeit the chosen ally is far away. When she possesses Johnson Johnson in conveyance form with a passenger, he could have two passengers.
  • Lolita Lolita, Nana Nana, Carmilla Carmilla, Mathilda Mathilda, Akai Akai, Franco Franco, and Tigreal Tigreal are the only support heroes who are playable in Mayhem Mode.
  • Mathilda Mathilda is the only hero that has a competency to support allies and can assassinate as well.
  • Only one support - Minotaur Minotaur (Taurus) have a Zodiac skin.
  • Five of the supports have Squad skins: