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Classic Rank Draft Pick Brawl Vs. AI Custom Survival

Survival is the first expansion of the Mobile Legends universe: Jade Path. In a quest to fight for the Twilight Orb. Currently, Survival will match 33 teams in a single game – 99 players and only the remaining team or the remaining player will win.

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Survival currently works in teams of 3. You can choose to play solo and be matched with random players or team up with friends. Only certain heroes are available for every team to choose, as Survival only offers 15 selectable heroes (different each time you play) divided into three groups: Physical, Magical, and Defense. All Heroes fall into one of this three groups, however it is still possible to play some heroes (mainly from Defense group) differently from their category, depending on the equipment you pick during the match; if you don't own an hero that is shown in the selection phase then it will be unselectable and dimmed out. (As shown in the photo below.) You can’t overlap your teammate’s choice of hero.


Mostly group of Marksmans, Assassins and Fighters. It's job is just to inflict damage and knocking down enemy heroes within sight.

List of Physical Heroes below.

Hero181-icon.png Hero161-icon.png Hero011-icon.png Hero121-icon.png Hero071-icon.png Hero281-icon.png Hero031-icon.png Hero541-icon.png Hero221-icon.png Hero391-icon.png Hero511-icon.png Hero531-icon.png Hero171-icon.png Hero401-icon.png Hero241-icon.png Hero131-icon.png Hero471-icon.png Hero581-icon.png Hero601-icon.png Hero311-icon.png Hero431-icon.png Hero651-icon.png

Mostly group of Supports, Mages, and Assassin/Mage Hybrids. It's job is to just Poke and Damage enemy heroes within sight for those who was Damage Abilities, while those who has supportive and healing abilities just support.

List of Magical Heroes below.

Hero141-icon.png Hero331-icon.png Hero341-icon.png Hero461-icon.png Hero551-icon.png Hero501-icon.png Hero051-icon.png Hero151-icon.png Hero561-icon.png Hero081-icon.png Hero041-icon.png Hero231-icon.png Hero611-icon.png Hero421-icon.png Hero521-icon.png Hero361-icon.png Hero571-icon.png

Mostly group of Tanks, Fighters, and Support/Tank Hybrids, with the only exception being Lapu-Lapu, an Assassin. Their job is to absorb damage and CC enemy heroes within sight while other teammates go in for the kill.

List of Defense Heroes below.

Hero291-icon.png Hero021-icon.png Hero091-icon.png Hero111-icon.png Hero101-icon.png Hero061-icon.png Hero351-icon.png Hero191-icon.png Hero411-icon.png Hero591-icon.png Hero201-icon.png Hero441-icon.png Hero321-icon.png Hero261-icon.png Hero371-icon.png Hero491-icon.png



Maze ofminos.png

Jungle Monsters

In order to get items in this Game Mode you need to kill Jungle Monsters. Each Monsters will usually drop an assigned type of items, for one of the three groups of heroes, but it also as a smaller chance to drop items for another type. (Unlike jungle monsters from other game modes, that have official names, as of now these Jungle Monsters are simply named Guardian.)

Enemy Description Skills

Guardian 1

Drop rate for Top-tier Defensive items are slightly higher, also has a chance to drop Attack and Magical type items. Can knock back surrounding enemies.

Guardian 2

Drop rate for Top-tier Attack items are slightly higher, also has a chance to drop Defense and Magical items. Can charge forward and deal damage in a rectangular-shaped area.

Guardian 3

Drop rate for Top-tier Defensive items are slightly higher, also has a chance to drop Attack and Magical items. Can give itself a shield to deflect the physical damage, if using a shield-related skill.
Devouring Mage.png

Devouring Mage

Drop rate for Top-tier Magical items are slightly higher, also has a chance to drop Attack and Defensive items. Can summon a poisonous area at the target's location, dealing continuous damage.
Lucky Chest.png

Lucky Chest

Drop rate for Defensive items is higher and chance to get a rare ability. May contain rare Abilities!
Survival Lord.png


High Tier items and rare abilities drop. Can knock up multiple targets in the air and deal massive damage in one sweep.


Icon Ability Description Cooldown Note
Aegis.png Aegis Shield Shields the Hero and a nearby allied Hero.
Blitz.png Blitz Cast a bolt of lightning that deal huge damage to a single enemy Hero. 18s
Iron Hook.png Deadly Hook Pull the first enemy towards the Hero and stun them briefly.
Detonate.png Detonate Cast an energy that explodes upon hitting the enemy, dealing damage to them and slowing them down.
Disposable Vehicle.png Disposable Vehicle Transforms into a car that can travel at high speeds and can take along 1 allied Hero. One time use
Good Blink Effect.png Good Blink Effect Blink to a destination. 10s When equipped with both Flicker and Good Blink Effect, the 10s cooldown will apply to both after using Good Blink Effect.
Turbo Stealth.png Hide Make the hero and nearby allies invisible for a few seconds.
Mega Heal.png Mega Heal Chants for 4s and recover health. One time use Can only stack up to 5.
Minos' Trap.png Minos' Trap Sets a trap that implodes when the enemy step on it, dealing damage to them. 5s The trap is invisible to enemies.
Minos' Trick.png Minos' Trick Creates a space barrier that prevents enemies from escaping.
Strong Petrify Effect.png Strong Petrify Effect Deal 200 physical damage to enemies and petrify them. 9s
Flameshot.png Take Aim Shoots an energy arrow towards enemies, dealing damage to them. 10s

Survival Mode Rules

Xmas Special Survival Mode

Xmas Special Survival Mode.png

A special variant of Survival during the Winter Gala Event 2018. The Xmas Special Survival Mode contains exclusive and new features such as Random Events, Jungle Monsters, Abilities and Rewards in addition to the normal features of Survival Mode.

Random Events

There are a total of 6 events that can possibly occur during the Survival match. A random event will occur randomly during the match.

Event Description
Snow Ball Battle During this event, the player cannot use basic attacks and skills. The player will gain a special ability, Snowball. The Snowball will increase in size, the further the player moves. The player is able to launch the Snowball at enemies to freeze them for a brief moment. At the end of this event, the Snowball will be converted to Physical and Magic Defense according to its size.
Catch Snowman Every player gains the ability, Catch Snowman and Snowmen will randomly appear on the map. If the Catch Snowman ability hits a Snowman, the player will get an increase in HP limit.
Christmas Gifts Jungle Monsters will drop Christmas Bells upon being killed. These Christmas Bells can be used to obtained rewards.
Disorder Energy The Energy Disorder Area is now in the battlefield. Stay out of it! Great Damage is being dealt randomly in this area!
Hide and Seek Each player gets into Conceal State. This state will not be removed when players attack enemies, but it will be when they are attacked.
Snow Ball Battle During this phase, the Hero cannot use basic attacks and skills. The Hero is only able to launch a snowball at enemies to freeze them for a brief moment.
Storm Punishment Every player will be slowed for the entire duration of the event. The slow effect can be removed by picking a fire bead that can be obtained by killing a Jungle Monster. At the end of the event, players that fail to pick up a fire bead will be frozen for 3s.

Xmas Jungle Monster

Enemy Description Skills
Snowman.pngSnowman Increase HP limit of Hero by 1000 HP when hit by Catch Snowman Ability.
Christmas Chest.pngChristmas Chest Will drop at least 1 Christmas Bells.

Xmas Abilities

Icon Ability Description Cooldown Note
Catch Snowman.png Catch Snowman Increase HP limit of Hero by 1000 HP if this ability hits a Snowman. 5s It is only available during the Catch Snowman event.
Snowball.png Snowball Launch this at enemies to freeze them for a short time. The Snowball will grow bigger as the Hero moves and at the end of the Snow Ball Battle phase it will be converted to Physical and Magic Defense. The amount of Physical and Magic Defense the Hero gains depends on the size of the Snowball. 5s It is only available during the Snow Ball Battle event.
Xmas Disposable Vehicle.png Xmas Disposable Vehicle Transforms into a car that can travel at high speeds and can take along 2 allied Heroes. One time use It is only available during the Winter Gala Event.


Players can use the Christmas Bells they collected during the Survival match to obtain rewards.

Reward List

  • Christmas Spawn Effect
  • Skin Trial Pack (1-Day) Skin Trial Pack (1-Day).png
  • Magic Dust Magic Dust.png
  • Hero Fragment Hero Fragment.png
  • Premium Skin Fragment Premium Skin Fragment.png
  • Double BP Card


  • This is the only event mode, in particular the only game mode in Mobile Legends, that has no base.
    • Also, this is the first permanent event mode. (Advanced Server)
  • This is one and the first of the many features of the extension of the Mobile Legends Universe: Jade Path, along with the Mirror mode.
  • Two heroes, Yi Sun-shin Yi Sun-shin and Aldous Aldous, are banned in Survival Mode due to their Ultimate Skills.
    • Helcurt Helcurt, however, despite having an universal Dark Night Falls.png Ultimate Skill is still included in this game mode.
  • Unlike other mobile battle royale games, such as Rules of Survival, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), Free Fire, Fortnite, etc., the Survival mode didn't affect the phone storage.
    • It is because it's a browser-based game. Thus, there are no additional download charges in the game.
  • Survival mode has the largest map in Mobile Legends history.
    • Unlike the normal map, it has a lot of locations and 3 islands.
    • This is also the only game mode to have dragons that drops players onto the battlefield.
  • This mode also features a Ranking System, along with the Ranked Game. Winning / Losing this game mode will gives you experience points in the mode only and not affecting the Ranked Mode Rankings. (Advance Server)
  • Due to a bug, players that are revived by the Immortality.png Immortality item's passive will become invisible for the rest of the match; they cannot be seen by enemies nor teammates, except on the mini-map, and they won't reveal the area around them, meaning they can't see items on the ground or players in bushes unless a teammate is also nearby.
  • Moonton's Official Patch Note 1.4.86 Statement: After 2 years released, we're planning to add more new contents to this mode. That is to say, there will be a significant update in the future. Therefore, there is going to be the first season settlement of the Survival Mode along with the S16 Settlement. You will receive the reward according to your division in the Survival Mode. Meanwhile, your division will be reset. Survival Mode will be unavailable for a period of time for upgrades and optimizations. The new Survival Mode will be back as soon as the upgrade is complete.
  • Moonton's Official Patch Notes 1.5.58 (Advanced Server) Statement: The battle royale mode "Survival: Nexus" will be opened for testing. We hope that you all share your suggestions, ideas and feedback on this new mode with us! If you have any questions or suggestions about "Survival: Nexus", you can always get in touch with us via Customer Service. May the strongest win!