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Survival Nexus Map.png


"Survival: Nexus" is a battle royale mode focused on tactics and survival. Upon the wasteland-style map, 100 players playing as "Beatrix Beatrix" form teams of two, and enter into battle together. Players seek out monsters or chests to gain tons of equipment and different weapons. What's more, in "Survival: Nexus", Beatrix can use up to 7 different weapons! As you hunt down better gear, you'll need to outpace the ever-encroaching poison gas-for the last duo left standing attains the final victory!

In recent times, a most fascinating competition that grows in popularity by the day has taken Eruditio by storm. Known as "Survival: Nexus", it draws in participants from across Eruditio. Convenient terminals allow participants to control virtual avatars using only their brainwaves, immersing themselves in a virtual realm as they take part in a tactical competition. Those behind "Survival: Nexus" unveiled its jaw-dropping prize, given to those who stick it out to the very end. After years of uninterrupted peace, the Eruditio citizens welcomed such competition with huge enthusiasm. However, what they found strange was that it wasn't invented by the Eruditio scientists: it came from the faraway Moniyan Empire. Stranger yet was that each contestant would play using the same avatar. This all stirred up a lot of curiosity toward those who possessed such technology. In the Castle Gorge laboratory, Beatrix Beatrix sat and watched as the Eruditio citizens indulged themselves, and a satisfied smile formed upon her face...

1. This mode can be accessed from the Arcade.

2. You must first download additional resources for this mode before starting.

3. No Chest Points are given in this mode, but you can still gain Account Exp and BP as per usual.

4. Only certain achievements can be unlocked within this mode, its data will not enter into your profile, and it will not affect your Leaderboard ranking.


Switch Weapons.png
Switch Weapons
Weapon Swap

Beatrix puts away her primary weapon, switching to the secondary slung over her back.
Level Scaling

Tactical Reposition.png
Tactical Reposition

Beatrix blinks towards a designated location.
Level Scaling

Power of Mage.png
Potential Burst
Speed Up

Beatrix rids herself of control effects while greatly increasing her Movement Speed.
Level Scaling

Jungle Monsters

In order to get items in this Game Mode you need to kill Jungle Monsters. Each Monsters will usually drop about 1 to 4 items.

Enemy HP Damage Skill

Guardian 1

2520 Health 180 Physical Damage Knock back surrounding enemies.

Guardian 2

2100 Health 320 Physical Damage Deal 2290 Physical Damage in a rectangular-shaped area.

Guardian 3

4200 Health 280 Physical Damage Give itself a shield to deflect all physical damage back to the enemy.
Devouring Mage.png

Devouring Mage

1785 Health 160 Physical Damage Deals Poison Damage for a period of time.
Lucky Chest.png

Lucky Chest

1 Health 0 Physical Damage



Level Icon Weapon Stats Effect Charge
Common Military Blade.png Military Blade 840 Physical Damage A short range weapon that deals 840 Physical Area Damage in a fan-shaped area with each hit. 1
Elite Boomerang Survival Nexus.png Boomerang 840 Physical Damage A long range weapon that shoots a boomerang which returns. Each hit deals 840 Physical Area Damage. Maximum of 1680 Physical Damage if the 2 hits landed. 1
Uncommon Rocket Launcher.png Rocket Launcher 1400 Physical Damage A long range weapon that can shoot a rocket over obstacles, dealing 1400 Physical Area Damage in a circular area with each shot. 4
Uncommon Shotgun.png Shotgun 656 - 875 Physical Damage A short range weapon that shoots 6 bullets in a cone-shaped area twice. Each bullet deals 656 - 875 Physical Damage. Maximum of 3399 Physical Damage if all 6 bullets landed. 2
Uncommon Sniper Rifle.png Sniper Rifle 2100 Physical Damage A long range weapon that shoots 1 bullet in a line. Each bullet deals 2100 Physical Damage. 1
Uncommon Submachine Gun.png Submachine Gun 420 Physical Damage A long range weapon that shoots 6 bullets in a line continuously. Each bullet deals 280 Physical Damage. Maximum of 2520 Physical Damage if all 6 bullets landed. 4
Legendary Gatling Gun.png Gatling Gun 175 Physical Damage A long range weapon that shoots 2x120 bullets rapidly in a line. Each bullet deals 175 Physical Damage. Maximum of 42,000 Physical Damage if all 240 bullets landed. During use, Beatrix will be locked in place. 1


Level Icon Helmet
1 Star.png Steel Helmet.png Steel Helmet
1 Star.png1 Star.png Carbon Fiber Helmet.png Carbon Fiber Helmet
1 Star.png1 Star.png1 Star.png Leviathan Technology Helmet.png Leviathan Technology Helmet


Level Icon Armor Stats
1 Star.png Hide Armor.png Hide Armor +1500 Health
1 Star.png1 Star.png Carbon Fiber Armor.png Carbon Fiber Armor +3000 Health
1 Star.png1 Star.png1 Star.png Leviathan Technology Armor.png Leviathan Technology Armor +4500 Health


Level Icon Boots Stats
1 Star.png Aircushion Shoes.png Aircushion Shoes +15 Movement Speed
1 Star.png1 Star.png Steam Boots.png Steam Boots +30 Movement Speed
1 Star.png1 Star.png1 Star.png Magne-Speed Boots.png Magne-Speed Boots +45 Movement Speed


Icon Ability Description Cooldown Note
Iron Hook.png Deadly Hook Pull the first enemy towards the Hero and stun them briefly. 19s
Detonate.png Detonate Cast an energy that explodes upon hitting the enemy, knocking them back and stun them briefly. 19s
Disposable Vehicle.png Vehicle Transforms into a car that can travel at high speeds and can take along 1 allied Hero. Upon impact, it deals 500 Magic Damage surrounding enemies and stun them briefly. One time use
Guardian's Barrier.png Guardian's Barrier Create stone walls that hinder enemies! 11s
Random Camouflage Device.png Random Camouflage Device Disguise the hero as a weapon. Unlimited use Camouflage is removed when the hero takes damage.
Mecha Core.png Mecha Core Collect to redeem Mecha Cores for Eruditio Crisis event.
Mega Heal.png Mega Heal Chants for 4s and recover health. One time use Can only stack up to 3.
Minos' Trick.png Minos' Trick Creates a space barrier that stun all enemies that touch the border of the barrier for a short period of time. 19s Enemies can avoid being stunned by blinking through the border.
Good Blink Effect.png Teleportation Device Teleport to a random destination inside the safe area. 40s Teleportation is interrupted when the hero takes damage.

Survival Mode Rules