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Topic: Lack of Infomation.

I've played Mobile Legends a bunch searching for certain specific things, but it lacks alot infomation you dont have

-Achievement list (and how to)

-Character Strategies, ive played many of the heroes and found some good Gear sets/Ways to play them

-Shop Menu has alot of stuff 

-Whats in the Free Chest/Medal chest (i feel like having info on this is very nice to know)

-Level Chart/Progression Charts (Because More Heroes you get the more Free ones, achievement level would be nice to know how much) 

I hate how people hide most of the infomation, i have a bad habit of helping the competition but i also dislike noobies mentality/Entitlement is what i really hate about them. but anyway i hope these will come on to the wiki if not i will make the pages sometime

IGN: SoundsWildelyInsane

Region: USA

Rank: Elite II 2 star

Favorite Heroes: Lolita/Bane