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are durable, front-line champions that help lock down enemies and start fights. They're usually found leading the charge, choosing the right times and situations to initiate aggression. Many tanks can also protect their more fragile teammates by stunning or pushing around dangerous foes and limiting their damage potential. In mobile legends most classes of heroes are really versatile in terms of abilities and with the item crafting variations a "tank" can be played as a dps if you choose the right equipment. Usually, tanks are laning on the bottom tower. Tank has high defense and Hp, but low damage.

There are currently 16 Tanks in 3 categories in the game (Tanks, Tank/Fighters, Tank/Supports).


  • 4 of the tanks have Season Exclusive skins: Minotaur, Hilda, Franco and Tigreal.
  • Grock and Hylos are the only tanks who are unplayable in Mayhem Mode.
  • All of Tigreal, Franco and Gatotkaca's skills have CC ability.
  • Hylos and Minotaur are the only heroes based on Ancient Greek mythological figures.
  • Despite Franco being a Tank, he has a Fighter icon.
    • Franco used to be a Fighter with different animation skills, but his role was purely changed into a Tank in  Season 3.
  • Balmond and Hilda are the only Fighter/Tank Hybrid Class heroes, and some of the few heroes that can heal themselves (but not their allies) with their passive and skills.
  • Bixi/Baxia is a tank that his passive can anti heal enemy heroes.
  • Esmeralda can have a full shield hp.
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