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Barren Lands

The Barren Lands was where all abyssal creatures and evil spirits lived in and devoted their lives to the abyss. Dyrroth.png Dyrroth fell here when Silvanna.png Silvanna tried to save him but, the abyss already possessed Dyrroth.png Dyrroth's body, causing him to let go and be part of the abyss. The Blood Demons is ruled by Alice.png Alice, the Fire Demons is lead by Thamuz.png Thamuz, The Orc Legion is lead by Balmond.png Balmond, and the Evil Spirits is lead by Vexana.png Vexana.


  • Crack of the Abyss: The place that is the gateway from the Land of Dawn into the Land of the Abyss. Brody.png Brody was born in a village, located at the foot of a volcano. The village was haunted by the Abyss, and the people who lived there often had to be very careful to survive.

Shadow Abyss

Dyrroth.png Dyrroth's Throne which can seen in his Splash Art.

  • Shadow Abyss: The monstrous place that is hideous scar carved inside of the Crack of Abyss. Innumerable demons lurk within it, plotting to devour the light and remold the world in the name of darkness. Alice.png Alice is the Queen of the Blood Demon, and Thamuz.png Thamuz is the leader of the fire demon tribes. They led the Abyss to conquer all over the underworld. They made a plan called the Dawn Plan and ought to kidnap a royal prince from the empire and they successfully did. Moskov.png Moskov fell to the Abyss on his choice to serve the queen and gain more power.Selena.png Selena was sacrificed to the Shadow Abyss by the fanatics, in exchange for dark energy. This is where Dyrroth.png Dyrroth planned his invasion of the Moniyan Empire.

  • Necrokeep:


    The place that was once under Vexana.png Vexana's rule. It was once lively until the Lord of the Abyss and Alice.png Alice's disturbance caused the fall of this place. Vexana awakened Leomord.png Leomord from the dead and he was given orders to protect the kingdom or else, watch the innocent undead face eternal damnation. Faramis.png Faramis is one of the knights, guarding this place. Lunox.png Lunox came here and remembered her past in the battle between Order and Chaos, as well as her destiny.
  • The Lantis Mountains:

    Horror Castle, Lantis Mountains

    Legends say they're the eldest race in the Land of Dawn. It helps to block the corruption of the Abyss. Benedetta.png Benedetta and her comrades trained together and avenged those monsters at the foothill. This is the place where the Stone Titans including Grock.png Grock remain. This is where Belerick.png Belerick had regressed to his form - Growth Wings. It is the place where Horror Castle is located.
  • Despair Place: This once prosperous land is now nothing but a silent place filled with death. Benedetta.png Benedetta was the Protector and Shadow Ranger of Despair Place.
  • The Rantha Mountains: The place that was passed by Tigreal.png Tigreal and his Expeditionary Forces of Light in order to decimate the undead at the Necrokeep.
  • Stormeye Wasteland: The place was the Orcs including Balmond.png Balmond live and find food for their boss, Alice.png Alice, and the Blood demons, as they were enslaved by her.
  • Askati Forest: The place where Pharsa.png Pharsa and the crow people lived. It was once ruled by the Crow King, Osana until Alice.png Alice invaded the people and crows and ruined Pharsa's wedding, causing, Pharsa's true power to awaken, which unfortunately led to her permanent loss of vision.

Heroes in Barren Lands

Related Heroes in Barren Lands

  • In Khaleed.png Khaleed's lore, it was revealed that he was Moskov.png Moskov's best friend, and they battled together against the desert tyrant, Khufra.png Khufra.
    • This differs with his original lore, as his enemy was Kublai, the leader of the rival clan Thornwolf, instead.
  • Dyrroth.png Dyrroth was born here in the Moniyan Empire (Brothers of Silvanna.png Silvanna of and then kidnapped by the will of the Abyss. He also returned to invade the empire and to remold the world into the name of darkness.



  • The Region is possibly based on the Africa Continent.
  • The definition of Barren Lands is ecosystems in which less than one third of the area has vegetation or other cover. In general, The Barren Lands has thin soil, sand, or rocks. The Barren Lands include deserts, dry salt flats, beaches, sand dunes, exposed rock, strip mines, quarries, and gravel pits.
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