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Skins' Tier is unclear, it may be changed over time.

Reworked Skins

These have been confirmed to have new entrance animations and skill effects.

Skin Icons

Painted Skins

Main Article: Painted Skins

Unclassified Skins

Basic Skins

Main Article: Basic Skins

Elite Skins

Main Article: Elite Skins

Starlight Skins

Main Article: Starlight

Special Skins

Main Article: Special Skins

Epic Skins

Main Article: Epic Skins

Skin Series

Main Article: Squad Skins

HERO Squad

Legend Skins

Main Article: Legend Skins

Collector Skins

Main Article: Epic Showcase

Sacred Statue

Main Article: Sacred Statue

Magic Chess Commanders

New Commanders

New Commander Skin

Reworked Commander Skin


  • MLBB x Doraemon


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