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Schedule of Upcoming and Encore Heroes and Skins

Upcoming Events

2020 Mysterious Event

Upcoming Event

New Event Puzzle 2020

Upcoming Puzzle

Event 2020 - New Event

Event related to Yu Zhong

Event 2020 - New Event 1

Event related to Lightborn Heroes

Upcoming Survey

Skin Survey

Hero Survey

New Hero



New Heroes

Revamped Heroes

Remodeled Heroes

These upcoming heroes will be remodeled and enchanted skill effects.



Skin Remodel

These have been confirmed to have new entrance animations and skill effects.

Skin Model

Skin Icons

Painted Skins

Main Article: Painted Skins

Seasonal Skin

NOTE: This poll is unofficial but you can vote freely what you will predict. Several heroes that already received their season reward skins are frequently the old heroes (Heroes that are released from 2016 to early 2018). Since the next season is due in the month of June, the official skin may be leaked starting today until June.

These are the candidates if who can predict the next seasonal skin.

The poll was created at 02:20 on May 19, 2020, and so far 25 people voted.

Basic Skins

Main Article: Basic Skins

Elite Skins

Main Article: Elite Skins

Starlight Skins

Main Article: Starlight

Special Skins

Main Article: Special Skins

Epic Skins

Main Article: Epic Skins

Squad Skins

Main Article: Squad Skins

Dragon Tamer Squad

HERO Squad

Legend Skins

Main Article: Legend Skins

Sacred Statue

Main Article: Sacred Statue


  • MLBB x Bleach
  • MLBB x Doraemon
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