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This article contains information about the game's upcoming content gathered from leakers and other trustworthy sources. Some leaked content will change, be delayed, or be canceled over time — making this article unstable and incomplete.

Heroes & skins' calendar

Icon Name Release Date Rarity
Hero Skin
Hero966-icon.png Luo Yi Elysium Guardian July 7, 2022 Collector Skin Tag.png
Hero1093-icon.png Aamon Noble Crest July 11, 2022 Elite Skin Tag.png
Hero717-icon.png Kimmy Jet Trooper July 16, 2022 Star Wars Skin Tag.png
Hero307-icon.png Yi Sun-shin Fleet Warden July 23, 2022 Epic Skin Tag.png
Hero1074-icon.png Natan Captain Chrono August 1, 2022 Starlight Skin Tag.png
Hero278-icon.png Sun Wicked Flames August 8, 2022 Collector Skin Tag.png


New hero

Hero revamp

Skin revamp


New hero

Hero revamp


Note: Skins' tier is unclear, it may be changed over time.

Skin revamp

Note: These have been confirmed to have new designs / new entrance animations / new skill effects.

Painted skin

Main article: Painted Skins

Unclassified skin

Basic skin

Main article: Basic Skins

Elite skin

Main article: Elite Skins

Starlight skin

Main article: Starlight

Special skin

Main article: Special Skins

Epic skin

Main article: Epic Skins

Collector skin

Main article: Grand Collection

Legend skin

Main article: Legend Skins

Skin series

Main article: Skin series

There's no upcoming skin series.

Collaboration skin

There's no upcoming collaboration skin.

Sacred statue

Main article: Sacred Statue

Magic Chess commander

New commander

New commander skin

Commander skin revamp