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Ursula Academy of Magic

Ursula Academy of Magic

Ursula Academy of Magic, also known as the Magic Academy, is a place where most magicians lived and is a school for children talented in witchcraft and wizardry. Many experienced Professors of magic were known also to have taught here.

Magic Academy in the north is a haven for Magicians with natural magic. The Magicians who believe in the Magical Goddess have long looked down on the mechanical inventions of Eruditio.


Main Article: Land of Dawn
After Einwald had separated the two energies inside Gord.png Gord's body, he was filled with despair as he could no longer use purest arcane magic, after his body changed. However, Einwald encouraged Gord.png Gord to still continue his magic studies and offered him a position in the Ursula Magic Academy. Gord.png Gord accepted in hopes of finding a talented student to continue his unfinished research. Valir.png Valir was once an apprentice of Gord.png Gord and studied here for some time. Eudora.png Eudora worked here as a professor of magic, too. Lylia.png Lylia was a top student in this Academy and so was Guinevere.png Guinevere. The Magic Academy also seems to be in conflict with Eruditio about which faction is dominant.

The Dark Magicians

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Hundreds of years ago, Dark Magicians were important precursors to the creation of Magic Academy. The gap between them and the White Magicians had always been big. They had different opinions on magic ideas.

The core of all disputes was that Dark Magic possessed mysterious magic called Alien Space Summoning. This kind of magic had created a portal to the unknown bringing alien monsters to the Land of Dawn. It was unpredictable, destructive, and also a contributor to a great threat in the human world.

White Magic has always opposed Summoning experiments. Dark Magic turned a deaf ear to it.

Finally, this risky magic went wrong during a summoning causing a disturbance at Ursula. The incident ended with the death of a high-rank white magician. This triggered a strong resentfulness of White Magic, after the senate of the ruling, Dark Magic assumed full responsibility.

They were permanently banished to the west of the land. It also led to the end of Dark Magic. The esoteric Alien Space Summoning was also permanently banned. The Magic Academy is now under the control of White Magic.

Lylia.png Lylia was the sole successor of Alien Space Summoning.

Heroes in Magic Academy


Related Heroes in Ursula Academy of Magic

  • Harley.png Harley is the Members in Magic Academy, along with Gord.png Gord.
  • Quote's Guinevere.png Guinevere "I am the top student in the academy after all!" implies that she is somewhat related to the Magic Academy (In which heroes like Harley.png Harley and many others are in). This could mean she might partake in its rivalry with Eruditio.



  • Lylia.png Lylia happened to be one of the most ostracized hero in the Magic Academy, because she comes from the circle of Black Wizards.
  • Eudora.png Eudora and Gord.png Gord were Professors, at the Magic Academy.
  • Valir.png Valir was a student of Gord.png Gord, whom he later betrayed.
  • There are two characters mentioned here, who are not yet in in-game: Einwald and Hart.
  • In revamped of Project NEXT: Phase 1, Entrance Background for Eudora.png Eudora is confirmed in Northern Vale although different places.
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