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The unpredictable shadow predator.

Valentina, Prophetess of the Night is a hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


Base statistics [edit]
Attribute Base Growth
Level 1 Level 15
HP 2701 5326 187.5
Mana 510 2050 110
HP Regen 7.2 11.4 0.3
Mana Regen 3.8 6.6 0.2
Physical Attack 115 205 6.4286
Magic Power 0 0 0
Physical Defense 21 68 3.3571
Magic Defense 15 38 1.6429
Physical Penetration 0 -
Magic Penetration 0 -
Damage Reduction 0 -
Attack Speed 0.98 1.11 0.0092857
Attack Speed Ratio 100% -
Movement Speed 240 -
Percentage statistics
Attribute Percentage
Physical Penetration 0%
Magic Penetration 0%
Damage Reduction 0%
Physical Lifesteal 0%
Magic Lifesteal 0%
Spell Vamp 0%
Cooldown Reduction 0%
Resilience 0%
Critical Chance 0%
Critical Damage 200%
Critical Damage Reduction 0%
Healing Effect 0%
Healing Received 100%



Valentina lore.png

House Paxley ruled over the regions near the Lantis Mountains in the south of the Moniyan Empire. Generations of the house had guarded these areas for the Empire, defending against the invasion of the Abyss with magic and swords.

As the house patriarch's eldest daughter, Valentina had been given high hopes since she was born. She underwent rigorous training and grew up into a proud perfectionist, the heir most qualified to lead this noble house.

As she grew older, she went to the frontier and helped the house repel wave after wave of invading demons.

The news of victories in Lantis Mountains became the only thing that could put the civilians' minds at ease. As a result, House Paxley rose quickly among the nobles, while Valentina became the youngest and only female member of the house council.

In search of allies, Valentina went alone to Moonlit Forest despite the Empire's prolonged hostility toward the Elves. The Elf King, Estes, refused Valentina's request, saying the Elves had no interest in humans' warfare. An Elf hero named Irlan, however, was moved by Valentina's sincere words. Unlike Estes, he believed with the fall of the human empire, the demise of Moonlit Forest would also be imminent.

A few heated words were exchanged, after which Irlan followed Valentina out of Moonlit Forest with his friends.

Elves and humans had since fought alongside each other on the battlefields of the Lantis Mountains.

After the days and nights spent with Valentina, putting their lives at risk, Irlan realized that he'd fallen desperately in love with her. But Valentina was at a loss when Irlan revealed his feelings for her: she'd always been taught that a noble lady shouldn't indulge herself in ridiculous romance, and she should marry someone of equal status for the interest of the house. Nonetheless, Irlan's passionate courtship awakened the feelings buried deep in Valentina's heart. She felt the wonderful joy of being loved for the very first time.

Just when Valentina pretended to be untroubled but was actually unsure how to respond, Irlan seized the chance at the House Paxley election meeting and proposed that he was willing to fight under Valentina's command with the other Elves permanently, but on one condition: Valentina had to say yes to his marriage proposal.

Irlan's suggestion perfectly solved the problem that'd been troubling Valentina. Now she could follow her heart and accept his feelings for the interest of the house. And so[,] they shared holy vows under the bright moonlight, and Valentina became the head of their house as the house cheered with joy. But among the cheering crowd, her uncle remained silent—the position should be his according to the house rules.

With the assistance of the Elves, House Paxley gained power with each day, and Valentina was conferred the title of 'Duchess' by the Moniyan Empire. And she also relied on Irlan who showered her with love. Having grown used to coming face to face with death, Valentina finally tasted the sweetness of life.

But that was when a disaster suddenly struck: after biding their time and gathering strength, the Abyss once again attacked the fief of House Paxley with strong troops. Before the Emperor's reinforcements arrived, House Paxley was left to fend on their own.

Fully aware the house's force was no match for the Abyss army, Valentina decided to resort to the last expedient—to assemble all the house mages and cast the "Soul Casket", a forbidden spell that, once completed, could create a deadly zone and devour all the souls of the living within. Even the demons wouldn't be spared.

To cover the mages preparing the spell in the back, Valentina and Irlan led the bravest warriors to the forefront, meeting the Abyss army head-on.

The battle began, and thousands of demons swarmed toward the Elves and humans like ocean waves. But the alliance stood firm like the toughest of rocks, letting waves of the Abyss troops come smashing themselves into smithereens.

But these courageous soldiers still fell one after another. Seeing this, Valentina grew more anxious awaiting the signal for the completion of the magic spell. Their plan was to withdraw from the battlefield with all their troops as soon as the signal came, so that the magic zone covering the front line would destroy the demon army all at once.

However, Valentina suddenly noticed the symbol of Soul Casket appearing above the engaging armies, but the rear hadn't fired any withdrawal signal! Confused, she turned back only to find her own uncle and the mages sneering at her.

Knowing that she'd been shamelessly betrayed, Valentina shouted for everyone to retreat immediately. At the last moment before the casket fell, Irlan exerted his last strength to push Valentina out of the zone, before falling on the battlefield as he lost his soul.

The Lantis Battle was thus put to an end, and the invincible legend of Valentina continued. But only Valentina herself knew what price she'd paid for the victory…

The duchess executed all those that betrayed her and escorted her loved one's body back to Castle Aberleen.

She built a sacred hall in commemoration of Irlan and the other martyrs and had since dedicated her life to searching for a way to bring back Irlan's soul. In this process, Valentina grew more and more desperate and eventually turned to black magic and awakened a trace of consciousness of the Evil God of Trickery—Kalon.

Kalon told Valentina about the miraculous powers of the Heart of Anima—a broken piece from the Twilight Orb, and tricked her into signing a blood pact with him. According to the blood pact, Valentina would gain immortality and the power of shadow, but at the price that since then, all souls of House Paxley were to be tainted by Kalon. And when his power truly awoke, he would be revived through a Paxley descendant.

To prevent Kalon's return, Valentina left a prophecy informing her descendants that if the Cursed One ever appeared, they must get rid of the person at all costs.

Since then, Valentina had been hiding among the shadows, silently waiting for the appearance of the Heart of Anima, for the day her loved one's soul could be retrieved…

Fate Deniers

Main article: Fate Deniers


  1. Since it was mentioned he was Aamon and Gusion's younger brother.



Primal Force.png
Primal Force

Valentina gains 15-50 EXP each time she deals damage to an enemy hero. Cooldown: 2 seconds. If the enemy hero's level is [lower or equal] than Valentina's, 32-60% of the damage dealt will be converted into her HP.
Level Scaling
EXP Increase 15 / 17.5 / 20 / 22.5 / 25 / 27.5 / 30 / 32.5 / 35 / 37.5 / 40 / 42.5 / 45 / 47.5 / 50
HP Regen 32% / 34% / 36% / 38% / 40% / 42% / 44% / 46% / 48% / 50% / 52% / 54% / 56% / 58% / 60%


  • The Magic Damage dealt by Valentina's own skills only benefits 30% of her Magic Lifesteal.
  • Damage from battle spells and equipment cannot be converted to HP.

Skill 1

Shadow Strike.png
Shadow Strike
Damage CC | Type: Magic Skill

Valentina launches a Shadow Strike.png Shadow Strike on a fan-shaped area ahead, dealing 340–665 (+185% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies hit and slowing them by 40% for 1 second.
Also applies a Shadow Sigil that lasts 4 seconds to enemy heroes hit. Marked enemies that are hit by Shadow Strike again will be terrified for 0.7 seconds.
Level Scaling
Cooldown7.0 / 6.6 / 6.2 / 5.8 / 5.4 / 5.0
Mana Cost70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90 / 95
Base Damage 340 / 405 / 470 / 535 / 600 / 665

Skill 2

Arcane Shade.png
Arcane Shade
Blink BUFF | Type: Magic Skill/Blink

Valentina fires 3 Shadow Bolts at nearby enemies and dashes forward, each Shadow Bolt dealing 125–225 (+30% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. Valentina can cast this skill again within 6 seconds (costs Mana).
Each time a Shadow Bolt hits an enemy [hero or creep], the cooldown of Shadow Strike.png Shadow Strike is reduced by 1 second.
Level Scaling
Mana Cost45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70
Base Damage 125 / 145 / 165 / 185 / 205 / 225


  • This skill can target hidden enemy units.


I Am You.png
Shadow Return.png
I Am You
Morph Slow

Valentina siphons the power of a designated enemy hero and slows them by 70% for 0.5 seconds. The siphoned power allows Valentina to cast the enemy's Ultimate within the next 20 seconds. After casting the enemy's Ultimate, Valentina will turn into the enemy hero's form and inherit their Basic Attack.png Basic Attack type (regular skills remain unchanged, unless the enemy's Ultimate has Morph effect). Valentina can turn back to her original form early.
This skill has no effect on enemy Valentina. The stolen Ultimate's level is determined by Valentina's own Ultimate. If the enemy hero is a Physical Damage hero, Valentina will gain (+100% Total Magic Power) extra Physical Attack within the duration.
Level Scaling
Mana Cost0
Stolen Skill's Level 1 / 2 / 3


  • Cooldown starts when the duration of this skill ends, or through manual cancellation.
  • This skill cannot target enemy Valentina.
  • If Valentina turned into the enemy hero's form, neither of her nor the copied hero's voice lines will play.
  • Siphoning an enemy hero can also copy their equipped skin and its skin effects.
  • Regardless of the form of the target hero, Valentina can only copy the default/1st phase of the ultimates. (e.g., you can only copy Roger Roger's Wolf Transformation.png Wolf Transformation―not Restore Human Form.png Restore Human Form―even if he is in Wolf Form.)
    • However, siphoning enemy Aurora Aurora or Hilda Hilda also contains their respective stacks, strengthening the stolen Ultimate.
  • Valentina can also have access to the copied hero's passive (and other skills), except for those who are listed below: </table
  • Copying certain heroes' Ultimates and skills have its features/bonuses omitted or replaced. These heroes are shown in the table below:
HeroPassive Skill(s)Reason
Aldous AldousContract Soul Steal.png Contract: Soul StealAbility is unavailable[1]
Alice AliceBlood Ancestry.png Blood AncestryAbility is unavailable[2]
Angela AngelaSmart Heart.png Smart HeartAbility is unavailable[3]
Argus ArgusWarmonger.png WarmongerRequires rage[1]
Aulus Aulus[1]Fighting Spirit.png Fighting SpiritAbility is unavailable
The Power of Axe.png The Power of AxeAbility is unavailable
Balmond BalmondBloodthirst.png BloodthirstAbility is unavailable[1]
Barats BaratsBig Guy.png Big GuyAbility is unavailable[4]
Belerick BelerickDeadly Thorns.png Deadly ThornsAbility is unavailable[4]
Chou ChouOnly Fast.png Only FastAbility is unavailable[1]
Cyclops CyclopsStarlit Hourglass.png Starlit HourglassAbility is unavailable[2]
Diggie DiggieYoung Again.png Young AgainAbility is inaccessible[4]
Edith EdithPrimal Wrath.png Primal WrathAbility is unavailable[4]
Estes EstesScripture of the Moon Elf.png Scripture of the Moon ElfaAbility is inaccessible[3]
Fanny FannyAir Superiority.png Air SuperiorityAbility is inaccessible[5]
Faramis Faramis[outdated]Vicious Retrieval.png Vicious RetrievalAbility is unavailable
Franco FrancoWasteland Force.png Wasteland ForceAbility is unavailable[4]
Gatotkaca GatotkacaSteel Bones.png Steel BonesRequires rage[4]
Harith HarithKey Insight.png Key InsightAbility is unavailable[2]
Helcurt HelcurtRace Advantage.png Race AdvantageAbility is unavailable[5]
Hylos HylosThickened Blood.png Thickened BloodAbility is unavailable[4]
Kadita KaditaThalassophobia.png ThalassophobiaAbility is unavailable[2]
Kagura KaguraYin Yang Gathering.png Yin Yang GatheringAbility is inaccessible[2]
Kaja KajaWrath Sanction.png Wrath SanctionAbility is unavailable[1]
Khaleed KhaleedSand Walk.png Sand WalkRequires rage[1]
Lancelot LancelotSoul Cutter.png Soul CutterAbility is unavailable[5]
Layla LaylaDestruction Rush.png Destruction RushAbility is unavailable[6]
Lunox LunoxDreamland Twist.png Dreamland TwistAbility is unavailable[2]
Luo Yi Luo YiDuality.png DualityAbility is inaccessible[2]
Lylia LyliaAngry Gloom.png Angry GloomAbility is inaccessible[2]
Masha MashaAncient Strength.png Ancient StrengthAbility is unavailable[1]
Mathilda MathildaAncestral Guidance.png Ancestral GuidanceAbility is unavailable[3]
Minotaur MinotaurRage Mode.png Rage ModeAbility is unavailable[4]
Minsitthar MinsittharAll United.png All UnitedAbility is unavailable[1]
Nana NanaMolina's Gift.png Molina's GiftAbility is inaccessible[2]
Pharsa PharsaSpiritual Unity.png Spiritual UnityAbility is unavailable[2]
Popol and Kupa Popol and KupaWe Are Friends.png We Are FriendsAbility is unavailable[6]
Rafaela RafaelaDeity Penalization.png Deity PenalizationAbility is inaccessible[3]
Terizla TerizlaBody of Smith.png Body of SmithAbility is unavailable[1]
Vale ValeWindtalk.png WindtalkAbility is unavailable[2]
Valir ValirAshing.png AshingAbility is unavailable[2]
Yve YveGalactic Power.png Galactic PowerAbility is inaccessible[2]
Zhask ZhaskDecimation (Zhask).png DecimationAbility is inaccessible[2]
Table note
a Stacks can only be obtained with Blessing of Moon Goddess.png Blessing of Moon Goddess, but cannot be consumed
HeroPassive Skill(s)Notes
Beatrix BeatrixMechanical Genius (all weapons) Critical strike restriction, and crit-to-physical attack conversion not included[7]
Esmeralda EsmeraldaStarmoon Casket.png Starmoon Casket Shield penetration and Shield-to-HP conversion not included[2]
Freya FreyaPower of Einherjar.png Power of Einherjar Grants Basic Attack.png 2 Enhanced Basic Attacks with Valkyrie Descent.png Valkyrie Descent, but Sacred Orbs cannot be consumed.[1]
Grock GrockAncestral Gift.png Ancestral Gift Can only be activated if Wild Charge.png Wild Charge successfuly hits a wall. If successful, the passive will be activated for indefinite time until the duration of I Am You.png I Am You ends.[4]
Guinevere GuinevereSuper Magic.png Super Magic Basic Attack.png Enhanced Basic Attacks not included[1]
Hanzo HanzoNinjutsu Demon Feast.png Ninjutsu: Demon Feast Activation required for this skill does not work in most cases[5]
Irithel IrithelJungle Heart.png Jungle Heart Energy requirement is unavailable due to the fact that Valentina has Mana, therefore the extra bolt can be fired without restriction.[7]
Khufra KhufraSpell Curse.png Spell Curse Stacks do not increase over time and can only be stacked up with Tyrant's Rage.png Tyrant's Rage. It is possible to activate it by enabling "No CD" on Practice Mode.[4]
Lolita Lolita[3]Noumenon Energy Core.png Noumenon Energy Core Stacks do not increase over time and can only be activated with Noumenon Blast.png Noumenon Blast
It cannot be shared with allies
Lunox LunoxPower of Chaos Darkening.png Power of Chaos: Darkening Ability is inaccesible as Dreamland Twist.png Dreamland Twist is unavailable. Only Power of Order Brilliance.png Power of Order: Briliance can be used.[2]
Minotaur MinotaurMinoan Fury.png Minoan Fury Building rage is not required[4]
Natalia NataliaAssassin Instinct.png Assassin Instinct Movement Speed bonus not included[5]
Ruby RubyLet's Dance!.png Let's Dance! Passive restrictions are not included[1]
Uranus UranusRadiance.png Radiance Stacks can only be obtained with Consecration.png Consecration, but cannot be stacked up by taking damage.[4]
Wanwan Wanwan[6]Tiger Pace.png Tiger Pace Weaknesses not included
Crossbow of Tang.png Crossbow of TangAdditional damage to creeps not included
Hitting all Weaknesses are not required to cast this skill
X.Borg X.BorgFiraga Armor.png Firaga Armor HP Armor not included[1]
Yu Zhong Yu ZhongCursing Touch.png Cursing Touch Sha Essence not included[1]

    • Valentina cannot inherit Attack Speed Ratio from a copied hero.
  • BUFFs, stacks and summoned units that came from the copied hero will disappear as the skill duration ends.
  • Basic Attack.png Physical Basic Attacks does not benefit from extra Physical Attack.







  • She is the first hero that is able to copy an enemy's skill.
  • She is the first hero that has an ability related to the experience level.
  • If both the ally and opposing teams pick the same hero, she may participate in duplicated hero forms at the same time, such as double Angela Angela, Faramis Faramis, Johnson Johnson, and so on. Stacking up ultimate skill effects that are not possible in normal matches.
  • Due to a bug prior to Patch 1.6.42, she could copy the hero's icons in battle.[citation needed]
  • She is postponed for both platforms, because the Patch 1.6.34 update is delayed from its original scheduled release from 23 November 2021 to 24 November 2021 for Android and the 1.6.34 update for iOS [including Valentina herself for both platforms] are postponed to 25 November 2021 due to App Store delaying the response time of the app review process, causing upcoming events to be postponed including Valentina-related events, the 2021 Starlight Fest, Black Friday Leaderboard, and the Black Friday Lucky Star.[8]


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