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  • Vexana is only the hero can reanimate an hero, by creating a clone of an enemy.
    • This is not counted as correct answer in the MLBB Quiz question that asks "Which of the following heroes can summon allies to fight with them?".
  • Because of a bug that has now been fixed, Reworked Vexana's puppet sometimes could attack untargettable items (such as Nana's Molina or Bruno's football) instead of the enemy. See in Youtube
    • Because of another bug, Old Vexana's puppet was oversized compared to the original. See in Youtube.
  • Vexana's Ultimate is inspired by the character Gerber from Magic Rush, who used to have the exact same Ultimate.
    • Initially, the effect was exactly the same for both of them: deals sustain damage to a target and, if the target dies during that period, summon a clone of them. Vexana's was later changed so that the puppet is summoned even if the target survives, while Gerber now instantly summons the clone without the damage-over-time effect. (Gerber's change however was made long before Vexana was even announced).
  • It took Vexana's "Sanguine Rose" Skin 8 Months (Nov. 2017 ー July 29, 2018) to be released into the original server since it was leaked.


  • She is one of the heroes with Season special skin (Imprisoner).
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