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Vonetis Islands

Vonetis Islands is the most beautiful archipelago in the Land of Dawn. Located in southern regions, the islands are called home for tribes that lives here. Those are an ideal place to live and a natural harbor with their beautiful scenery and pleasant climate.


  • Solari: There was a village and a huge fishing ground in the southernmost island of Vonetis Islands. Badang.png Badang, a brave man from this village tirelessly helped people ease their difficulties. However as the Abyss spread, the sea water near Solari began to be corroded by the Abyss.
  • Parlas: Parlas is located in the center of Vonetis Islands. There are many ports here for the islanders to enter and exit the islands and conduct trade. Lapu-Lapu.png Lapu-Lapu lives peacefully with other Doricans in this island.
  • Blue Flame: Blue Flame is located in northern part of Vonetis islands. The entire island shrouded in blue mist all year round. According to legend, in the deep ocean near Blue Flame Island, there live intelligent fish people.

Heroes in Vonetis Islands

Related Heroes in Vonetis Islands

  • Kadita.png Kadita once lived in Vonetis Islands before became the Queen of Southern Seas.



  • The Region is mostly based on Southeast Asia, the southeastern region of Asia, mostly the Malay Archipelago.
    • Due to the heroes that lived here mostly references Figures of Southeast Asian Cultures.
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