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Just as the name itself of the mode suggests, this game mode will present you witha 5 vs 5 matchup just like any other mode. However, you will play along with real-players but compete against computer controlled enemies. An AI (artificial intelligence) team automatically driven by the computer will fight against you.

Usually VS A.I Mode can be used as a training ground to play or try out a new character. Since, in this game mode your game statistics won't be Affected and you can also earn battle points after the match. You can also invite up to 4 friends to practice together against the computer.

Game Mode Choices

There are three game modes you can pick in this mode: Classic, Brawl and Draft pick.

There are also two difficulty settings: AI:Simple and AI: Normal.

AI:Simple has very easy AI, good for practicing an hero you are not yet familiar with.

AI:Normal has slightly more advanced AI that can sometimes farm, lane, and carefully use skills. A bit more challenging than AI: Simple, to practice an hero in an almost-real fight.


  • Whenever AI try to chase a player, they sometimes go into a tower's range even if none of their minion's wave is incoming, or simply drop the chase for no reason.
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