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Basic ATK triggers splash
+40% Attack Speed
+10% Crit Chance
+20 Movement SPD
Unique Passive
Typhoon: Every 5-3s, the next Basic Attack hits up to 3 enemy units and deals 150-362 Magic damage. The CD of this effect drops to the minimum when Crit Chance rises to 50%, while damage rises to the maximum when a Attack SPD rises to 3.00. This attack can cause Crit Damage. To minions, deals 200% increased Damage.
Unique Passive
Activate: Each time Typhoon is cast, one's movement speed will be increased 5% for a short time.
Rogue Meteor.png Rogue Meteor  Knife.png Knife 640 Coin 640
1820 Coin 1820
1092 Coin 1092
Tier III

Windtalker is an in-game item that can be purchased from the shop.


The gales that blow are sharp blades indeed. Windtalker is a treasure passed down the generations of Wind Fort. It can draw in and expel the power of raging gates, and in recent years it has aided Wind Fort in resisting countless invaders. It's for such a reason that it's accrued such glory in this chaotic world.


Unique Passive Mechanics

The Typhoon effect of Windtalker: duration reduces as Critical Chance increases (shortest when Critical Chance hits 50%), damage increases with Attack Speed ([maximum] when Attack Speed hits 300%).
—MLBB in Special Terms Explanation № 10.1

Magic Damage

Typhoon's Magic Damage can be increased with Attack Speed and can be defined as

Cooldown Reduction

While the Cooldown Reduction can be decreased by Critical Chance and can be defined as


Best equipped by Physical Basic Attack heroes that rely on Attack Speed and Movement Speed.

Shoots projectiles that hit enemy targets and rebound after dealing damage to them.

These items are usually used more often by Marksman Icon.png Marksmen like Miya Miya, Layla Layla, Irithel Irithel, and some other heroes because their attacks have a considerable distance so it will make them safer when farming in the lane. It's quite good to buy this item alongside with one or more these following items: Scarlet Phantom.png Scarlet Phantom, Berserker's Fury.png Berserker's Fury, and/or Blade of Despair.png Blade of Despair as these would offer a DPS Critical Damage with high Attack Speed.



Windtalker (Old).png Thor's Sting.png


Patch 1.6.18

BUFF ↑ Craft Cost reduced by 50.

Patch 1.4.14

Unique Passive - Typhoon:
BUFF ↑ Basic DMG increased from 100 to 150.
BUFF ↑ Minions will take extra 100% Damage.
NERF ↓ The CD increased from 3.5s to 5s.
FIX When equipped with this item, the first target hit by this item will have a special effect.

Patch 1.2.06

FIX For the unique passive "Typhoon" in this equipment set,  fixed issues where the same target will receive multiple blows when less than  3 targets are present.

Patch 1.1.98

FIX Fixed bug where unique passive—Typhoon firing incorrect number of times, and adjusted description to bring it in line with its actual effects.

Patch 1.1.85

ADJUST ~ Name changed to ‘Wind Talker’; item icon optimized; unique passive ‘Lightning’ name changed to ‘Typhoon’, and visual effect of its passive optimized; the item increases attack speed 30% (was 25%) and movement speed by 20 points (was 8 points).


  • Windtalker is also Vale Vale's hero title.
  • This item was named Thor's Sting before and had a different Icon.
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